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  • larry_90066
    February 2018
  • BCT

    Sorry for breaking protocol. I did originally post this in the bazaar but was surprised that it came up the way that it did. Not sure what happened

    June 2017
  • fredh
    Hi Hitsuzen,

    Please tell me if Lunecat is now banned (again). I have been recently told that he is no now longer allowed on Snuffhouse (again).

    Is this true, and if possible, can you briefly explain to me what happened?

    Thank you.
    April 2017
  • jmahes
    Hello! My name is Jehan ( @jmahes ) and I've been part of Snuffhouse for over a year now.
    I read your comments and you tube reviews all the time, so I feel that I kinda know you :-)
    Hope you're well and wanted to ask a favor, if you can do it....
    I live in Massachusetts and we don't have a ban, but there's no local selection of anything except for one place in Boston; which carries a small supply of British snuff.
    I wanted to know if you could acquire some Tube Rose for me? Like 5-10 tins, depending on what it costs.
    Let me know if you can and I'll pay you whatever you want to do this ( Paypal good? ).
    thanks and let me know what you think.
    March 2016