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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • 50/50 J&H Wilson Med No99 and Turmeus Ascot Deluxe.
    I’m waiting on some WoS Jockey Club and Toque Menthol from the postman to see how that goes.
    In the meantime, the menthol and floral notes make this my all day snuff.
    The menthol stops the floral from being overpowering and vice versa. They compliment each other really well.
  • In the office today. Thought I had picked up Havana Toast, but have mistakenly brought the olde Lundy Foot with me, so more of that I guess.... 

  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    @Puffnsnuff - Jockey Club is a nice one, that and Wallflower are probably my favourite WoS florals I reckon. 

  • PuffnsnuffPuffnsnuff Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    @MisterPaul Wallflower might be on my next order. Got a thing for florals at the mo.
  • @Puffnsnuff - GH Wallflower was my favourite, I'm not sure if they still make that one though, I got a tin at The Segar and Snuff Parlour in London many years back; a slightly courser grind that I found very enjoyable. Wall flower is slightly nicer (but a little less complex) that Jockey to my palate. I had forgotten on that you might really enjoy given your comments - Have you tried McCrystals Violet? I would imagine that would be right up your alley :)
  • Slowing down a little after  the frenetic pace of snuff consumption of the last few days - Relaxing after lunch with some F&T Old Paris :)

  • Samuel Gawith KB Scented and F&T HDT in close succession. Keeping me from dropping off after a busy morning.
  • F&T Bordeaux
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    Keeping the collaboration on F&T going with some good spoons of Santo Domingo :)

  • F & T Old Paris
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    As above plus Grand Cairo
  • Morning my fellow snuff fiends! Shower, scrub and shave day for me today, but still keeping the theme going with a few pinches of Fribourg & Treyer Morlaix 

    Always been a bit of marmite snuff on the forum this one, rather polarising in terms of opinion , I didn't like it much when I brought it years ago and it languished at the back of the smoking cabinet for a long time; I have come to appreciate it in more recent times though ;) 

  • Kendal Brown from Fribourg & Treyer another one 'from the archive' this... 

  • Gekachelter Virginie
  • @MisterPaul have you compared the F&T Kendal Brown with the WoS version? I'd be interested to know if it has any similarity.
  • @Huysmans the F&T Kendal Brown is like a typical perfumed snuff like Morlaix,Burreau etc.
    While the WoS Kendal Brown is like Samuel Gawith's KB Original...
  • Berwick Brown
  • Mulled magic with a healthy dose of rustica to hit the spot.
  • F & T Patchouli
  • Hedges - It is 'The Snuff' after all ;) :D
  • @Huysmans - Apologies, I missed that question. Yes, @tobaccobob makes a fair comment to be fair, the F&T one is a fairly fancy take on what I believe that the Gawith family call 'Lakeland Essence' [if I'm recalling correctly?]. The F&T one is kind of out there on it's own, it's not really like the scented Kendal Brown variety either. It's nice enough, but then, as they seem to have discontinued it, I guess it wasn't among their more popular offerings.  
  • Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed - Lovely scent to the casing, and the coarseness is seeing off the residual Hedges very nicely!  
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    @MisterPaul I am sadly too late to the party to have been able to enjoy those older offerings from F&T! @tobaccobob Thank you for that!

    Mullins & Westley Keen Scented - hopefully heading off a head cold.
  • Toast & Marmalade
  • @Huysmans where in the world are you? Drop me a PM If it's practicable I'll lend you some sugar ;)

    A few post dinner pinches of SWS Aged Border Rapee - This is getting better as time passes I think...
  • @MisterPaul That is a very kind offer indeed. I'll work out how to send a PM on here and send you one.

    F&T Old Paris. Pure satisfaction.

  • Viking Thors Hammer
  • PuffnsnuffPuffnsnuff Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    A small break from floral menthol - today it’s Toque Pumpkin Pie in honour of the nights starting to draw in. @MrPaul. I do have a small tin of McC’s Violet as it goes. I like it a lot as I don’t find it too sweet.
  • Toque Spruce, SWS ABR, 41P WE in equal measures.
  • MisterPaulMisterPaul Member
    edited September 2021 PM
    @Omgrona - I like that you can't seem to resist a 'Frankensnuff' - The funny thing for me is that I can see the method in your magner's!

    @Puffnsnuff has inspired me to dig towards the back of the smoking cabinet for the McChrystal's Violet. Agree, this one isn't cloying is it? The weird thing about McChrystal's though; when they're fresh I find the menthol quiet punchy, but it really seems to drop once the tin has been open for a time (I even taped this one up too), I can actually smell the tobacco base flour rather nicely contrasting with the faint floral overtones. I don't think that you ever loose that menthol edge from a can of hedges though...  

    I might stay floral today for a bit of change :)   
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