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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • SeanOCDPx
    Well you're very welcome Marielle32.  You're the first person to write on my wall - I didn't know what the hell was going on for a second hah!  

    Your message got cut off after a P... I'd guess you were going to say something about Poschl.  This site apparently doesn't work well with umlauts.  I need to get my hands on more Kralinger snuff (I know it as De Kralingse Molens, then again I only know one language).  It's good stuff, and I keep hearing these scary stories about those mills shutting down, along with the snuff production.  

    I'm fairly new to snuff, and very new to pipes - a fellow Snuffhouse member helped get me started on pipes. I'm no stranger to drums though... been playing for 20 years myself.  Rock on there.  Anyway, thanks for the wall message, and again, welcome to Snuffhouse!  Good folks here. 
    March 2016
    • Marielle32
      I'm sorry I'm used to sand private massages on my pipesmoking forum to stay on topic. I kan order snuff from the Kralinger Mills very cheap because there from Holland it might be cheaper than thee way you order them.
      Let me look in to it and I will let you know.
    • Marielle32
      100 to 250 grams is ?6,25 + ?7,25 from the Mills and for about ?9 for 100 gram for example Mississippi or ?2 for 20 gram.
    • Marielle32
      ? Is euro
  • Play drums, cycling, smoking pipe and snif snuff
    March 2016