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Sir Walter Scott snuffs back in stockSnuv: Herbal Range

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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • F&T Bordeaux to continue the morning now that the Keen Scented has worked it's magic.
  • Joining @Huysmans (belatedly!) on the M&W Keen Scented - Lovely pinch! 
  • Staying kinda menthol with the olde Rosinski Berliner Luff 
  • I'm still on my McCrystal's O&G binge. Am looking forward to trying this M&W Keen Scented @MisterPaul!

    @Huysmans, I didn't care much for FB being down. I far prefer the old school simplicity of snuffhouse. 
  • White Elephant
  • A few late afternoon pinches of F&T's Princes ;)
  • @MisterPaul Joining in with the Princes this evening.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Starting the day with a post shower, scrub and shave bump of F&T's Dr JR Justice :)
  • Like a snuff fiend version of Emimem "I'm cleanin out my closet snuffbox!" :)) - So steady pinches of the charming F&T's Old Paris for me this morning :)
  • That didn't last long... :)) Switching it up for the 5th Baronet's take on the Old Paris recipe with SWS Creme de Figue No.1
  • Fribourg & Treyer Bordeaux
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @MisterPaul How is the Creme de Figue? I have heard about it's connection with the original Old Paris recipe which has piqued my interest.
  • Hi @Huysmans - Hoping that you are well :) 

    It's a lovely snuff (all Johnny's are to be fair). Johnny, by his own admission, was massively influenced by the old F&T recipes in the creation of his range and several of his snuffs are homages to them. Creme de Figue is probably the most well known of these, but if I recall correctly Thrice Brewed is a reproduction of a log departed F&T snuff called Masulipatam. Alud Alliance was another one but I can't recall the F&T one that was based upon. 

    Snuffing folklore anecdotally recalls that F&T were somewhat 'fanatical' about their sauces/casings and maturation of the snuffs. Supposedly when they shut their doors and Wilsons started making them via Imperial Tobacco originally I think. They had the recipes but not the finesse and insider secrets to make them identical. Personally I think you have to take this with a hint of rose tinting (also true of Dunhill pipe blends to my mind - another story) others do strongly disagree. 

    Creme de Figue doesn't have same shoe dirt/polish scent, it is a sweeter (tonquin bean maybe?) and more refined offering, but there is a commonality between the two because of the use of the arrack, the grind is also a bit different on the CdF with it being a little on the courser side. Creme de Figue was the first of Johnny's snuffs that I brought (similar to yourself) on the strength of my love of Old Paris. Definately worth having in your collection if you like Old Paris and fancy a luxury version of that (you'll want both!). However, if you really like the 'barnyard' type scent profile Bernard Feinster Kownoer is also like Old Paris but in a very different way. 
  • Fascinating read @MisterPaul. Thanks.

    Oh, my M&W Keen Scented arrived... 

    Christ almighty this stuff is good! Fresh out of the tin the menthol hits me harder than McCrystal's O&G. The base tobacco has a plainer and more traditional scent. A moister and fluffier grind which sits much better in my nose with no drip. This stuff is very moorish!
  • Would you believe I'm just now trying Otto Chancellor for the first time? Wow, what a treat. Shame I only picked up 100g because this is going to go quick.
  • @Nulliverse - Glad to hear that your liking the Mullins & Westley's Keen Scented. Base flour is lovely and rather moreish isn't it? ;)

    An early start for me today with a post shower pinch of Wilsons Jockey Club to kick off with :)
  • Can't resist a pinch of Keen Scented to start the day after reading these comments.

    @MisterPaul thank you for such a detailed and informative answer to my question about CdF! Definitely one I shall invest in a tin of. I haven't tried any of the SWS snuffs yet and it sounds like the ideal entry point.
  • For this evening, it’s co-incidentally, from reading the previous posts, SWS Creme de Figue.
    I love the mild sweetness and satisfying nose feel. It’s a good ‘un and one of my favourite stretch out on the sofa with a good film snuffs.
  • Fribourg & Treyer. Santo Domingo =D>
  • M&W's Keen Scented to kick the day off earlier, the very dregs of some old M&W's Cafe Royale now ;)

  • M&W's Black Rappee currently - I have a craving for some toast developing today I think...  :-?
  • I'm still loving M&W's Keen Scented and had it first thing today. Certainly woke me up!

    Right now it's sneaky snuffs at work from my small McCrystal's O&G tin. 
  • "Right now it's sneaky snuffs at work from my small McCrystal's O&G tin."  - @Nulliverse: I love that! There's equal pleasure in being both out and proud and the sneaky pinch I reckon ;) "Would you like a coffee?" [insert sneaky pinch whilst they are making it! :D

    I have no such pleasures this afternoon as I'm working from home today. I'm stepping away from the spoon to a pre-lunch pinch of the top of the toasts = SWS Lundy Foot :D    

    I feel I should devote a bit more time to scotches and toasts, but I'm really digging the course grinds currently... 
  • image
  • With thanks to @Volunge for the timely reminder on how to paste in photos and stuff! The newer tin is definitely punchier scent wise but I love the look of these old vintage American scotch tins :D image 
  • W. E.  Garrett Scotch
  • I'll keep it American [but sweet!] an go in for a few pinches of Railroad Mills Checkerberry ;) I like this one, I'm not a chewer or a dipper. But if I were, I'd suspect this with it's wintergreen type scent/flavour this would be great, kind of like root beer maybe?  
  • @MisterPaul Checkerberry's on my bucket list! Did you buy it in the wild, or is it an older tin?

    SP Wintergreen in my nose.
  • Hey @SHbickel I have a vintage tin and more recent one in plastic; it's not that recent though... it's probably nearly a decade! :)) The ones that I have in plastic were a big investment with Mister Snuff way back when, given the money that they seem to be going for now it seems I chose wisely there... 
  • Rooster, Best S.P. and Viking Dark today.
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