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  • It's definitely distinct different from the feeling of smoking or dipping. It's sort of like having dirty glasses and wiping them clean and being able to see well, but in your mind. Or like in NASCAR when a car gets all beat up and goes for a pit st…
  • My bread-and-butter snuff is 41 Photo White Elephant, though there does not seem to be a massive difference between the different Indian whites and I wouldn't lose any sleep if I had to switch to another brand. 1.) It's very strong2.) It's clean - a…
  • The obvious answer is that snuff is not very popular anymore but why it is not so popular is another issue. IMHO it has everything to do with having brown stains on yourself, blowing your nose, etc. A cigarette is much cleaner than that. Even dippin…
  • Yes I've noticed this quite a bit myself. Cigarettes are very fiendish. Other forms of tobacco, you can easily go all day without them and not even think about it. When I'm off the cigs I won't usually use any tobacco until after I get off work. Whe…
  • Dholakia Black in large amounts was quite a pleasant thing. I need to order more of that. There is variation between batches, though, and I like some more than others.
  • I don't, I have a cigarette when I wants one. I don't see it as an either-or thing and smoking a pack every month or two, or smoking 15 cigarettes a day for a few weeks every year, isn't a big deal to me.
  • Neither are scented, TPS is better IMO
    in Madras ??? Comment by horus92 March 2016
  • Cat piss is a normal smell in fresh snuff, toasts and SP will also smell of cat piss. It fades with time, you can leave the lid off for a few hours and that usually works. I haven't had African but Black definitely varies a lot batch to batch. The f…
  • They're cousins. American Scotch is much smokier but some Toasts like SG's Irish D Light approach a Scotch in smokiness. There's no Scotch equivalent, though, to something like WoS no. 22 of F&T HDT
  • A strong dark snuff can replicate the hit of cig better in some ways than a strong light snuff. I'd recommend a South African snuff or Viking Dark. Strong light snuffs like the Indian whites are strong but they are very stimulating and don't feel li…
  • Yeah I've had those with certain snuffs, especially dark coarse snuffs used with regularity. One time it was like I burned the inside of my nose by sniffing a snuff a little too hard. This was with the FUBAR white snuff (forget what it's called). My…
  • SG Kendal Browns always give me really crazy dreams.
  • Indian reservations, truckstops, big tobacco outlets, those are the places to go if you're not in the south.
  • I enjoy almost all snuffs and rotate among different ones when I'm home. But when I'm out and about/working it's always White Elephant and even at home I use it pretty often. Its dryness and fineness make it clean to use because it doesn't make much…
  • I once gave someone two large pinches of BOHICA, we were all drinking etc. so it wasn't so evil. Very funny to watch the progression from "ohh smells like cocoa man pretty good" to what comes next.
  • I love this snuff too though I haven't had any in probably two years. Another nice thing about this one is it will open your nose if it's clogged just like a white snuff and unlike a menthol.
  • I think there's a good amount of variations between batches and with aging but it's definitely my bread and butter snuff. I do remember a batch years ago which had way more of a sweet pistachio smell and was also perhaps somewhat stronger, but maybe…
  • Samuel Gawith's good snuffs are extremely good, among the best about. They have a lot of mediocre snuffs too but the good ones are off the chain. You can say that about any snuff manufacturer though.
  • 5x 20g Hedges L250 10g WoS SP No. 2 (don't think I could tell this apart from J&W SP No. 1 in a blind smell test, which is not a bad thing at all) 10g WoS Toast No. 20 (meant to get 21, oh well this isn't bad but it's basically just an SP to my…
  • Pros - increased strength due to better distribution in nose (less clumping, more of a "snuff-mist" effect); altered scent due to same effect Cons - messy, harder to control
    in Boxcar?? Comment by horus92 May 2015
  • The Hedges that just arrived; one pinch of this and I promptly binned what GH CM I had left.
  • @PalmettoMan very cool to see further proof that at least some people in some parts of the south were sniffing that stuff at least sometimes.
  • GH CM; I finally thought of what the GH base tobacco smells like to me - a beer can that's been sitting out for a couple of days with just a tiny bit of beer in the bottom.
  • One annoyance with the whites is that if you sniff them light enough you also sniff so light that a lot falls on the floor/your clothes, that stuff gets everywhere. Still love 'em but when I sweep up there's a lot of tan dust in that pile. Edit: @b…
  • @horus92 & @spyder - It's been sometime since I had the WoS version of French Carotte, but I do have a tin of the F&T version in. To my mind the F&T version has some subtleties that the WoS version doesn't have. From recollection the W…
  • Gawith Hogarth Camphor & Menthol - the relatively heavy camphor dries my nose out so it's nice, refreshing without too much of a mess.
  • F&T French Carrotte. Really dislike this one, my dislike has only grown with time. I'm probably one of the only people here who prefers the WoS version. But there are only like 10 grams left in the tube so I might as well finish it.
  • I've been snuffing for four years now but I'm still not quite at the point of a stable of staples. I wish I could settle on just five that I could buy in great bulk, with five snuff-boxes to match, and keep the rest of my snuffs in storage and have …
  • A tin of McChrystal's O&G my mom picked up for me in South Africa. This tin is older than the first O&G I had so the menthol isn't as strong so I can smell the tobacco base better which I like.
  • This seems to be something to do with the snuffer's physiology. Some people the snuff goes up their nose and seems to disappear as far as I can see. Some of us have to blow our nose pretty much every time we take a pinch within 5 to 10 minutes. I wi…
    in Cleaning Up Comment by horus92 May 2015