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Whhooo boy!  Long time since I visited Snuffhouse.  I used to live here.  Sure has changed a lot.  Greetings to all happy snuff-takers!


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  • Hi Roderick!  I just stumbled onto the Artisan Snuff website trying to re-learn something about one of my old favs from M&W.   More browsing led me back to Snuffhouse (as all internet snuff related searches tend to do!) So glad to know that site…
  • Hi all. I have no idea what's going on, but after reading this thread it looks like I picked a bad time to begin to try and play catch-up on posts; The last year or so has been silly-busy for me, and I'm sorry for any thing I left hanging here. …
  • I think tea itself, tea scentings notwithstanding, is a far too delicate a scent to be captured by snuff. Tobacco alone would overpower the scent of tea.
  • Branif is moderately better overall than Pöschl generally speaking, but they only have 2 non tobacco snuffs. I strongly recommend anything from Bernard. Much superior (and less gimmicky)to Pöschl from the same family of snuff styles. Pöschl snuff…
  • Its a good idea, guys. You techies will have do to all the work on it though. I have no skills there myself. It would be good for the ISTA to take ownership of it too. I thought at some point we'd evolve to a dues paying organization, and the du…
  • SOME SAY SNUFF SNIFFING SATISFIES SOME SOMETIME (Lakeland Ledger July 1980),2095862 link courtesy of @chefdaniel‌
  • AGE OF THE NON-SMOKING TOBACCOS (Tobacco May 1984) link courtesy of @chefdaniel
  • Thanks for the articles @chefdaniel I'll post them in the Library.
  • Rehydrate. Then store in airtight containers. Problem solved. Any less wastes snuff. Any more wastes time.
    in what to do? Comment by Xander May 2014
  • ^ that could simply be achieved by a cardamom scented snuff -a scent I have long pined for in the snuff world. @Roderick should/could easily whip one up, I'm sure.
  • Yeah, I have a glass jar of their Lemon from back in the 90s. My nose tells me its a GH blend as its similar to the GH Dry Orange. I suspect that GC has varied a bit over the years due to Smith's going back and forth between Gawiths. Try the GH …
  • @mrmanos they are (or were) made by Sam Gawith. The Golden Pinch which you enjoy so much is named as an homage to G. Smith's Golden Cardinal (also contract made by S. Gawith). Actually its more than homage, its the same snuff. SG label the same s…
  • No. You can turn mud into buckshot is about all that will accomplish. Most folks want to rehydrate snuff that has gotten too dry.
  • Frying would make sense for Madras types, and brands like Dholakia Sparrow, which seem to resemble Irish toasts in their own unique way. Perhaps one of our resident Indian snuff manufacturers could shed some insight on this. However, I believe at …
  • @mrmanos if you have a link, I will post it in the library. Good find!
  • @tikov HDT is the only truly unscented F&T snuff. @n9inchnails is correct that the F&T Kendal Brown is not heavily scented and it is NOT coarse because it is NOT a Kendal Brown (though it is a decent mild floral medium grind snuff) but may b…
  • Did they change the name of the show? Anyway, we never could get a stable link of the episode since they're pretty strict about the copyrights and the videos get pulled down. If we can get a permanent one, I'll post it in the Library. I found it…
  • Yep the absolute of violet is an extract from the whole plant, leaves mainly, so is not really floral. It smells planty and fresh.
  • Thank you @sixphoto! I usually use a small screwdriver myself and twist it in the groove, but if you can do it with just your fingers, then good job!
  • Well, if its an issue of import, and if I were the exporter, I'd label the customs slip "nicotiana rustica." I'm sure it would pass through even the stringent Canadian customs service.
  • Someone PLEASE do a youtube video on how to open those tins. They are they best tins around and SO easy to open, but yet seem to baffle so many members here. And before another catastrophe happens like the tin above, its like opening a can of pain…
  • Vote #3 for Lemon Grove