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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Sir Walter Scott's Aged Border Rappee....  8-}
  • SWS ABR chased with SG KB Scented and swiftly followed by 41P WE
  • Wilsons of Sharrow SP100
  • @Omgroma - Do you rate the KB Scented? Is it 'lakeland' cased like Grousemoor used to be or is it merely SP type scented, how does it compare with KB Original  - I've not tried the scented version... 

    GH's Cafe Regal pour moi... 
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    Been layering Gletscher and Lowens all day long.

    @MisterPaul, I'm not familiar with "Lakeland" casing, but KB Scented (only had some from 2020 autumn batch) has a slight hint of citrus. I found its flavour less intense than that of KB Original.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    @volunge - Thanks for your wisdom, GH/SG used to use what they call 'Lakeland Essence' to case some of their tobacco (mostly pipe) but some snuff too; the old Grousemoor snuff had that; kind of subtlety floral/outdoorsy smell but mild. Very interested to learn that the scented isn't as strong as the original [How odd is that -?]. I have been really enjoying the KB Plain, I was hoping to add a string to the bow, but that sounds like it might be a dead-end for me :-(

    Cheers anyways though - That was helpful :-) 
  • Fribourg & Treyer Patchouli
  • @MisterPaul, just for the record, it's the same base as Plain.

    I concur, it's rather odd, but not unheard of, when it comes to SG. Believe it or not, the discontinued Red Crest with a title Scented was absolutely plain snuff.
  • WoS Kendal Brown
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    @MisterPaul Just compared a pinch of SG KB Special and SG KB Scented. The Scented is fresher (purchased only a few weeks ago). Surprisingly, I find that on the citrus scale, Scented sits between the Original and the Special, but sits closer to the Special. Neverthless, the Scented definitely gives me that ‘earthy’ underpinning that I love about the SG Kendal Browns. It has become my favourite of the SG KB range (though, of course, the Special is no longer available).
    I cannot remember what the SG KB Plain is like, so will have to dig out the whole range and compare properly. Apologies for my lack of articulation with regard to flavour nuances. My nose knows, but I am never very good at putting it into words! For my money, all the SG KB range is superlative and all have that deep earthy tobacco base which I can never describe in words but which interacts with the scent in an almost mesmerising way. I would buy the Scented in bulk if I did not already have at least two lifetimes supply of snuff filling a chest freezer in the shed.
  • Viking Thor's hammer
  • Six Photo No. 666
  • PfaelzerLandSnuff – Donnersberg.
  • WoS Aniseed Plus, not usually a fan of aniseed but this is very moreish.
  • @Omgroma - Thanks so much for the detailed reply, I know what you mean about finding the right adjectives, it can be tricky sometimes. Maybe I should just take a punt on the scented and see what I make of it. I'm really liking the plain version right now

    Switched to Princes Special this morning, it's been Viking Dark Rappee this afternoon.
  • F&T HDT, got 500gms of this about five years ago, still as good as the day I bought it. I think decanting into glass and keeping in a cool environment really helps this (or any) snuff stay good for a very long time.
  • @MisterPaul I look forward to hearing your thoughts!
    Currently I am enjoying equal parts Rosinski Klippenritt, a very strong Toque Rustica, Bernards Zweifacher, 41P White Elephant, SG KB Special, and SWS Aged Border Rapee. The Wintergreen dominates, but all the others come through in their own time.
  • 6 Photo Super Medicated 666. Feeling a little off-colour and this certainly does the trick.
  • Lowensprise. Makes me crave for some salty licorice.
  • McChystals SP
  • Jip.

  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    Didn't sleep too well so feeling a bit badger this morning - So no shower, hippy clothes, a breakfast being delivered and a freshly opened tin of Mullins & Westley's Keen Scented :*
  • Wilsons of Sharrow Tom Buck earlier. Now I am on Old Mill Puro Dominicana.
  • Have regained a little composure now - F&T's High Dry Toast 
  • Janta Red Label Black. I have been craving Indian snuffs over the last few days, perhaps it's because the weather has turned cold.
  • Day off today, 
    Woke to Red M, then Cairo and Old Paris through the day, Toque choc after lunch, F and T Bordeaux right now, will be Nutty Joe after dinner then dragon madras and either taxi red or NTSU black before bed 

  • Viking Dark Rappee - I have F&T's Princes Special in the other half of this snuffbox (a rookie error really!) I need to use that up... 
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited November 2021 PM
  • Started the ball rolling with a couple of post shower bumps of GH's rather delightful Cafe Regal. I completely failed to use up that F&T's Princes Special out of the one side of my snuffbox. Accordingly this means that the Viking Black Rappee in the other 1/2 is no pretty much regular Princes :)) 
  • Toque lime toast after some crumbs of comfort.
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