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  • @vmank1q if you are Darren then Emma is on it. She is trying to find your order but since it was from a year and a half ago she is having difficulty locating it. She is waiting to hear back from tech who are digging into old records. We have changed…
  • @vmank1q can you pm me your email address? I will see what is going on.
  • @vmank1q I am truly sorry you had a bad experience with MrSnuff. Let me know what went wrong, and I will be sure to put it right, even if it was a long time ago. Emma leaves no email unanswered, but during various transitions we have had constant na…
  • @pantsBoots First of all allow me to apologize for the hassle you have experienced. Please give me your order number and I will have Emma follow up with you. All emails are answered within 24 hours typically (unless Emma gets swamped or it is a week…
  • Watch this space. We have an order in, paid for. Just waiting for it to be shipped over. Not a great selection unfortunately, but some is better than none.
  • There is no capsicum in any of the snuvs. Possibly one of the herbs is irritating you, though none of us had that issue during testing. The "burn" is the nicotine I am told. It is pretty loaded.
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff November 2020
  • @snuffalufagis I do take your point. It is a good one.  I feel the same way about vitamin supplements I must admit. I generally don't bother because they are not absorbed by the body very well when isolated out into a pill. An orange has roughly 70m…
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff November 2020
  • @snuffalufagis a quick comment about chemical nicotine.  In fact Snuv Herbal has Tobacco Derived Nicotine for very good reason: chemical nicotine is about 4 times the price. The only reason anybody would ever use the chemical version is to try to ge…
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff November 2020
  • @volunge thank you for your excellent feedback. I really like the idea of the medium coarse version. I had not considered which grind to use, so your point is well taken. Certainly we were thinking of not too strong (N-wise) so it makes perfect sens…
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff October 2020
  • We have some more ideas in the pipeline. I'd be interested in your input. Rusty Range: all with nothing but rustica tobacco and some sort of flavourings. These are my thoughts but definitely open to suggestion: 1. plain and 2. mentholated/camphor/eu…
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff October 2020
  • We have just had our first review from a verified buyer of Snuv Reaper. Thought I'd share: ------****** left the following 5 star review for the product Snuv Reaper 10g: Whoa dude I almost gave up snuff because I couldnt find one tjat is strong enou…
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff October 2020
  • @ar47 just tobacco derived nicotine I revisited Reaper yesterday and changed the description to "light" moisture. Dry as a bone is not accurate. I will take a look at some of the others today.
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff October 2020
  • Gentlemen and ladies, Allow me to elaborate. Snuv is an idea that sat on the back burner for a long time. There is no tobacco. It is a herbal snuff liberally infused with Vitamin N.  It went through several iterations to get it just right. I persona…
    in SNUV Comment by MrSnuff October 2020
  • @Roderick just say the word. I can have them branded up for you if you'll split the MOQ of 2000 units. I'm sure we would sell a few too. FYI I am not sure how many people know this, but the small version is actually a Snuffhouse members design. We a…
  • @Konrad_von_Marburg first of all let me offer you my unreserved apologies. I had a look at what might be the problem with unanswered emails and I have found the issue. We recently changed the email address to support @ on the website but they were n…
  • Do you like our new logo?
  • Btw, the free shipping will run out pretty soon. So if you like that best jump on it. If you're not bothered, take your time ?
  • @volunge ....not yet, but I will add it to the wishlist. @Deez yes I'm afraid so. We've added loyalty point back again by popular demand, and it is on a new database. @Lonefrog615 would you be Able to she me a screenshot, especially of address ba…
  • @volunge It is just taking time to propogate (according to the dev guys) Try
  • As a matter of interest, do you think that the images/ideas would look better being discreet on one side of the chest, logo style or large right across the front (or back)?
  • I love all these Getting Pat to work up a few designs based on the above and make them printer ready. I'll post a few examples for you guys to comment on shortly. Might have to get a new model though ;)
  • As promised
  • @Volunge I hope you don't mind but I have used your excellent review on mrsnuff. I gave you credit. If it's a problem let me know and I will remove it. Thanksdave
  • @Kengivens we are hopefully getting some more US snuffs in shortly with the help of a fellow snuffhouse member Hotak21. Unfortunately they are outrageously expensive (some nearly $14 a tin before I have them shipped to me, taxed by govt, booked in…
  • I really like these ideas. We have had a smaple shirt made up from @ronstaf F&T pic. It looks great. I'll post a picture later. Keep 'em coming
  • Brilliant....keep 'em coming
  • @Deez got a design in mind? By the way I should add you can have any brand of snuff you like on it if that is what floats your boat. We don't discriminate ;) I'm sure the manufacturers would welcome the free adverising.