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Just had a nice snuff involving 2 snuffs. One, the first, an interesting snuff, dholakia herbal energy snuff. This stuff is nice, unique, pleasent, pleasing, and overall enjoyable. I'm not sure whats in it, some aryuvedic indian stuff, it's slightly medicated also, i'm sure some snuffers have seen it around. I"m from north america where snuff is not so popular, but you find some here and there. I ordered the dholakia off of amazon, bought three 9 gram snuff box things...the other, w.e. garrett and sons, scotch snuff. LOVE this stuff. I also love bruton, but i just bought this wegarrett at the tobacco shop and have been enjoying a new fresh ounce of snuff. Scotch snuff, what, can, i, say...strong, Very nice, i like to take some and go outside and just breathe, smells good. Snuff has a good way of clearing my nostrils too. OK , well that's whats up right now in my world of snuff, what's up in yours?


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  • found mine in the midwest at lowbobs tobacco (bruton)
  • I just bought some garrett the other day, it's hard to find many kinds of snuff around here. I love garrett, used to keep some in the car for when I needed it, now I got it in the house, i almost ran out of Bruton, another scotch snuff I like a lot,…
  • I,be not come across many snuffs but I do enjoy 1. Bruton scotch snuff 2 dholakia herbal snuff 3. I like Wilson and sparrows energy snuff 4. Another American snuff garret scotch And5. Garret sweet
  • I just listened to Slayer, "repentless", then Five Finger Death Punch, got your six.I'm going to get megadeths new album, i'm a punk rock/hardcore/metal fan.
  • I use snus and snuff at the same time sometimes. I snuff a few times a day and use snus and an e-cig when I don't snuff. Sometimes I"ll put it down for a week, then go back at it. I recall when I used to smoke cigs, i ran out of them. I snuffed ever…
  • you know...just the other day I threw in a pinch of half n half and treated it as oral moist snuff. I liked it ok. but i'd rather have some chewing tobacco or moist snuff
  • I use it to smoke less, the aroma is a bonus. I fell in love with it after my first sniff. I Felt the nicotine again, whereas it had been a long time since I felt the nicotine like that from smoking a cig. Also it's so cheap. It goes nice with e-cig…
  • Those are some interesting answers, thanks everyone