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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Wilson's Of Sharrow. 1964 BBC film

iframe width="400" height="500" frameborder="0" src="">


  • Here's a BBC film from October 19th 1964. Footage of the mill and water wheel included.
  • Excellent find, thank you. 
  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited January 3 PM
    Cant believe ive not seen that. It was most enjoyable. Makes one feel proud to be upholding a fine tradition, lol! And i dont think any manufacturer truly knows what the letters SP means on a snuff. 
    Thanks again, wonderful little info film. 
    Ive taken the liberty of sharing the video, on youtube, but i posted your forum name and this place as credit, i hope thats ok. I will remove if you prefer. 

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 3 PM

    @Just_Browsing, could you share the YouTube link, please? Tor doesn't help, and I'm not a VPN user.
  • @volunge my link doesnt work here. its on youtube, Just Browsing channel with thumbs as channel picture, only video on it 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited January 3 PM
    Thanks, found it right there!
  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited January 4 PM
    @volunge  oooh, like this? Haha, thanks V, i spent half an hour googling how to do the blue hyperlink thing, thanks to you. Learn something every day.
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