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  • Humppa
    Hi Johano,

    I read about your problem and concerns with getting snuff. If you are interessted in Poschl snuffs, like volunge mentioned I could offer you buying Poschls here locally. A 10 gram tin of Gletscherprise costs 2,50 or 2,70 EURO. I dont know the price exactelly. If you have PayPal I could send it to Italy. Dont know about the shipping costs but I could get you some snuff. I dont plan any orders now, but the stuff that could be bought locally is no problem.

    Neffa is not sold here locally, unfortunatelly.

    Maybe this could be a temporary source for you. ;)

    Kind regards
    March 12
  • Ben_MacM
    Greetings have a Sam Gawith KB Original available? Is it the 25g can? I would love to get it from you if you are not a fan of it. I have a 25g can of Viking Blonde that I used one bullets worth of snuff out of. I find it a bit harsh for my enjoyment. I will have to grow into the Viking products. Let me know your thoughts. Take Care.

    Ben M.
    March 2020
    • Johano
      Hi, thats correct. Not sure how much of snuff is missing, I will check. Never tried Viking Blonde but curious to try it, we can make a deal :)
      Just checked the cheapest shipping cost from EU (Poland) to your location and vice versa, its about 1$ if I got it right..