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  • Did you give it a good shake to see if it's airtight? Nice find! Yep. Also, when I cleaned it out before filling it at one point I filled it with water and turned it upside down. I applied just enough pressure to keep the lid closed and no water see…
  • I was also thinking of getting 100g of Sternecker. How should I store it after opening? From the looks of the pictures of MrSnuff, it appears that it comes in a paper bag or box which doesn't seem good for long time storage...
  • 40/60 White Elephant and Maverick menthol. I love this mixture! The Maverick by itself is okay but rather boring. I still can't sniff the W.E. without going into a sneezing fit. When I mix them the W.E. absorbs enough moisture to be easily snuff'd a…
  • I saw it too! Page 43 I need more information on the subject! Google came back with nothing.
  • Tobacco-free. If I met someone who had Cheese & Bacon snuff (or any other "savory" snuff) or if I could get it VERY cheap, I would definitely try it. However, I'm not going to spend much money on something I'm sure I'm going to hate.
  • Where I live in the Florida panhandle we had a Piggly Wiggly open up a few months ago. When I went in there I saw that they had a decent selection of American scotches. Tube Rose, Honey Bee, Navy, and about five others that I can't remember. I looke…
  • Navy Sweet Scotch
  • Use one of the 3 shipping discount codes listed on Mr. Snuffs home page. I don't see any codes on the Mr. Snuff shop frontpage just the little announcement of the shipping discount. Not saying it isn't there; this wouldn't be the first time obliviou…
  • Are the discounts on shipping over x amount automatically applied or do you need to use a coupon? I put together an order of over 100 dollars and got to the last page where you enter in your card info and didn't see a reduction in the shipping cost.
  • I can't find this product on the toque or mrsnuff websites. Was this a specialty item that was only offered once? Or does it come out every so often? I'm still relatively new to snuff and I'm really liking the plain(er) ones.
  • Toque Quit with just a little bit of Bernard Basil Doppelt-Fermentiert.
  • Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert is listed on the a-z product search, but comes up as product not found.
  • I tried rehydrating my viking brown with orange peels. It did the job, but now it stings my nose like never before and leaves my nose very irritated. I'm assuming the snuff absorbed some of the ascorbic acid. Anyone else encounter this? If I just se…
  • I'm bumping this really old thread to ask if anyone has an idea of how I could acquire green, oral naswar. I've searched a lot but found no sources. I know this is pretty much a non existant product outside of its native area, but I'm sure there's a…
  • It seems that many of the discounted prices on slow selling things such as the gutkha has disappeared. Is this on purpose? I ask because I was planning on an order made up of the more obscure tobacco products. And things like the empty snuff vials a…
  • I would love a hemp scented snuff!
  • Hello everyone. Been a tobacco user for 7 years. Started with cigarettes and only very recently stopped smoking them. Until last year I only dipped or chew fairly rarely, but things like breathing difficulties (was a pack a day+ smoker!) urged me to…