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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • @volunge thank you my friend!
  • MrfunkMrfunk Member
    J&H Wilson SP No1 today
  • MrfunkMrfunk Member
    Also lots of Janta Punjabi. Has to be my favorite Indian snuff that I've tried. 
  • Feeling ropey this morning = Hedges L260 
  • periqueperique Member
    Friobourg & Treyer Macouba
  • A 'Tea & SP' type of afternoon with some Mullins & Westley Particular interspersed with the occasional bump of Artisan Snuff JP for some added bounce, pondering keeping that vibe going with WoS Best Dark now...  :-? ;-) :D
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Found an unopened and still "moist" full size tin of J&H Wilson SP No1!
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Alternating Poschl President and RR Mills Sweet. Not sure they go together, but enjoying all the same
  • Drinking some tea again this morning, so a little alternation between Hedges & M&W's Particular following on from a  post shower and shave bump of WoS Royal George 

  • Away on holiday at the moment and enjoying Hedges, Grand Cairo and Top Mill for my daily diet until I get back home on Friday.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited April 6 PM
    Revisiting my Toque Bourbon jar after a year or more. 

    Its a toast. Nice snuff,  not that fine grind for a toast and carries a lot of moisture.
    The scent is very tobaccoey and woody barrel type (almost like cheese and bacon without the cheese).
    Its a great snuff ! I like it a lot.

    The one thing that i dont get though is its low to medium nicotine content.
    This is the reason i dont use this snuff a lot.
    I use many low nicotine snuffs all the time and enjoy them, but i find it is very difficult for a toast with low nicotine to satisfy me. 
    A toast "must" have a profound nicotine kick and after all it is called Bourbon, why isnt it strong like bourbon ?

    I enjoy the fact that the scent is tobacco-centric and not the exact scent of bourbon.

  • ar47ar47 Member
    edited April 6 PM
    @ALLex have you tried Toque USA Kentucky Bourbon? Now that smells like bourbon. I don't use it out of or before leaving the house because I'm concerned it'll smell like I was drinking whiskey in my car! Very different snuff, high moisture (Bourbon? :D ) etc. but so different that it's worth mentioning.

    Woke up with Poschl black here
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited April 6 PM
    @ar47 Thanks for the info, i have never tried the USA Bourbon only the standard one which is on a toast base and I like that it is not smelling exactly like bourbon in the nose and it smells more of woody tobacco .

    One day maybe i ll try a tin of the USA Kentucky Bourbon just out of curiosity!
    But i have to restock on some of my favorites first.

    How is the Poschl black ?
    Never heard of this one but its a long time since i visited mrsnuff or toque website. 

  • ALLexALLex Member
    Toque Violet in my nose.
    I enjoy this snuff a lot.

    I ve read and heard from reviewers that it is very low on nicotine but for me this snuff never fails to deliver, I always feel the nicotine from Toque Violet.
    For me this is a medium to strong snuff, with a sweet scent and it always satisfies me. 

  • ALLexALLex Member
    Viking Dark Rappee 
    one of my favorite snuffs
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 6 PM
    @ALLex, I assume Poschl black stands for Gawith Original in the black tap box.

    Back in the day when Poschl had smaller catalogue (pre-internet times), I (and some friends of mine) used to refer to the popular Poschl snuffs (RB, Gletscher, GO, Lowen, President) as the red box, the blue box, the black box, the brown box, the silver box.

    Now the range has expanded and sticking to said naming may cause some confusion. The latest addition to Poschl catalogue - another black box (reportedly, mentholated liquorice snuff, probably with the addition of camphor, topped with tonka, vanila and perhaps a whiff of anis).


    Now talking about toasts (or high dried type, putting it more accurately), being based mostly on stem flour which contains less nicotine than lamina, they just cannot shine in nicotine department. While huge boxcar load makes a nic fix, it's rather short-lived. Two exceptions are SWS Lundy Foot and St James Parish Blend, which are made from pure lamina and have some rustica in the blend; I find they are head and shoulders above the rest classic high dried (HDT, Irish No.22, Irish D) snuffs – potency-wise on a par to Toque USA W&H.
  • Wilson’s SP 100
  • ALLexALLex Member
    @volunge that new Black Poschl looks very nice and comes with a nice tapbox too. 

    Toque USA W&H is an amazing toast, it was my first snuff ever. 
    I also enjoy F&T HDT and I can feel a decent nicotine kick from it.

    SWS snuffs look very promising for someone who prefers the flavors of tobacco leaves but its comes pricey and not in bulk. 

  • ALLexALLex Member
    Some Toque USA W&H in the nose 
    i forgot how good this snuff is
  • GH's Cafe Regal this morning :-) 

  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    Old Mill Tempête. A blast from the past; somewhat dried out, but still good.
  • A pre-lunch switch to Viking Dark Rappee
  • periqueperique Member
    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
  • ALLexALLex Member
    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
  • Tom Buck
  • periqueperique Member
    Tom Buck
  • ALLexALLex Member
    Toque Quit 
  • Poschl Gletscherprise
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited April 8 PM
    It's going to be mostly SNUV Rusty Trombone & M&W's Particular today as regrettably I have left all my normal rotation in my other bag and come into the office without them :O :((
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited April 8 PM
    Homemade fine dry snuff made from Toscano cigars 
    (Fire cured burley)

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