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  • @pantsBoots Ive only had two from SG: Elmo's Reserve and Black Arabica, but I find that that once you break the seal, after a couple of days, the aromas come together a bit more! Plastic and heaven made me chuckle!
  • @SHbickel - He's a tricky one as his first few novels are definitely very science fiction, a bit later on he gets a little more based in reality with disaster fiction, and his later stories are just....weird (not in a bad way!) Personally, I really…
  • Working my way through the short stories of JG Ballard: sort of the Toque Cheese and Bacon of writers in that you love him or hate him, I've never met anyone who thought he was just OK!
  • Sam Gawith Black Arabica, never tried any other coffee snuffs, but this is delightful: gawith tobacco very much at the forefront with a hint of coffee in the backend that makes itself more pronounced after a while. Really very nice
  • @expers yes! First time I had it, it just smelled almost geriatric, pur it down for a while and returned to it later when I was out of everything else, don't know what's happened to my nose in the meantime but I absolutely love it now!
  • @Deez - for some reason whenever I've had it, my wife can smell it from across the room and tells me it smells like mould! @SHbickel - I honestly can't say I've detected anything like that in Tom Buck or Original, but that's why I asked the question…
  • @SHbickel...are you sure it's not working the other way around???!!!!
  • @volunge interesting, I havent yet tried either of those, but I get the same slightly sickening feeling with Elmo's Reserve. Initially it reminds me of a burning tennis ball, and then my nose sort of changes and I'm able to snuff it all day!
  • Toque Ambrosia
  • @vmank1q I have to totally and utterly agree with your sentiments about Toque! They are just superb, I've not had a flavour from them that I didn't like (although yet to try Cheese and Bacon!!). I have a few staples that I always need to buy wheneve…
  • @StudiodecolBleu - do tell if it works out! Is be interested to hear it as I've considered the same thing without getting around to it yet! I currently just keep them in a tupperware box in a dark cupboard, seems to do the job pretty well
  • @SHbickel "Snuff Acquisition Disorder" Hahahahaha!!! It's absolutely a real thing, only started snuffing about six months ago and I'm collecting kgs of the stuff!!!
  • Toque Peanut Butter Toque Natural Toque Natural Toast Toque Original Toque SP Extra Toque Quit Toque Rustica I've got a few go-tos with toque, every time I order I get them and stick a couple more in that I haven't tried....unfortunately, every si…
  • Toque Spanish Gem, mixing with a little Quit from this morning and a post-lunch session of Berwick Brown from this afternoon, a very Toque-heavy day for me today!
  • @Huysmans Ah, very interesting! Could it just be that the drier it is, the bigger surface area, the more you get per sniff? I've got a Santo Domingo and a Brunswick which I've not opened yet, I might let them dry out a bit and see what happens!
  • @Huysmans How could I have forgotten about Irish 22?? It's a great snuff, as is Dr Rumney's Brown - both rated 5 in terms of nicotine, and I can shovel them into my nose by the fistful!
  • @SHbickel - same here, I love Grand Cairo but a tin lasts me a good while, it hits me more than Toque quit (for example), I've had 3 tins of it now and it's been fairly consistent! @volunge I've not tried Gold Label yet, but Old Paris is one of my …
  • Only advice I would give myself would be, don't believe them when they say toasts are not for beginners! I love them, can use them all day for the nicotine and the aroma, there's enough variety between them to keep them interesting, and they don't s…
  • @Deez I'm recovering from a bout of sinusitis with Wilson's Bee M and their Super M. Clears my sinuses out wonderfully, but like @Johano I can't take them all day every day!
  • I'm a bit late to this, but I've just opened a tin, and I'm getting lemon and bergamot in equal measure. Once it settles in the nose, I'm getting a strong rose aroma, with maybe a bit of lavender, getting the tobacco scent now that it's been in ther…
  • @Johano I'm still a total novice with snuff, but I find that my nose definitely acclimatises to whatever it is I'm snuffing long term, menthols still stuff me up however although I really like them. My sinuses still get all clogged up over time reg…
  • I wonder if when thinking about snuffs that are specifically for combating congestion, it might be that the reviewer was talking about medicated snuff (another word for menthol). As many people on here attest, menthol snuffs can counterintuitively …
  • Thanks both!
  • @ALLex @SHbickel totally agree, have just emptied a tin of the Quit (although I quit smoking cigarettes some years ago now!) And it just ticks all the right boxes for me. Lovely scent, reminds me of a nice Virginia based pipe tobacco and has enough …
  • Toque - quit Toque - Natural Toast Toque - Natural Toque - Almond Toast F&T - Old Paris F&T - Hight Dry Toast Otto - Schmalzler They are all superb!
  • @Roderick Thanks, it also seems to be available from should be getting my order through the letterbox any day now (very excited to try your "quit" and "almond toast" too! )
  • @n9inchnails I tried it...hated it, then tried it again 30 mins later, hated it less and so on. Now I'm quite partial to it in small doses!
  • @hoffwell I'm in Berwick Northumberland! I was just as surprised, but apparently there are a couple of old boys who have been buying it for years. They only stock the Toque menthol and the Hedges stuff, but it's great I can just go to a shop and not…