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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


Hey ryan, glad to hear it's almost there. Hope you enjoy. Since I'm a new snuffer, anything snuff wise would be appreciated. Also that kona coffee is supposed to be good. But whatever you can do. Quantity doesn't matter. tod


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chocowinity nc
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  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo Tod I checked the tracking and it left Atlanta yesterday I think there's a hold up because of all the storms happening around that area but there is no rush appreciate what you did for me and I promise I will get you back there anything u desire from Hawaii like coffee candy just let me know I'll hook u up like how your hooking me up ;)

    Peace and Aloha \m/"
    & Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    December 2015
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Thanks man your the only person that is helping me out.I appreciate it a lot.I'll let u know when I receive your gift.
    Have a good day and C u around Snuff House.

    Mahalos/Thanks & Aloha \m/"

    December 2015
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo tod my screen name is Hawaiian_Ryan I'm from Hawaii(Oahu).I was wondering since u have access to mostly all the America scotch snuffs like Swisher Square, society sweet,Navy sweet,TOPS,Strawberry sweet,Buttercup,TubeRose,Peach mild sweet etc..I was wondering if you could hook me up with a price list I will greatly appreciate it.I can pay+shipping or if u wanna trade for some very very good snuffs like from master Chef Daniels(Old mill artisan snuffs),Abraxas etc.. I have a load of OM snuffs around like 25 varieties.So let me know please I've been looking/searching,asking people with still no luck.Also if u can,I'll hook u up with a bunch of snuffs.Also some stuff from Hawaii like Kona coffee, chocolate covered macadamia nuts,even strong Kava if U wanna try.
    I hope u can come through.Thanks for your time.
    Happy Holidays&Happy New year
    Peace&Alohas, \m/"

    December 2015