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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • olliebee
    I'd certainly like to see your list. I,too, have a list of snuffs I'd like to trade: about ten or so snuffs--all mentholated, vacuum packed after being sampled. ---- Jim at
    July 2017
  • Roderick
    Hi Yisraeldov, 

    I see your passover post has disappeared. The last time I saw it was last night. I hope no-one was rude to you. As I've said before we are a very mixed lot on Snuffhouse and it is a home for all walks of life, as it should be. Maybe the moderators want to keep it secular. 

    April 2017
    • Aamon
      I noticed this too and was going to PM you
    • yisraeldov
      Thanks, I tried to keep it not religious, but more about traditions in snuff use, but what can we do when religion plays a big part in how snuff was used. I appreciate the no-religion clause in the TOS and asked the moderators ( @hitsuzen ) before I posted.

      The thing is that we will be missing out on lots of info if we ban all discussion that has anything to do with religion. That mean that you, @roderick can't post when you make a new holiday flavor. Same that about politics, we need to know about how new EU regulations will change our snuff usage.
    • matteob
      hear hear!
    • matteob
      common sense and gentlemanly behaviour is needed.
  • Roderick
    Hi Yisrael,

    Just watched your very well thought out review of a (market) snuff you traded for a Wilsons. I thought it might be of interest to you that there is a lot of black market Toque in Israel at the moment. 

    I'm not usually one to get stiffed but I trusted a chap simply because he was a Jew. I Know that was naive of me, but if you can't trust a Jew who can you trust?  Long story short he failed to pay his bill. You learn from your mistakes, but you should be aware that this snuff is apparently being cut with other snuffs (may not even be tobacco) so if you are trading for more (Market) snuff be careful. I just wanted to warn a friend. 

     It might even have Toque labels, however he asked me to send the snuff loose and the labels in another shipment. Could be he ditched the labels.

    Stay healthy,
    February 2017
    • yisraeldov

      I'm honored that you took the time to watch my review, and even more that you took the time to leave me this message.

      I'm not sure what you mean by "(market) snuff," can you please explain?

      With out getting too political, I want to make a few comments. First, many people who live in the "state of Israel" are not Jewish, even though they have Jewish names and might even think they are Jewish. Next, most of the country, while they may be technically ( ethnically? ) Jews, they do every thing that they can not to act like it. 3rd there is a large possibility that he never got his order, customs here is awful, the government makes it nearly impossible for a small business to make a living without bending the rules. Probably why he wanted the labels separately, was to avoid customs.

      How much snuff are we talking about ?

      The weird thing is that I don't see a large market for snuff except for Ultra Orthodox ( like me ) and most of us don't have computers or internet ( I do at work, but not at home).

      The snuff that I reviewed, I really doubt that it was from Toque, I think I would have been able to recognize it even if it has been "cut." This snuff company has been around for a while, but like I said in the review, I have seen their boxes with other peoples stickers on it.

      Can you please send me more info about the snuff and the guy you sold it to by email, I'll try to put the word out locally, and you never know, it is a small country, I may know him and can have a word.

      Have a successful day.