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  • @volunge Oh wow you really know your snuff science! So here are a few questions for you, 1. which of fats would you reccomend? Butter, oil or vaseline? 2. Why couldn't I use let's say just regular oil? 3. In what way would you take the mew made mix…
  • @Rogue I was still thinking if I want to or not but for the science and the forum I'll try and let you know :) Also since I'm here, any tips on taking that stuff? It's so fine, and I believe ill figure it out with time and experience as I'm a begg…
  • Recent MrSnuff order (2 orders small time gap) 6 photo Super Kailash - 45gViking Dark - 24gToque Whiskey and Honey - 10gWoS Best S.P. - 5gPoschl Sudfrucht - 25gViking Dark Rapee - 100g6 photo Cheeta - 35g 
  • 6 photo Super Kailash
  • Hahah, sure hope so, although snuff is cheap, as a student, it's pretty hard to acquire more snuff than I can use  :)   But hey I'm not complaining as long as there's enough  :P
  • @volunge I ordered myself following: Viking Dark, Wilsons Best SP, Toque Whiskey&Honey, 6 photo super kailash, Poschl Schmalzler SF sudfrucht.  @newbiesnuffer Luckily I gave up vaping while ago, and haven't vaped in many months, I smoked ocassio…
  • @SHbickel I see, i add a bit so that I use it throughout the day... So it would be better to do that with dry snuffs? Also, I wish I had that much snuff haha, I have to be really mindful of spending it I have just a bit, sadly I am quite a user, so …
  • Hi everyone! I am MrUnix, you can also call me Lukas! I am about 2 weeks in my snuff journey, but since the start I've been reading the hell out of this forum. I am 19 and enjoy an ocassional pipe, I used to smoke and vape, but when I started smokin…