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Vorarlberg, Austria


  • That's some VERY old mill!  I don't even think sieving it or anything will really help.  Spores will still get through.
    in Moldy snuff. Comment by Effy July 2017
  • And @dan11, who was itching to send out a replacement within a short time of the package being given up as lost.  Well packed and well recieved snuff
  • Yesterday I was home doing some DIY - I usually start snuffing around 11:30 but yesterday it was the whole day.  Funny how doing certain things or changing the routine can impact it
  • I have some Poeschl Bayern-Prise, and Gawith Original - neither of them I would buy again.  Just mixed them at a 1:1:1 ratio with some Alpina and the result is very nice.  Toned down Alpina with added depth and warmth.  A decent use for two snuff wh…
  • @bob sowed me some pig seeds, should be a good crop this year.
  • A gentleman would say "Good day to you" as he leaves
  • In that case, people can support the blog and you can just give people snuff - totally unconditionally.  It's not even samples, it's just giving people snuff.  Their donations aren't for snuff, but for the blog etc.   I imagine, though, that the tho…
  • @Gilliat even if they have a franking machine, it will be with a contract with a shipper.  I don't know if they do that or have shipping labels from a courier - but either way, that will be based on a contract which gives cheaper international shipp…
  • I still don't get it - there is a UK based site which is geared for international sales rather than national, as such their shipping method is set up to be less expensive for international customers but it increases the national shipping cost.   Why…
  • ^^^^^^^^ Good points I can understand that you're annoyed about the shipping, but that can be the nature of the beast and I fail to see what you hoped to achieve with the post.  A company might well have to pick an option that suits the majority of …
  • All things will have a flavour, but is it characterised?  Naming the snuff with that flavour is doing that.  Making a flavoured snuff is not
  • Rhino horn powder isn't snuff!  :D Following this thread, just for interest of course...............
  • @Chico - "my diet is good, I'm a vegetarian" well, which one is it?  Just kidding, just kidding. Boxcar is a method of taking snuff - a search online will explain it much better than I can here.  As has been said, taking different snuffs might also …
  • I have the original flavour and find the grind to be so fine that it couldn't get smaller. It's like dust!  Not like the Poeschls that I am used to
  • Merkel just came and took my snuff away!
  • Bernhard does a range of Tiger nose powders.  I've only used the cherry one once or twice, as I don't trust it.  They use glucose/dextrose so it is marketed as a being an energy snuff, but tobacco free 
  • I don't get to smoke a cigar too often, but tonight I had a Honduran robusto - peppery, lots of smoke, great draw.  Lovely smoke.  It's great when the time is there and one can just sit and relax with a good cigar
    in cigars Comment by Effy May 2017
  • Or when you Boxcar snuff with an appendage other than your thumb.................?
  • Intrigued by the comments around Box Cars and all that, I had a good look in to it.  I have to say, today I have only been using that method instead of my usual "back of hand" method.   WOW - it is no exaggeration to say that this has revolutionised…
  • Kloster Andechs with port.  It's a very nice mix
  • @Aamon I read that wrong at first...............
  • Thanks for the warning.  I will look forward to trying out some of your products at some point.
  • That is a very interesting point - am I wanting a pinch, or needing one?  At the moment at least, I think it's still wanting, thankfully.  When I am in a position where I can't pinch but isn't overly enjoyable (in a very dull meeting, maybe) then it…
  • @chico  indeed Lard is used quite often here
  • There is a pet store who cannot sell food for humans but sell some tallow for making bird feeding balls.  They mark it as not for humans, even though you technically could use it. One issue, though - snuff is by definition for sniffing.  You would h…
  • He was also in The Guns of Naverone - a great film that my father and I would often watch together.
  • It does indeed seem to be about 20/80 split on who has benefited and who hasn't.  Very interesting. Glad that it does help those 80%, though - hay fever does not look fun.
  • @Aamon most countries require actual testing for any "cure" claims a product makes - this is generally not cheap and so puts a lot of people off.
  • True. One question about the chap in Westminster - is it common to pinch on to the back of the hand?  I would have thought that if you had a box to pinch from, you could just take it that way.
  • I have to admit, if I was that door keepers I would snuff myself silly.