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SNIFF or SNORT?? Who's really right?

snuffcurioussnuffcurious Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking
I always heard that nasal snuff is intended to be sniffed and NOT snorted. For this reason - I believe - one has to put and keep the snuff in the very front of the nose, as many friends frequently remark in this forum. This seems a general rule in the field of snuffing technique. But it seems also that many people prefer literally to snort the snuff, trying probably to get an higher nicotine "boost". Is this wrong in your opinion? If snuff is intended to be sniffed, why many snuff accessories (as snuff-pipes, "bullets" and so on) seem clearly conceived for snuff consumers that normally prefer to snort it? What do you think about this matter?


  • What ever works. Some of my friends seem to get it into the front of their nose only by sniffing very gentley, some snorting seems to work right for them. I find it stays in my nose with a sharp sniff somewhere between a sniff and a snort. Though it gets the highest boost if it is in your nostrils only. Otherwise it won't absorb into the blood stream.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited December 2007 PM
    A lot depends on the snuff you are using. Some of the more moist/heavy snuffs you have to give a firm sniff just to be able to pull it off the fingers. But again it all depends on what works for you personally. You don't want to snort real hard or there will be nothing left in the nose & you'll pay for it with a donkey kick to the head & it will leave your nasal canal pulsating. Especially if you have big & clear nasal passages. For me I usually sniff just hard enough so you can hear the air coming in the nose or over and around the fingers. Sometimes a long sniff & sometimes a few short sharp sniffs. Nothing harder like a snorting sound. Just the sound as if you were sniffing a flower or a fresh cup of coffee. If your using a fine dry snuff, the snuff technique can take some practice.

    What ever way works for you is the correct way to snuff. If it works, your doing it right.
  • Great post mo! ;-)
  • I personally have trouble with long soft sniffs, usually whatever kicks up into my nose just keeps going further back so long as I am inhaling. I'm a stout sniffer. There isn't a snort. Just a quick, sharp and resolute sniff right into the snoot.
  • Great post and explanation image. Congrats Mo!!
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    Is this still a topic? I thought that by now we all know that you sniff snuff. You don’t snort it.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited June 10 PM
    @mrmanos, well, it also depends on... your tongue. For instance, there's only one verb for taking snuff in Latvian language - šņaukt – "to snort". "Snuff" is šņaucamā tabaka, literally – snortable tobacco.

    And it was exactly the same in Lithuanian language. Back in the day when snuff was still a thing in my country, it was called šniaukiama taboka, and the verb was šniaukti. Now it's prohibited to place snuff (in fact, any smokeless tobacco) on the market in Lithuania, and another term is used – uostomasis tabakas (literally – sniffable tobacco). Lithuanian verb uostyti has two meanings: to smell / to sniff; interestingly, the same verb is used for describing the insufflation of illicit substances, like cocaine or amphetamine; in Lithuanian tongue, one doesn't "snort" drugs, but sniffs them (by the way, same in Russian and some other Slavic languages – all stuff, including snuff, is "sniffed").

    And German, aye! The verb schnupfen means "to draw ground tobacco into the nostrils by inhaling vigorously and intermittently", i.e."to snort". To snort cocaine - Kokain schnupfen. To take snuff - Schnupftabak schnupfen.

    Linguistics aside, I actually rather snort than sniff, when it's coarse and moist, and rather sniff than snort, if it's fine and dry.

    Sniffing gwayi, neftobak, rappee or Schmalzler "gently as smelling a flower" would be a waste of snuff. Don't let your language and drug use-related connotations fool you – sometimes you just have to snort, and it's the only reasonable way of taking some really coarse and moist snuffs. And it goes without saying that you don't have to use a tube for snorting snuff – you just inhale/draw it more vigorously, that's it.
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