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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


Recently I have started seeing posts on our snuff lovers forum by what I perceive to be right wing NRA gun carrying people. These guys are putting links in their posts to gun enthusiast sites. Even though I own lots of guns, I don't this forum should be a platform for right wing politics or any political views. I hope some of you agree with me.


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  • I have tried them all, and still use most off and on. I don’t notice the nicotine levels like I used to. I always take several pinches of any snuff. Never just one on each side. And I tend to use several snuffs in succession so that the N level incr…
  • Does anyone know if Checkerberry is still made? I have spent a long time searching on Google, and can’t find one single reference to it that is current and valid. It’s 2022 now, so I will be surprised if anyone reads this, since thread is from 2017.
  • Gekachelter and Super M with a little NTSU Green for extra N
  • The name means tile ground according to my sister in law who lives in Germany.
  • Ten years later I decided to try Snafu Plain. I don’t know why I never tried it before, but it’s very good! Super fine grind, like the white ones, but it’s light brown, oiled it seems,and has a nice natural tobacco taste. I’ve been mixing it with th…
  • I have a tendency to add too much oil, no matter the scent. Less is more I have discovered. I have a bottle of lemon/eucalyptus oil, and it’s very good and refreshing, but five drops into 20 grams of American scotch( Dental Sweet) was overpowering.
  • Interesting data. I still like O and G. I don’t pay much attention to nicotine level, I might use more of it due to the low level. It still goes to my brain!
  • I’m expecting a tin of SM500 in the mail soon. It’s been a good substitute for Hedges over the years for me. Since my local smoke shop sells O and G, I’ve been liking it a lot too. I’m even getting along the English type medicated from Janta, though…
  • I did actually rehydrate my London Brown and it was excellent. I made a mix of it, plus Viking Dark and Santo Domingo, the sum being greater than the individual parts, more or less.
  • I’ve bought from Hookah 1, I think I still have a tin of Himalaya! What I am really trying to find is Checkerberry, and it seems like it’s impossible for me. If I can find a person who lives near a market in the south that sells it, I will pay whate…
  • Artisan Firemans. Mc Chrystal’s Violet chased with Toque Violet for a floral bomb.
  • I have three or four old dried out Cohiba supposedly Cuban cigars. I’m going to try to make snuff with them. I have washing soda(sodium carbonate I think), and sea salt and distilled water. I’ll start with the ingredients I have. I’m better with re-…
  • I’ve recently started rehab on my giant tubs of Viking Brown, Santo Domingo, and London Brown. I added salted distilled water, stirred in well, let sit in the large plastic tubs for a few days. The results were pretty damn good! Almost as good as Bl…
  • My storage method is to put electrical tape on 20 gram tins. Then, with bulk snuff, add sliced, washed carrots, about 1/4” thick, just a few. Yesterday I found an old 100 gram tub of De Kralingse Peppermunt and one of St Omer. Both dry as the desert…
  • Forgot to mention that the SG Irish D was my favorite toast. I haven’t seen it in quite awhile; I suppose it’s been discontinued for some unknown reason.
  • I have found that mixing Wilson’s 22 with any sweet American scotch delivers the toast scent and adds a sweetness not found in the toasts. I started doing it to stretch my hdt and to actually use some of the numerous scotches I have acquired over my…
  • Yerba Mate with milk and sugar or monk fruit is my new favorite thing instead of coffee. It’s got a good dose of caffeine without the acid, or crash. It’s a smoother lift, lasts longer, and though it took me a while to get accustomed to it, I now lo…
  • Mc Crystals O&G, because that’s the only brand my local store sells in the snuff wasteland of Colorado. Then Jaxsons 1869, any Wilson’s menthol, they have so many I can’t remember them all. Then for light African snuff I prefer NTSU green. Oh, I…
  • I’m far too lazy to sell or trade any of my voluminous snuff collection. I keep finding long forgotten tubs of De Kralingse, London Brown, Santo Domingo, Red Seal, etc. Perhaps one day I will fire-sale all my vintage nose candy.
  • NTSU green and Mc Chrystal’s O&G!
  • Old thread I know. But I’ve been curious about the pronunciation of NTSU for years. I found it means “eagle” in the local language spoken in South Africa. And the correct pronunciation is something like en to sue, N tu su. Take your pick. Reason why…
  • I’ve tried them all. They’re all very similar to my nose. The only Black Rappee I have ever liked was the old SG version, which was in a class of its own. This was because it was brined in salt water and stored in an oak barrel for a year. No other …
  • I’ve never tried Lundy Foote, but it’s a little out of my price range. But F and T and WoS are my mainstay toasts.
  • To be fair, my experience with those guys has always been good. I’ve never gotten old or out of date snuff, but I know it happens. These days I really only buy from toque because I was one of the early customers back when he was making snuff at Tipt…
  • NTSU Green is my new favorite morning snuff since I just received a roll of 12. The menthol is mild, but the nicotine level is perfect.
  • Six of the new Artisan line from Roderick, a roll of NTSU green, and awaiting a package of Rosinski. They’re all here except the Rosinski.
  • NTSU green, Artisan Fireman’s, and a little NC Madras( dated 2017). Good on a gloomy snowy day.
  • Ok, I found my bag of this yesterday in amongst a bunch of different oldies. My batch doesn’t have any menthol, but it’s still decent. May mix in some old NC Madras.
  • Artisan Ficus and Juniper Rappees are both excellent. I’ve had them for almost a week and now wish I had ordered three or four of each. The other ones I have are Resolute, Fireman’s, and JP. These too are really nice, unique easy to take. I hope he …