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  • As ever, thanks for the info @MisterPaul. I was a huge fan of SG London Brown too :( @Vernstaken, Spanish Gem is a really good all day snuff. I slightly prefer the grind and nic of Toque's Ambrosia, which is otherwise the same as Spanish Gem. 
  • @MisterPaul I think Viking Dark Rappee was just a rebranded SG black rappee. It was my favourite rappee. Similar to Viking Dark but with a coarser grind. I've not had F&T's Dr J.R. yet (another one for the list). Currently smashing on with the M…
  • Good to see Toque USA W&H still gets love. It’s an absolute classic. This morning it’s M&W Keen Scented for me, then McC O&G in my snuff box.
  • Thanks for the info @MisterPaul. How does the M&W compare to Viking Dark Rappee? That was always my favourite. I’m going to put some Rosinski Berliner Luff in my next order! Actually, Old Paris is probably my favourite F&T… but right now …
  • @MisterPaul Nice! I used to be obsessed with SWS Border Rappee so will no doubt love the M&W offering. This said, I'm greedily eying up Rosinki's Stargarderand and Pfalzer Jotunheimer.  I've not tried these and have always had a thing for honey …
  • "A few waking up pinches of Mullins and Westley's Keen Scented - it's turning into a bit of a thing that!" from a few days ago @MisterPaul. Yep, it's turned into a thing for me too. Feels like a fresh breeze that instantly blows the cobwebs of sleep…
  • Welcome @MrManGuy and @ju67. @MrManGuy it takes a little time to find your snuffing sweetspot. Keep with it an you'll be rewarded greatly. Back when I was getting into it I found Toque snuff very user friendly. 
  • I'm still loving M&W's Keen Scented and had it first thing today. Certainly woke me up! Right now it's sneaky snuffs at work from my small McCrystal's O&G tin. 
  • Actually, I was alternating between Toque Spanish Gem and Ambrosia last night. Really nice. Both have the same scent but I believe the Ambrosia has added Rustica (?)
  • Fascinating read @MisterPaul. Thanks. Oh, my M&W Keen Scented arrived...  Christ almighty this stuff is good! Fresh out of the tin the menthol hits me harder than McCrystal's O&G. The base tobacco has a plainer and more traditional scent. A …
  • This has got me craving Viking Thors Hammer which I don't currently own. I used to love this stuff as an all day snuff. 
  • I'm still on my McCrystal's O&G binge. Am looking forward to trying this M&W Keen Scented @MisterPaul! @Huysmans, I didn't care much for FB being down. I far prefer the old school simplicity of snuffhouse. 
  • I'm still waiting on my Toque order (Wintergreen and Spanish Gem), completed 9 days ago. I'm UK based so find this odd. They're not responding to my emails. I'm also noticing that they're out of stock on both snuff store and Mr Snuff. Is there a pro…
  • It's good to see that Irish 22 is still up there @Brandasaur. Times have changed so much since I got into snuff, but it's reassuring to know that quality toasts remain timeless :)
  • Well put @SHbickel! I simply can't imagine anything topping HDT... but I'm open to suggestions. Agreed @BeavisMalverde. It was actually Natural Toast that got me into toasts. It's Toque through and through in it's ease of use but can really hold it'…
  • Thanks for the descriptions @MisterPaul. I'll share my thoughts on these when they arrive. @Omgroma - that sounds like a serious nic hit lol. I remember years ago, I used to mix Toque Rustica with USA W&H 50:50 for double rustica goodness. 
  • @MisterPaul - Thank you brining my attention to M&W Keen Scented. I haven't tried this yet and have just added it to my basket. Looking forward to trying it! I've been a big fan of Hedges L260 for a long time.  Rosinki's Berliner Luff has piqued…
  • I find Viking Blonde or Viking Brown good all day toasts. Toque Natural Toast works well also. 
  • Bringing back an old thread to touch base with you guys on todays toasts. Does our old favourite F&T HDT still reign supreme? I’m still gravitating towards this and Toque’s Natural Toast, but am open to suggestions.
  • @SHbickel I’m really curious to try this (it’s in the post) I have a cold but am enjoying McChrystal's O&G. This stuff never loses its magic.
  • Thanks for the link SeanOCDPx. I didn't realise Hitsuzen had turned his hand to larger scale production. The info and descriptions he is giving sound fantastic. My next order will almost certainly be all 3 of his recent batches...
  • Yes @Oregon! I'm greeeeeedy for it :)
  • This forum is indeed a bit technically challenged (and at times challenging!). Annoying, as I really don't think it will take much to make it function as intended. I'm really keen to hear your impressions too @newbiesnuffer, so please persevere.
  • Have just updated myself on all of this. Your letter was brilliantly worded @50ft_trad - you really hit the nail on the head. Have you heard anything back at all? Thanks for your calm, determined reassurance @Roderick. It's comforting to know that…
  • Thanks for the clarification @SeanOCDPx and 50ft_trad. McC O&G. Can't quite put my finger on what makes this so much more special than your average menthol.
  • Thanks for the heads up 50ft_trad. Will read up. Edit: Have read the whole thread. Thanks for your input re: this unsettling business @50ft_trad.
  • Toque Best SP WoS Gold Label SG - all of their SPs And SP-like snuff; F&T Bordeaux Toque Berwick Brown WoS Best Dark