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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • Hello again, all. I was here briefly around the changing of the servers or whatever happened the summer of ‘15.

    I got my first taste of snuff with some honeybee I picked up from the piggly-wiggly visiting family in North Carolina in ‘95. Didn’t even realize there was anything other than American Scotches till a coal miner buddy turned me on to Poschle Apricot a few years before you couldn’t buy it locally anymore for some reason (haven’t seen it in Colorado since). I occasionally smoke a pipe during my down time, used to smoke RYOs till I worked an eight year stint as a contract driller in the gas, oil and mining fields and decided to quit cause it seemed like I was around too much flammable stuff all the time. Never vaped and don’t have much interest in it.

    Been subsisting largely on WoS which is the only thing conveniently available to me where I live in Colorado. I have been severely missing the Poschle Gawith Original Apricot lately and just ordered a 10pack from Mr. Snuff on August 7th, it shipped on the 9th, and arrived today on the 16th. Super impressed with Mr. Snuff, that is one fast boat!

    I have a burning desire to try more of the German Schmalzlers, and anything that has that wet, coarse grind just for a change of pace from the dry, fine grind that has been my normal diet. I like menthols, medicated, some fruit, and straight tobacco, not so much the flowery, perfume ones. I had my mind blown by some Abraxas “Dragun” that was gifted to me by a fellow from AZ called @scurvy. Solid fellow, Hope he’s doing well.

    Good to be back
  • @Nicodemus77 welcome! Be sure to consider some of Bernard's suggestions next time you order. Klostermischung and Schmalzlerfranzl are the two I've tried so far and both I highly recommend.
  • Although I’ve been a member for a while, I’ve not been on here for a couple of years so I thought I’d give a re-hello to all.
  • corycory Unconfirmed
    Hello everyone,
    I was a very active member here some years ago. After quitting my use if social media completely I now find myself craving some healthy conversation and this forum sprung to mind! I hope it's still as pleasant and cultured here as it use to be I will be checking in and staying active and I hope to see some familiar "faces" and meet new ones.

    My collection has grown and so has my pallet

    Currently my box is loaded with some classic schmalzler. For me, it's perfect for autumn days.

    I am so glad SnuffHouse is still kicking!


  • SarielSariel Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    Hi everyone. Not new to snuff but new on here.
    Here’s to some fun chats about our gentlemenly hobby
  • Hi @Sariel - Welcome to Snuffhouse :)
  • Thanks very much @MrPaul!
  • Hi, I'm Andrew. I tried snuff about 6 years ago and didn't care for it. About all I recall is a intense burn through my whole head. I figured I would give it another go and try some more beginner friendly snuff, and sniffs intead of snorts.
  • @MrManGuy Welcome aboard good sir.
    You have so many options so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you, especially with all of the useful information on here. Enjoy the ride!
  • @MrManGuy Welcome! I've likened learning your preferred snuffing technique to learning how to ride a bike. You're going to skin your knees a few times... but it's worth it.  ^^;

    Maybe start with some of the more accessible grinds and varietals... perhaps Gawith Original, or Otto Chancellor?
  • Welcome @mrmanguy yeah snorts aren’t until a few chapters after you sniff. As to what to try i would say try them all :)
  • I posted everything I ordered in the latest snuff order section if either of you care to take a look.
  • @StudiodecolBleu yeah its like pokemon, got to collect them all.
  • A warm welcome from India to all new members . 
    Enjoy your experience !
  • Hello friends all over the world!
    My name is Jens-Uwe ,I live in Germany and love south african snuffs.
    This forum is very interesting and informative!
  • Welcome @MrManGuy and @ju67.

    @MrManGuy it takes a little time to find your snuffing sweetspot. Keep with it an you'll be rewarded greatly. Back when I was getting into it I found Toque snuff very user friendly. 
  • @MrManGuy and @ju67 - Welcome folks :)
  • Am I supposed to be able to create threads here? Its hard to know which thread to ask my questions instead of being allowed to make my own.
  • @MrManGuy If you are using a mobile device you can create a new thread by selecting the speech bubble icon at the top right hand corner of your screen. At least that's the way the website formats on my phone!
  • Hello! Im Ostin. Im from Russia) I love snuff very much, but it is not popular in Russia. I will be glad to find friends of interest on this site.
  • A very warm welcome@PrincOstin … I am sure you will enjoy the conversations.
  • Welcome aboard, Ostin! Privet iz Pribaltiki.
  • @PrincOstin - Welcome to the elite snuff crew my friend! 
  • Добро пожаловать!
  • Welcome to all new members!!! ;)
  • Hi all, nicotine fiend with an addictive personality here. 
    Im almost 50, started smoking mid teens, started vaping before anyone knew what it was, and enjoy collecting and smoking estate pipes.
    But thanks to discovering snuff, i've quit cigs, cigars, and vaping, and just smoke a couple of pipes a day. 
    I found snuff, immediately bought everything by WofS direct, and mccrystals. I decant into little watertight pill containers with little spoons attached, then vacuum seal the bulk and put into an old fishing bait fridge. 
    Since then, i've fallen in love with indian snuffs, bought all 6photo, all 41, jnf, and i enjoy South African, German, and anything else i can get my hands on. 
    I enjoy a few snuff channels on youtube, and even joined patreon for my favourite. 
    I have been browsing around here on the forum, and thought it was time to say hello. 
    Hope you are all happy and well, and enjoying snuff as much as i am.
    Cheers all. 
  • @Just_Browsing - That sounds like a journey that we can all relate to ;) A warm welcome to the forum to you :)
  • Just_BrowsingJust_Browsing Member
    edited November 2021 PM
    @MisterPaul I can imagine, and thanks very much, it's comfy in here 
  • Welcome! I vaped too before it became popular. I tried rollups, pipes & snus but been snuffing for about 4 years. Bought plenty aluminium tins and 2 inch lollipop sticks which fit inside the tins. I take it to the nose and there is no waste. Got plenty of hankys to wipe my nose . I love snuff now.
  • Very nice to have you here @just_browsing
    Interesting method @betty1967
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