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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Equal parts Bernard Zweifacher, SWS Aged Border Rapee and SG KB Scented
  • Pöschl Ozona Raspberry.
    I don't know why, but this is the second lockdown in Russia, and the second time I spend it with this tobacco. This is already a tradition
  • Abraxas Firedrac
  • F&T HDT
  • WoS Best Dark  :x
  • M&W Mature Crumbled
  • Toque Quit + caffeine  
    Before I subject myself to the human race for another day.
  • @Tapout - That sounds serious mate ~X(

    Kicked off with a couple of bumps of F&T's Bordeaux, some lunchtime pinches of SWS Havana Toast now ;)
  • WoS Diplomat, I'm not usually a fan of menthol but I'm really taken with this one.
  • Equal parts Bernard Zweifacher, SWS Aged Border Rapee and SG KB Scented.
    Still on this nice little discovery!
  • De Kralingse FCV 250 - Very nice :)

  • WoS Rose of sharrow
  • Fubar doolali tap
  • Havana Toast
  • Otto Chancellor
  • image

    Felt a bit like the above this morning so had to recourse to Olde Favourite tonic snuff of Hedges L260, trying to get my hat back on with some Mullins & Westley's Black Rappee now ;) 
  • Changing it up this afternoon with some SWS Havana Toast - I truth purely to empty out this snuff phial for a refill of something different :D
  • Alternating between dragon brand madras, and NTSU black as the wifes out and i'm having a few beers. During the day i had poschl lowen prise, wilsons top mill no1, wow roasted nuts, and snuv line.
    Delicious, all of em! 
  • WoS Wallflower
  • @Vernstaken - If I had seen your post first I would have joined you in a bit of wallflower; excellent and one of my top florals :)

    Alas, I didn't :( a rather pleasant post shower bump of F&T' Patchouli for me instead ;)
  • Viking brown
  • Morning all, Lundy foot I do believe as it is in a McChrystal wee dram tin but that’s not a toast.
  • MrManGuyMrManGuy Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    Toque Cheese and Bacon, and I'm enjoying it a lot. A heck of a lot.
    Which was a pleasant surprise because it didn't sound too appealing. I thought it was a joke snuff like Jelly beans bean boozle dog barf flavor or something nasty, but its actually pretty dang good.
    I already put in another order this month with Mr.Snuff but when I get paid I'm very likely to buy a tub of this Cheese and Bacon, and a tap box. I have two other snuffs by Toque to try and I hope they burn less than the others I have tried just like this burns less. Toque Absinthe and Pumpkin Pie are about to be tried when the C&B is gone, saving the Pumpkin Pie till closer to Thanksgiving though. I'm able to take fairly large spoon loads of Cheese and Bacon with only a minimal burning and its not hitting the back of my throat. I've only tried a handful of other snuffs but so far they all have a tendency to give a bit much of burning sensation. I am new to snuff though so my technique could be all wrong. McChrystals star gazer and JIP, viking blonde, Ozona R-type. Some of those burn less than the others or have a decent flavor, but this cheese and bacon tops them all for me thus far. I can't wait to try more Toque. I'm excited that I found a snuff I can take comfortably. I also figure out instead of taking a snuff spoon to my nose and then sniffing. It seems better to start out by sniffing and then slowly bring the spoon closer till I feel the snuff going in. This method seems to be better teaching me how far to have the spoon when I sniff. when I bring the spoon up first and then sniff I think I keep getting the spoon way too close and its causing me to sniff my snuff way too far in. With this method I can also more easily tell how hard to sniff to get the snuff off the spoon. Instead of bringing the spoon up and then blasting away in hopes of not sniffing too hard.
  • @MrManGuy - Good to learn that you're enjoying the snuffs from that bumper order that you placed. Although this is unsolicited advice on your part, so feel free to ignore me obviously! :))  You might find that you have more success with pinches, or using your anatomical snuffbox at your wrist rather than trying to use a spoon as a beginner. The airflow around spoons (and boxcars) can be very difficult to get right when you're staring out and will alter a lot with different types of snuffs. 

    The key thing is that you only want to be sniffing really lightly like you are smelling a flower or a delicate perfume to bring it into the bottom of your nose. It's a lot easier with a pinch, boxcar or your wrist to do this and you'll get less in you sinuses or throat hits with these methods :) 

    I'm currently on a bit of Frankensnuff of M&W's Black Rappee and SWS Aged Border Rappee (because I didn't have time to clean out my snuffbox properly!) - FM this is a bit of dripper though!!  
  • SWS Lundy Foot

    Talking of pinching snuff I'm still undecided over whether a snuff is more satisfying from a large pile on the back of my hand or a quick series of small pinches. I think it may depend on the snuff but the experiment continues.
  • Dholakia manjul
  • NTSU black!
  • @Huysmans - Yeah, it's a conundrum... I think that it's determined by grind mostly (but also party moisture levels) For a long time I pinched everything, largely because toasts and Indian whites etc. I find are better pinched or packed. Not a problem with toasts etc. but with moist numbers a lot of hand washing is needed if pinching. 

    More recently I've come full circle and started using the back of the hand/wrist like I did when I first started; especially for anything medium to course I tend to go for that method these days. Ironically I do like to use a very small micro spoon for portioning that out an apple pip sized portion for each, the large snuff spoons I have mostly are just used for transferring stuff, though I do sometimes use them for very course or very moist numbers. 

    Anyways that my snuff ramblings for today! Post shower, scrub & shave bump today was G&H's excellent Wallflower with a hat tip to @Vernstaken ;)      
  • It seems the earlier post above has foreshadowed todays events; in that the postman had just arrived with my latest order. SO: Viking Dark Rappee - Not sure if it's just because this is fresh, but it is a delight  8-} subtly different to the BBR from WoS, &/or the BR from M&W's. to my palate somewhere between the olde SG Black Rappee and [dearly departed :'( ] London Brown. It's making a dire mess of my snout and my fingers though :)) Time for the afore mentioned medium snuff spoon I think :D

    With four Rappee snuffs in rotation I think I need to stop buying more now!! 
  • Mullins & Westley's Particular - Snuff folklore says this is re-branded WoS Best SP... Not sure if it is or not tbf  :-? Not that it really makes a lot of difference; a very pleasant return this one. The SP's style deserves more space in my rotation I think... :-? ;)
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