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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • Keeping it menthol with Rosinski's Berliner Luff
  • Betty_BWBetty_BW Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @MisterPaul that's a bummer (out of stocks and a hangover :|).

    I'm hoping there is a good green tobacco harvest for Rosinski this year, meanwhile I await this years vintage to get its frosting.

    Rosinski Dreisener.

  • Viking blonde
  • Still pigging out on SP Wintergreen. The dichotomy of alternating scents is a lot of fun, like two snuffs in one.
  • WoS SM Blue doing a great job in subduing a potentially nasty cold.
  • Bernard Jubilaums
  • Starting the morning with a double bump of F&T Patchouli.
  • SWS Havana Toast. I’ve been on this all day, with the occasional pinch of SWS Lundy Foot in between. Johnny makes exceptionally good snuff, layers of discovery in every pinch!
  • BeerandSnuffBeerandSnuff Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Lime Toast, I will need to restock up on this soon.
  • Feeling a little off this afternoon, relaxing at home with some Mullins & Westley Mature Crumbled whilst watching some videos from @Uncle_Squinty on YouTube glad to see that crazy cat is still going! :)
  • Santo Domingo all morning, loving this right now. Funny how body chemistry changes appreciation of aromas.
  • Still Mature Crumbled - This is hitting the spot lovely this evening :)
  • A post shower and shave pinch of F&T's Bureau to start the week today. Bureau gets a bit of a bum rap from a lot of snuff takers unduly as the 'Crazy George' of the F&T line. I shall swim against that current and say that it's a delightful if eclectic floral treat :)
  • Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed 
  • @SHbickel I’m really curious to try this (it’s in the post)

    I have a cold but am enjoying McChrystal's O&G. This stuff never loses its magic.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    @Nulliverse - Agree with you, amen to that, it's an evergreen for sure. McCrystals O&G, Hedges L260 and M&W Keen Scented are my holy trinity of medicated numbers... I think that M&W Keen Scented might be holding the top of the tree for me currently.

    On to another new favourite for me with Rosinski's Berliner Luff, loving this, it could be a very serious contender for part of the above shamrock too...  
  • @MisterPaul - Thank you brining my attention to M&W Keen Scented. I haven't tried this yet and have just added it to my basket. Looking forward to trying it! I've been a big fan of Hedges L260 for a long time. 

    Rosinki's Berliner Luff has piqued my interest, too! 
  • A stout pinch of Santo Domingo paired with dong fang hao “east is red” oolong that is superb. Have a great day :)
  • @Nulliverse - Yeah M&W Keen Scented is such a great tobacco flour base that's more prominent in the scent profile than say my old favourite Hedges. I don't think that there's any camphor in that mix, but like all the historical G. Smith & Sons recipes that they purchased when Smith's sadly closed their doors, it's a superb medium to medium fine grind snuff. 

    Rosinski's Berliner is an odd one for me, I have had that sitting in the fridge for about 7 years but was inspired to revisit it by @Betty_BW, similar themes scent wise, a good amount of menthol to open you up and then a really rather sophisticated, but courser tobacco grind that's got a lovely and somewhat unusual aroma - Well worth a punt if you like menthol, as this [for me YMMV!] has zero rebound. I've re-ordered this without finishing the last tube, which is an usually high recommendation from me  ;) 
  • @StudiodecolBleu - Can't fault you on either of those choices my friend ;) I don't know that Oolong blend, but I do love those peachy notes that you get from a good oolong 

    Some pinches of SWS Aged Border Rapee to get my afternoon moving along nicely :)

  • Packard's Club
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Snuff Store Cafe Noire. Pretty much the same as Smith’s Cafe Royale as far as my nose remembers. Takes me back to student days! I had a few pinches of SG Black Arabica to compare, but they are completely different snuffs (well … not completely … but not the same for sure!)
  • OmgromaOmgroma Member
    edited October 2021 PM
    Equal parts Toque Rustica (suitably prepared) and 41P White Elephant (‘Rusty Elephant’ as more than one of us have called it). Pretty much a nicotine bomb!
  • Thanks for the descriptions @MisterPaul. I'll share my thoughts on these when they arrive.

    @Omgroma - that sounds like a serious nic hit lol. I remember years ago, I used to mix Toque Rustica with USA W&H 50:50 for double rustica goodness. 
  • Equal parts Toque Rustica (suitably prepared) and 6P Cheeta. Pretty good combo!
  • You peeps have made me crave some sun dried rustica, so some vintage No. 1 batch 41 Photo White Elephant for me. Blow me though, the nic hounds will be chasing me!
  • When one snuff is'nt enough.

    Today's medicated medley rotation - 6P No.66, Jip, O&G. 

    Bit of Morgentau and Riviera for floral  components.
  • Wilsons SP 100 with a cup of fine Italian roast
  • A few pinches of Keen Scented with a cup of English Breakfast tea to begin the day.

    All this talk of certain social media outlets having outages yesterday. It reminded me that Snuffhouse has always been the go to forum for me.
  • @Huysmans - Sounds a very civilised way to commence the day :)

    I kicked of with a bump of GH Wallflower, but it's been SWS Aged Border Rappee all morning since then. I'm in the office today but have brought some Keen Scented with me so that could well be next up shortly :)
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