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Sir Walter Scott back in stock



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  • Roderick
    Had to laugh at your always having bad luck. I am just the same.

    I have another story for you.  If you google Roderick Lawrie Patent you will find I was the inventor and patent holder of online price comparison.  I think I hold the record for the richest man ever to go bankrupt.  The UK patent office were indecisive over software patents and withdrew my patent just long enough for all the investors to withdraw all funding only for the Patent Office to then tell me my patent was in fact correct.  It was too late and I couldn't raise the money to enforce against the patent infringers.  I hate to estimate but if all licence fees were paid every year from 1997 what would it have been worth.  

    Keep going and keep smiling, our luck will change. 
    April 2020
  • ar47
    @Roderick as a Gilliam fan and counting Munchausen in my top 5 favorite movies I love that story!

    @ArtChoo thanks for the morning laugh about the bus
    September 2018
  • Roderick
    I think you might appreciate this little secret. 

    In Another life a long time ago. I shared offices in Delancy street, Camden, with MP. The company I was a Director of did some computer graphics on a film called Baron von Munchausen. We were very poorly paid and cut a couple of corners. The classic is a scene were the main characters are climbing down from the moon on a rope of hair. In the background you will see a horse of stars gallop by and some fish outlined in stars swim past. We pinched them from a couple of commercials we had done previously. One for Lloyds Bank, The Lloyds horse and the other an Access credit card commercial. MP have know idea! Our little secret.
    August 2018
  • ar47
    I really enjoy your historic posts @ArtChoo
    April 2018