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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Some pinches of Red Bull to get things going and going they got! Switched to SWS C de F for the remainder of the day.
  • Starting the day with a few bumps of Radford’s with morning coffee. Not too much as it always seems to bung me up a bit. I’ll be spending most of the day with Toque Pumpkin Pie in honour of the spookiest day of the year, chased with Toque Lime Toast…
  • @Vernstaken I bought a tin of Elmo’s Reserve and found it way too sweet for my taste but I’m going to mix some Thor’s Hammer to it and see how it goes. I can see that working in my head. Wish me luck!
  • Toque Pumpkin Pie today. Perfect for the time of year.
  • It’s hard to pick a favourite as I seem to have a SWS for every mood. I’m very fond of Roslein. It’s a great after dinner snuff. It reminds me a little of turkish delight but not too sweet. Aged Border Rapee and Auld Alliance followed by his toasts …
  • @MisterPaul They’re…different. The White Walker has a fruity, almost bubblegum taste/scent with what feels like chilli in there giving quite a long intense burn similar to Doolali Tap if you’ve had that. I wanted something to wake me up and oooh it …
  • Snuv White Walker this morning …Ooooh…Eeerrgghh…Aaaahhhgggrr!! That’ll wake you up in the morning!! Not doing that again in a hurry. Nice as an occasional nip once the day is underway but not with a morning cuppa.
  • @Tapout @Nulliverse I didn’t fancy the sound of it and resisted for ages but got my first tin a little while ago and I love it. It’s a classic indeed!
  • Bernard’s Klostermischung for most of the day then Toque USA Whiskey & Honey for the evening - definitely one of my absolute favourites. Hits the spot for nic hit and flavour.
  • 6 Photo Anarkali 8g 6 Photo Kailash 8g 6 Photo Super Kailash 8g Toque USA Whiskey & Honey 100g Toque USA Black Cherry 10g Toque Berwick Brown 25g (Not one I turn to a lot but I always miss it when I don’t have any) Toque Natural 10g Toque Natura…
  • Toque day today. Started with Lime Toast, most of the day with Natural Toast (got a delivery this morning) then USA Whiskey & Honey for after dinner this evening.
  • For this evening, it’s co-incidentally, from reading the previous posts, SWS Creme de Figue. I love the mild sweetness and satisfying nose feel. It’s a good ‘un and one of my favourite stretch out on the sofa with a good film snuffs.
  • @MrManGuy Welcome aboard good sir. You have so many options so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you, especially with all of the useful information on here. Enjoy the ride!
  • Spent the evening with SWS Fifty Fifty. I love all of the Sir Walter Scott’s. Until now hadn’t tried this one but really enjoyed it. Lovely stuff.
  • @MisterPaul They are all too scare these days. I still miss G Smith’s. I’ve not had SG Rapee for a long while but if I remember rightly, they’re very similar. I could be wrong…I frequently am but M&W’s Rapee feels a bit richer, although my favou…
  • Had an appointment in the centre of London so I popped into Segar & Snuff and picked up some M&W Keen Scented and Black Rappee. Now relaxing with an iced Diet Coke and a pinch or three of the Keen Scented. I’d forgotten how smooth it is cons…
  • @SHbickel & @MisterPaul Ta very much! Just got home and I now have a couple of pinches of Hedges in my nose. Aaaand relax!
  • Sadly nothing at the minute as I’m at a job interview, but later, it’ll be some Hedges.
  • Thanks very much @MrPaul!
  • Hi everyone. Not new to snuff but new on here. Here’s to some fun chats about our gentlemenly hobby