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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • W.E. Garrett Scotch
  • 6 Photo Medicated No. 6 from the wonderful value 6 Photo Assorted Box.
  • F&T's HDT

  • F&T's Princes Special - My work is done; the snuffbox is empty!!!  :D ;))
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    So: the snuffbox refill; one compartment SWS Aged Border Rappee, the other Kendal Brown Plain. Relaxing into my evening with the latter :)
  • Old Paris on the ride home. Pumpkin pie in the tub then 6P super kalish whilst resting. Night all
  • WoS Extra Menthol
  • F&T Princes a sturdy morning snuff.

    @MisterPaul I am fascinated by your dual compartment snuffbox.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited November 2021 PM

    @Huysmans - Here you go! Not the best finished piece that I have ever brought, but fuctionality wise was a great buy

    F&T's HDT for me currently :)  
  • Starting the evening with SG Xmas Pinch.
    @MisterPaul nice snuff box!
  • iron throne to kick me out of bed
    Sweet Snuff during the morning ( i don't care if it's meant for dip) 
    nutty ella after lunch 
    taxi blue and cheeta this afternoon, 
    Nutty joe after dinner later, 
    then White elephant and NTSU black before bed 
    @MisterPaul lovely item there 

  • Jaxons English gold
  • WoS Confusion
  • @Omgroma & @Just_Browsing - Cheers Folks; it has served me very well :-) 

    A couple of post shower bumps of the charming and quaint F&T's French Carotte - I love the scent and the 'nose feel' of this one, it's a shame that [for me anyways] it won't take repeated pinching...     
  • Back on the SWS Aged Border Rappee - Starting to wring the subtleties out of this one now 
  • On the Toque Pumkin Pie for the workday, unsure of what I will pick up tonight, may have a few beers, undecided as yet.
  • iron throne for a wake up, 
    then delivery from mrsnuff, and from Toque, 
    so all toques for the test of the day, 
    so far, coltsfoor, toast and marmalade, xmas pudding, st clements, natural toast, 
    and will try some more and babaton blue this evening
  • I have been on SG London Brown most of today (sadly this may be my last tin of that gloriously deep and satisfying snuff). I have interspersed it with the superlative Toque Natural Toast.
    A change of tack now though, with a pinch of equal parts Toque Jasmine (bespoke) and SWS Latakia Blend (the result is pretty much identical to the discontinued F&T Ashtaroth as far as my nose remembers … it takes me back anyhow!)
  • @BeerandSnuff you inspired me and I followed my Ashtaroth with some Toque Pumpkin Pie … accompanied by an early glass of hoppy homebrew! (It has been a day of very trying admin, hence the early glass!)
  • Toque - Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving.
  • Babaton blue, new to me, i like it but prefer Taxi red and blue and NTSU black
  • Bernard Gekachelter Virginie almost the perfect plain snuff.
  • @Huysmans, let me guess.. you find it lacking in nicotine, right?

    Well, I do. It's not a bad snuff. A bit too runny, tho. And low in nicotine. Could contain a tad less salt and a tad more sodium carbonate. Just 1% less and 1% more, respectively. Another thing I'm not too fond of - GV is treated with paraben. Tiny, tiny amount, but it's there.

    Taking a pinch of my coarse homemade now.
  • Normally on the strong ones, taxi, ntsu, dragon, elephant etc this time of the evening, 
    But having a few IPA beers, and Toque St Clements seems to be a perfect pairing. 
  • @Volunge yes it's average nicotine but the flavour is very pleasant and snuffs easily. I was expecting something a lot more smokey and leathery and pleased by its lightness.

    Now I'm on the 6 Photo MG Madras. The new tin I have has a beautiful toasted buttery aroma. Previously I had a tub from the Assorted Box which was pleasant enough but had picked up some scents from the other snuff.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    @Huysmans, I don't think GV contains any fire cured tobacco. It's not smoky to my nose at all. However, this can be easily fixed by small addition of either SWS Latakia Blend or some smoky American scotch, like W.E.Garrett plain, probably bringing it closer to perfection. Worth having both at hand for incorporating smokiness into other snuffs, when wanted. Their smokiness is different - Latakia is kind of chimney-sweet, Garrett is more BBQish. I prefer Garrett to Lat.

    Alternatively, you can spice it up with a dash of pure Lat or (and) pure Perique, drying a pinch or a couple and reducing it to powder in a mortar:
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    @volunge - I used the above as blending tobacco for pipe mixtures - they are very good. I've never tried grinding for snuff though; so you've inspired something for me there! ;)

    Mixing it up today: Kicked it off with some M&W's Keen Scented. Now on US Smokeless Tobacco Co.'s finest the Bruton Scotch of Nashville Tennessee! FM though, this kicks like a mule! As strong as Rooster for my money... :-?

  • Looking like it could be an 'American Snuff Fiend in London' today... Is it a full moon? :))

    Continuing with American Snuff Co. Tuberose Scotch - A teeny bit on the 'sweet' side this one but love the scent of the tuberose. I'd kind of like to have a punt at growing some of these too. In other news I'm drifting into the vitamin N tunnel rather quickly :)) 
  • Still going: All out sweets following the delights of the Tuberose Scotch...

    Some post-lunch pinches of Helme's Railroad Mills Checkerberry for the wintergreen buzz 
  • Helme Wild Cherry Sweet Scotch now - This is really great for a sweet scotch, I like that the cherry scent is subtle and not too zany and artificial. 
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