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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • SunnyDay
    thats for the reply!
    yes i like the gold rush its smelling like washing powder from the can a bit but in the nose it reminds me of some aromas used in some haribo tropical gummies! pretty powerful in that smell i can see why people dont seem to like it but so far i like all of the six photo, the medicated can be a bit crazy though while i love its smell it easly makes you smell only that for a long time :D

    March 2018
    • newbiesnuffer
      Are you a lady? It's amazing you have such detailed posts! I wish I could try all the foreign snuffs. Trying to get a way to import them here but it's sick at the customs.
  • Welcome Aboard!
    January 2017
    • newbiesnuffer
      Thank you!
    • SammyD13
      Hey there. This was a little long to post in the Snuff Making 101 area, so I pasted it here instead:
      Hydroxides are pretty powerful. That could make it hard to fine-tune your measurements as you hone your craft, so to speak. There's a great basic recipe at the beginning of the Snuffmaking 101 thread (which is how I got started). Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) has worked great for me as an alkalizing agent. The proportion given is I believe 1/8 tsp to 1/4 cup ground tobacco.

      As far as making your snuff stronger (I take it you're referring to nicotine), you could try using Rustica leaf. I started using it recently. I love the aroma, but it's very powerful. My first batch using Rustica was great, but I I have since learned to use it as part of a blend with regular tobacco (or it'll keep me up all night).

      Following the recipe mentioned above, I keep my initial mixture in a closed container for a week. I then toast it in an oven at 220F for about half an hour. By completely drying it out, it's possible to get the finest grind possible. I'll then "bring it in to case" which is where flavorings are added and the snuff is re-moisturized to a degree. I use alcohol (bourbon) as a media and add flavoring extracts to that, then add it to small batches of snuff. I mix it in well, let it sit overnight, and finally regrind it a little to make sure the additives are evenly distributed.

      There are so many techniques and practitioners of the art on this page alone. I just started doing this a few months ago and am enjoying learning new ways of making awesome snuff.
    • newbiesnuffer
      Hey thanks Sammy. I think what I am using is calcium carbonate (edible lime). I will try your technique when I get time and report. Sadly, no way to get Rustica tobacco in India. At least the retails dont have it.