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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • That sucks big time. I contacted Mr. Snuff and they told me they have discontinued Bernards Alcohol Frei. I've only had two tap boxes. But this was a real good one I want to see again.
  • The other night I was at the bar with a friend who wanted to go have a few drinks after work. When we arrived it was just my friend and I, until he spotted a few of his coworkers at the bar having a couple brews. We all got our drinks then sat down …
  • I'm more addicted to the little spoons, snuff boxes, health risks and hankies than the snuffs themselves. I'll take quite a few pinches during the hour when I am almost anywhere. The thing is, when I snuff at work, since it is so high paced I don't …
  • 6 photo #6 is...... it smells like ass. i don't know how to describe it. Then my nose senses medicated and a subtle hint of...... I think maybe patchouli? I have a tin of 150g that I kinda regret opening or buying it.
  • Aha! I thought someone who uploaded that video miss titled it.
  • Florida has all kinds of pill and drug problems. Just like anywhere else but that place is bad. No wonder why it took so long, I'm sure it was customs.
  • Happy new year everyone
  • I've gotten snuffs here from mr snuff in about a week and some change tops. The expensive shipping for a tracking label is pretty high but worth it. Also in the past, I made some orders without shipping and arrived in a prompt time. No hassles. I w…
  • Maybe Snuffy Weis? I don't know if I spelt it right.
  • The time I ordered some WE I got one and my friends asked me to get 2 more. This stuff lasts forever, but lately I've been using it, mixed with Toque Menthol in the snuffmaster deluxe.
  • I never had a chance to try Molens de Kralingse. This isn't going to affect poschl will it? Sheesh it is hard enough to find snuff here in the states as I only know of two shops that cost an arm and a leg to get some. So the snuff probably stays on …
  • I mixed Toque Chocolate with Toque Strawberry and Vanilla. The result came out to chocolate,strawberry, vanilla ice cream. I paired the snuff mixture with a glass of chocolate and strawberry milk. I'm sure I could figure out a name for it :)
  • I'm really exited about my order direct from Toque. The few tins I got from Mr. Snuff were so good I just had to try direct!
  • wos blueberry wasn't to impressive. but what i also didn't like was toque blueberry menthol
  • One from my dad: "Life is like a sh*t sandwich. The more bread you got, the less sh*t you gotta eat!"
  • I too noticed the loyalty program. I've placed an order and did reflect on my purchase history. The ranking system appeared for a bit on my account but noticed it is gone for a lil bit. Sub-Total: $XXXX Royal Mail …
  • Ahhh. i see you like to have a lager. I've found the Honey Jack whiskey is the choice pairing with Honey Bee Sweet.
  • Vaping is expensive compared to snuff IMO because with vaper, you need to get atomizers and different burners or box mods etc...... I don't hate vaping, it's just that I started to like it at one point till I learned about snuff, then all my pens j…
  • Weird. My cat just loves Poschl Glethscher Prise. She won't let up from me when I take a pinch shes always pulling my hand into her face in a cute playful way. Don't know much about cats and snuff cause she also likes hedges l260 and will paw at the…
  • KICKSTART! I just took a pinch of Bernards Alkoholfrei! Someone got WoS Irish Coffee?
  • I work as a dishwasher. My coworkers know about my snuff use when I started mentioning some about powdered tobacco and they are fine with me doing it. Just my boss and his wife don't know anything at all about snuff and doesn't approve at all. Recen…
  • I live in Washington where legal marijuana can be bought. In my pipe today I have Space Queen. A certain strain of marijuana. I don't own a tobacco pipe and only snuff.
  • Oh oh oh oh oh! I got some Gletcherprise extra. I'll raise someone Hedges L260 :)
  • Woke up today and cleaned my nose and hit the Hedges L260. This afternoon it has been Ozona Orange while I took a nice bike ride with my dad. He says he likes the Ozona ones cause of the menthol. I even had a few pinches of Swisher Honey Bee. Holy h…
  • Quick update: Well Even though it's opened I decanted the rest back into it's respective container. Maybe I have nothing to worry about. I just took a pinch on the Swisher and forgave the postal service since it's all their. Anyone ever have this …
  • Hello guys n gals! Today I just received my order from mr snuff. 4 Ozona Oranges 4 Ozona Raspberry 1 Hedges L260 The Snuff & 1 Swisher Honey Bee Sweet Everything came in an nice bubble wrapping and was sealed very good except one. Swisher Hon…
  • I concur with you @thorgrimnr. My coworkers who do smoke are very interested in snuff when I bring it up and had one even take a pinch or so from me. She really liked it but I know others who ask me, "Is it safe?" My opinions are always, it may be S…
  • Ill get folks who want to tell me how snuff is worse then smoking. Like hows it healthier? I understand they're concern, but I think things are fine.
  • @dan11 No!! That sucks to hear. I wonder if someone ever found it? That might just be a mystery. What does it cost for a tin of HDT? @fj1988, Did your Cheetah make it through the shift?