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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @misterPaul I've been ordering from mrsnuff since 2011 and have always had good experiences too.

    I received my latest mrsnuff order Friday
    Wilson's of Sharrow Irish no.22 and SP 100
    Dr Rumneys Green
    Snuv Rusty Trombone
    Samuel Gawith Black Arabica

    I was pretty disappointed with the last two, Rusty Trombone has a floral incense smell to it, maybe from being processed in the same equipment as others or packed with them? And the Samuel Gawith Black Arabica smells like I just stuck a bunch of Copenhagen dip up my schnoz.

  • @Brandasaur - Yeah it's weird huh? Some folks just don't seem to have good luck with deliveries of any type, but I have always found the team at Mister Stuff very proactive in terms of customer service. 

    I'm not familiar with SNUV and did a bit of a double take on that snuff name (Rusty Trombone is a euphemism/slang expression - A google moment for you there! ;) ) I do like the sundried rustica snuffs; what are your thoughts on this brand? Any good? 

    I like SG Black Arabica personally, though I would agree that there's a fairly strong underlying dark tobacco scent profile. I find these produce a fair amount of drip either way to be fair; hankies at the ready :D 
  • NulliverseNulliverse Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    I'm still waiting on my Toque order (Wintergreen and Spanish Gem), completed 9 days ago. I'm UK based so find this odd. They're not responding to my emails. I'm also noticing that they're out of stock on both snuff store and Mr Snuff. Is there a problem with Toque that I don't know about? 

    Edit: Roderick made contact and problem now resolved :) 
  • Here is everything I ordered recently. Anyone have an idea how long this might last me? Any recommendations on which order to try them? I am fixing to use the viking blonde first, unless someone wants to suggest something else.

    Viking Blonde 24g, x2
    Bernard Jubilaums 10g
    Poschl Gawith Silver (Cola) 10g
    6 Photo Medicated No.666
    Ozona C-Type (Cherry) 5g
    Ozona O-Type (Orange) 5g
    Ozona R-Type (Raspberry) 5g
    Mullins & Westley Jock's Choice 25g
    McChrystal's Jip! small, ×3
    Wilsons Ani Plus 25g
    FUBAR Jungle Fever Mango 30g
    Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g ×2
    McChrystal's Original and Genuine Large
    Bernard Brazil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g
    Siberia -80 Degree White Dry Portion 20g × 4 <------ Snus
    Toque Cheese and Bacon 10g
    HEDGES L260 (The Snuff) LARGE
    McChrystals mini Tin 3.5g Wee Dram
    McChrystals Mini tin 3.5g Warm Glow
    McChrystals mini Tin 3.5g Vintage Velvet
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g Sunset
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g Sunblast
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g Summer Harvest
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g Sturco
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g Star Gazer   
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g SP
    McChrystals Mini Tin 3.5g Sicilian Burst
    McChrystals Mini tin 3.5g Mulled magic
    McChrystals mini tin 3.5g Glacier
    McChrystals mini tin 3.5g Aztec
    Toque Absinthe 10g
    Toque Pumpkin Pie 25G
  • Went a bit crazy and got myself a few things from the Toque website which arrived on Tuesday:

    Bernard Jubilaums 10g
    Bernard Gerkachelter Viginie 50g
    Rosinski Orderlander 30g
    Toque Pumpkin Pie 25g
    Toque Christmas Pudding 25g
    Mullins and Wesley Mature Crumbled 20g

    Should keep me going for a bit.
  • MrManGuyMrManGuy Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    For my next order I am planning to order more of whatever my favorite snuff from this past order ends up being, but I also want to try.
    41 Photo White Elephant
    Dholakia Clove
    Dholakia medicated
    6 Photo fire & ice
    Wilsons Rows of Sharrow
    Poschle red bull strong
    Jaxons English Gold
    Samuel Gawith Pinewood Ice - Christmas pinch hopefully with the graphic on the tin.
    Toque Christmas pudding
    Maybe some wow caramel, if its in stock when I go to place my next order. Anyone know of another caramel snuff? I've been reading on forums and hearing people on YouTube videos saying how there is all these different flavors, but I don't seem to be able to find all that many flavors. I can mostly find menthol, floral and a small handful of fruits apricot, mango, orange, raspberry and cherry, even bergamot. And then toasts, but what should I be looking for if I want a sweet snuff, in addition to Jaxons English gold being toffee and then wow caramel? I also want a small tin/can of FUBAR BOHICA for shits and giggles, just not the big jar of it with the plain white label which is all I've seen in stock so far. I want the one with the gun graphic and red lable.
  • @MrManGuy my favorite "dessert" snuff is Dholakia Swiss Chocolate.  You might also try Toque Ambrosia or Spanish Gem. It tastes like marzipan to my schnoz.
  • Actually, I was alternating between Toque Spanish Gem and Ambrosia last night. Really nice. Both have the same scent but I believe the Ambrosia has added Rustica (?)

  • @MrManGuy toque has some good sweet snuffs, their fruit ones are good, chocolate too. Wow coffee Bite is really good as well. Schmalzlers tend to be sweet as well, Bernard's klostermischung and gerkachelter Virginia smell like dates or fruit cake to me.
  • 6 Photo Anarkali 8g
    6 Photo Kailash 8g
    6 Photo Super Kailash 8g
    Toque USA Whiskey & Honey 100g
    Toque USA Black Cherry 10g
    Toque Berwick Brown 25g (Not one I turn to a lot but I always miss it when I don’t have any)
    Toque Natural 10g
    Toque Natural Toast 25g
    Toque Quit 10g
    Toque Original 10g
    Otto Red Rag 10g
    That’ll do me for now!
  • Whats the average amount of snuff someone would use in a day? Or how long should a 10g tin last for example?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @MrManGuy, depends on a particular snuff. I was on a WoS Plain diet today and went through 5 g tin. Could crack open another one, but it barely tickles me, and I got tired of snuffing it every 10-15 minutes or so. Too low in nicotine for my needs, so I switched to MG Madras in late evening.

    I usually use up to 2 g strong snuff per day, but I can easily do 150 g of less potent snuffs a month. I much prefer stronger ones for a single reason - the effect is longer lasting.

    When I combine snuff with snus, my snuff usage drops down slightly, but I still I need about 1-1.5 g daily.
  • @Volunge Thanks for the info.

    Anyone know if the UK is the only place to order snuff? Could I get some snuff here sooner from within the US or maybe Canada?
  • @mrmanguy due to laws it is unobtaineum and has to be shipped to uk to bypass the pact act.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @MrManGuy I have read a good few American snuffers mention a shop called The Briar Shoppe in Houston which stocks and mails within the US a fairly wide selection of snuffs. I understand they take telephone orders rather than from the website. Living outside the US I cannot vouch for it but I have read some fairly positive comments from others. 
  • @Huysmans Thank You. I looked at their site and it says they ship anywhere in the US and they have a smokeless tobacco section saying they have a large selection of dry nasal snuff. I emailed them asking what they have and asked for prices. That would be great to get something here sooner than my Mr.Snuff and Toque order.

  • MrManGuyMrManGuy Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @MrSnuff With my latest order I thought I was going to get the free shipping for having an order over $60 as posted on your site. But when I placed my order the site wouldn't allow the FREESHIPMS code. My order total was right around $140 USD and about $25 of that was shipping. I emailed MrSnuff and sent a message online but haven't heard back from either one. Do you know why my order didn't qualify for the free shipping? There was 4 cans of Siberia snus in my order and that's the only thing I'm questioning is if it has to be a snuff only order to qualify for the free shipping perhaps. I went through with my order and just paid the shipping because I wanted everything I had picked out, but I was disappointed that I didn't get the free shipping.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    F&T Old Paris 250g
    Princes Special 5g
    M&W Black Rappee 20g
    M&W Mature Crumbled 20g
    Heartwood snuff box (plain dark wood)

    The Princes Special is the only one new to me. I have been getting through Old Paris at a speedy rate over the last few months so the tub from Wilsons of Sharrow should hopefully last me a while. I have reserved my new snuff box purely for the Old Paris. Very pleased with the box it has a tight slide lid which I have waxed along the runners to give some extra firmness and a better seal.

    @MrManGuy I hope it works out for you. I heard that they have various brands in stock at different times and can send you a menu of what they have.

  • SG Firedance 25g
    Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast Large Tin
    Gawith Original
    SG Black Arabica 25g
    SG Celtic Talisman 25g
    Lime Toast 25g Tin
    Whisky & Honey 25g Tin
    Camphor & Clove 10g

    My first order from Artisan Snuff.
    Ordered on 30/10/21
    Recieve tracking on 1/11/21
    ETA - 14/11/21
  • @huysmans nice. What wax did you use for the runners?
    @zack I believe you to be good for a week once it arrives.
  • @StudiodecolBleu I bought a stick of pure beeswax. It's a hard substance so needs heating to soften it up. I also rubbed it onto the surface of the insides and lid to seal the wood and help retain moisture. If you have a search on this forum there are a few really helpful posts on this.
  • Temptation has gotten the better of me again  8-> Nothing new to me except the Viking Rappee which I'm taking a punt on purely as I haven't tried it. I have been sitting on a stock of old SWS numbers but I have decided that they need to get used up!!: 

    Fribourg & Treyer High Dry T Classic Tin Medium 
    Hedges L260
    Sir Walter Scott's Golden Horn  
    Viking Dark Rappee  
    Mullins & Westley Particular 
    Mullins & Westley Keen Scented 
    SWS Auld Alliance 
    SWS Pontefract Priory 
    SWS Field of Junipers 
    SWS Aged Border Rapee 

  • Pretty bummed LA Natural and Cheeta were out of stock, that was the main reason I wanted to put an order in. All these are new except the last 3. I have high hopes for the NTSU and Kloster!

    Super Kailash 8g
    Bee M. 10g
    Celtic Talisman 10g
    Ozona President 7g
    DR. RUMNEY'S Brown 5G
    Old Paris 5G
    Klostermischung 10g
    WOS Irish Toast 10g
    Toque Natural Toast 10G
    Toque SP Extra 10G
  • @Shep13 - Nice order! I was pondering the NTSU Black myself - Let us know what you make of it? 
  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    Wanted toque xmas pud, after seeing Simon from Simply Snuff youtube review. Mrsnuff and Snuffstore were out of stock of pudding, so, i grabbed a small order from mrsnuff anyway, and used SMOOR10 code for a sweet 10 percent off, as my points were down to 375:
    Babaton blue
    Toque vanilla
    Toque toast and marmalade
    Toque quit
    Toque lime toast
    Toque USA black cherry.
    Then i still wanted xmas pud, so, popped over to Toque,website and grabbed:
    Almond toast
    Xmas pudding ( hooray) 
    natural toast
    peanut butter
    St Clements
    wild berry
    Roll on post delivery tomorrow 
  • A small but fairly weighty order from Snuffstore:

    6 Photo MG Madras 100g
    6 Photo Motia 45g
    Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g
  • @just_browsing. The Xmas pud is very fruity!. I just got 100g as it's not what I would use a lot of. My fave toque is cheese & bacon. Got 400g of it.
  • @betty1967 delivered today, tried the zms pud ( and lots of others) and i like it, I might mix it with Bernard Brazil Doppekt Fermentiert, as that's REALLY figgy,, dark fruity, 
    And 400g Cheese and Bacon? Gosh, there's no accounting for taste
  • @just_browsing I have spent a lot buying toque lately. Once the 100g of Xmas pud and coltsfoot has gone I think I'll get 200g in a few months time. The cheese & bacon is lovely.
  • From Snuffstore
    Dr Rumneys Green
    SG KB Original
    Janta Menthol/Medicated
    HDT #22
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