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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • SammyD13 changed his profile picture.
    December 2019
  • Steve_Tyler
    i have a can of that Garret sweet i'll never open if ya want it.  Where do you live?

    November 2019
  • nicmizer
    Offer up to AR47 also as thinning the stock.

    Sorry for late reply. Have them if still interested. Also liquidation of some others new, old and forgotten like Old Mill, Swedish, China and American. PM if interested.

    Many well cared for snuffs are going to be more available from myself coming soon.
    July 2019
  • Snufferdemedicis
    You can get a similar flavour to mull of oa in laphroaig whisky maybe you could cook with it.
    February 2019
    • SammyD13
      Not a bad idea! I was also thinking of adding some peat to my smoking box. Not sure where I'd find any in Illinois, though!
    • rostanf
      You can order irish peat from amazon, just make sure it is pure peat and not mixed with anything else.
  • November 2018
  • November 2018
  • Remjob
    Oh and I was looking deep into my snuff celled and did find a half a metal tin of t@h Siellvie it's the brand you're have written down they make a lot of Flora's old Paris,Domiegco,ect.
    April 2018
  • Remjob
    Hey bro I got you on one large tin of fine keg I should have two of them in about four to five days,and if you happen to come by some more Cigar's they don't have be super high dollar quality neither send a few my way would Ya.
    April 2018
  • Amanda
    @SammyD13 Hi Sammy, This is Amanda again from Mr. Snuff.

    The reason why you see we have been slow to restock, while many snuffs have simply disappeared is because after the Brexit there has been a lot of changes in the law of snuff importing and exporting, as a result, many of our suppliers have shut down their business and have moved to a different line of business (LOB) making it difficult for us to restock those snuffs which they use to supply us.

    Also, after the law change, we are facing a tremendous issue in restocking or importing few of our best sellers snuff to our current warehouse located in the Belfast, United Kingdom which is again contributing to the low inventory of a variety of snuffs we use to carry.

    As a way around, we are looking into different options of importing snuffs from different suppliers and we are also looking into a new warehouse where we can import snuff which is difficult to import in our current warehouse. I hope you understand these things cannot be done in 1 week and will take a fair amount of time.

    Having said this, I would really apologize for this inconvenience caused to you. At the same time, I do hope you understand the situation we are in and assume that we will get your support in this.

    I hope this explanation makes sense to you.

    Mr.Snuff Customer Relation
    March 2018
  • jeffecrycraft1
    ill trade with you, what kind you like?
    March 2018
  • Remjob
    I don't want to break the law so I won't sell you any of my own self made tobbaco products but I will trade with u by mail.i know the 2010 tobacco pact laws pretty well and sure there's nothing in there about customs giving a shitty fuck about small amounts of leaf or well made snuff going through the US mail.anyways I got a snuff I make that'll blow your socks off I'm very clean and thought and all my snuff's are tryed n tested the quality of grind n ingredients are that of commercial snuff if not better I promise and my word is gold I'd like to try some of this leave you talk about out of the two or maybe send a little of both I want the one with the most highest nicotine potency but oh so one that is most aromatic I'll trade you some of my snuff I make it snuff that no one else has tried or ever even hinted at making everything legal it's a beautiful snuff amongst others that I make if you make a serious snuff that's great I'll trade you snuff for snuff as well get back to me
    March 2018
  • Remjob
    Helllo so did i hear you make your own snuff's I do as well and have a fairly large collection of snuff's do u take your snuff making serious cuz if so do u have a certain snuff that you've gotten good at making?i could possibly help you out i don't know what a Hemingway is?that u have for trade is it a type of cigar?Get back to me if you can seya.
    March 2018
  • nicmizer
    Added comment response to my board. I have planted many different varieties over several years and these seem to grow the best here in the Pacific northwest. Some sun and some shade grown.
    February 2018