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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • Bob my last Toque took 34 days. I have a Mr Snuff that just passed that and still no joy.
  • @BobFrapples my order from Toque took only 8 days but looking around in different snuff groups several people wait between 2 and 3 weeks.
    Keep in mind that shipping is still slowed down due to the pandemic.
  • Otto Schmalazer
    Otto Chancellor
    Rosinski Frankfurter
    Rosinski Oderliner
    Rosinski Sans Souci
    F&T HDT
    F&T Santo Domingo

  • @captaincaveman Glad to see you here - I'm Pole Lock on OLH. Looks like a great order right there.
  • Couldn't help myself. I made a MrSnuff and a Toque order. I'll inform of time frame and snuff stuff.

  • @pantsBoots thanks my friend!
  • 3 Gawith apricot original
    1 6p super lavish
    2 sturco
    3 rusty nail
    3 rusty trombones
    2 mac craig
    2 6p fire and ice
    3 hoggarth special m
    3 hoggarth cm

    Ordered at end of march. Shipment took 12 actual days. A few tap tins had snuff dusted all over them as though tins were rolled in snuff. The lose snuff was probably lost from a taptin although none found lose in the box. Overall happy with Mr.Snuff and their services.
  • I come back here every time I need to reup on snuff otherwise I would just place orders all of the time and where is the fun in that? 

    Here is what I got coming:

    2 ea Hedges

    The rest all Toque

    100g  SP Extra
    25g Natural Toast
    20g Lime Toast
    50g Lavender
    25g Blueberry
    25g Peach
    25g Spanish Gem
    25g Vanilla
    35g Rose

    That should last me for a bit, probably will place another order in September for Christmas pudding, more Hedges and some Kendal brown and Berwick brown for the winter.

    I'll probably be skulking around for a bit while I get all excited for all of the snuffs I haven't had in a while.
  • Toque order: 10 21g tins of McChrystal's O&G plus a 25g tin of Toque Menthol
  • Starting to lose Toque order is now just over a month old and no delivery or any information in sight, I've been ordering from Toque since 2017 and have never had a problem until now.
  • @BobFrapples don't lose hope....yesterday,I received my latest order from mr.snuff that was placed on the 17th of February!and the last year all the orders from the Isle of Man are usually over a month!
  • Agreed on being patient - international shipping is getting back up to speed on fits and starts. It will be sometime until it is running as it used to. Remember: postal employees are still well within their right to use Covid as an excuse to not do their job.
  • image
  • - McChrystal CBD
    - 30g Six photo Green begum
  • @sunnyday how do you like that frosted apricot?
  • Arrive yesterday. 50g each - Toque Ambrosia, peppermint, peanut butter. 20g each Toque USA citrus, lime, peach, berry, W&H. 10g Otto chancellor (all of these are reorders) also 3.5G mcrystals stargazer (new one to try and not so sure about it at first taste).
  • 22 April
    Pöschl Red Bull 7g
    Samuel Gawith Irish D 25g
    Hedges L260 20g x2
  • NTSU Green 14g
    Taxi Green 15g
    6P Super Kailash 45g
    Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast 15g

    Figured I'd try out some different snuffs hehe
  • I love the Frosted Apri StudiodecolBleu
    one of my favorite snuffs
  • Poschl Alpina 10g

    Toque Toast and Marmalade 10g

    Poschl Gawith Original (Apricot) 10g

    Dragon Madras 100g
  • GormurGormur Member
    @BobFrapples Indeed.  My orders have been all over the place and I've only been in this game since early last year.  One of my first orders took just over two months and some more recent ones were consistent at arriving after two weeks of ordering, but I haven't received anything yet this year so it seems like it's slowed down again

    I also wonder how it works for companies when you order over 200g so I've been trying to stay at home more, waiting for someone to come with a pad for me to sign.  I always have to do it with snuffmeuk orders but when I ordered 200g of snuff from Mr. Snuff, it was left in my mailbox so I don't know what toquesnuff will do.  Maybe somebody can shed some light on this; if not here but in a separate thread.  Cheers
  • my newest order is:

    Poeschl Schmalzler Perlesreuter Waldler Fresko
    Poeschl Schmalzler A
    Poeschl Schmalzler SF
    Poeschl Ozona President
    Jaxons English Gold
    Jaxons Alpine V
    Bernard's Magic Moments Black
    Bernard Postillion
    Bernard Regensburger Pris
    Bernard Kownoer
    Bernard F
    Dholakia M No.10
    Dholakia Sparrow
    Dholakia Sparrow Blue
    Dholakia Swizz
    Dholakia White
    Rumney's Export
    Six Photo Begum Green
    Six Photo Cheeta White
    Six Photo Formula No. 66
    Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte
    McChrystal's GREEN and Original
    McChrystal's Aztec
  • GormurGormur Member
    @SunnyDay I hope Dholakia Sparrow Blue is Sparrow Cool. I'm using that right now and really enjoy it. Never tried plain Sparrow though. The Sparrow Cool is kind of a challenging sniff but I've been using more of it lately just to see how much I can use in a day. It's very fine. Tschüss
  • wow my order from yesterday already arrived! that was super fast
  • The charm of domestic orders!
  • @Gormur : the sparrow blue is nice i guess its the same as the cool named one 

    nice to have a solid snuff collection back again after i lost/threw out most of my old collection over the last 2 years
    i started smoking a lot again in that time but now with snuff im back down to 2-3 cigs a day 

  • I just ordered it on

    - SG KB Original 25g
    - SG KB Scented 25g
    - SG Celtic Talisman 25g
    - SG Silky Dark 25g
    - WoS Grand Cairo 10g
  • GormurGormur Member
    edited May 2021 PM
    So I've gotten my snuffmeuk order and just received my Toque order this morning.  It was over 200g of snuff (235g) and left in the mailbox, so maybe it's just snuffmeuk that requires the signature or it's something to do with the packaging.  I'm puzzled but not worried about it.  Just sort of curious how this all works hehe.  Now I'm waiting for my Mr. Snuff order but that was the last order I placed so it may be a while

  • All 6 photo - just placed an order yesterday

    Fire and Ice - 3 x 50 gm
    Gold Rush - filter tobaccco (pillow snus)
    Motia - 1 x 45 gm
    Special - 1 x 45 gm
    Super Kailash - 1 x 25 gm
    Anarkali - 1 x 45 gm

  • My recent order is:

    McChrystal's Sunblast
    McChrystal's Sunset
    Wilsons Jockey Club
    Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort
    Wilsons Grove
    Jaxons SP Premium
    Jaxons 1869
    Fribourg & Treyer Seville
    PfälzerLandSnuff Jotunheimer
    PfälzerLandSnuff Duwak Dulcis
    Pfalzler Elwetritsch
    Pfalzler Erotica
    Pfalzler Pälzer
    Pfalzler Original
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