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  • willcwillc Member
    Jakobssons Wintergreen portion
  • Copenhagen Snuff as I wait for my orders. I ran out and didn't realize how close I was cutting it until it was too late.
  • periqueperique Member
    Copenhagen Long Cut Mint
  • volungevolunge Member
    Lenny coarse loose
  • Grizzly long cut wintergreen
  • Mammoth Cave Twist

  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited April 15 PM
    skruf super white #3 cassice nicotine pouches (real snus or chew bags with tobacco cant be sold anymore in germany)
  • willcwillc Member
    Odens No.59 portion
  • Stokers Mint Longcut
  • tried some KILLA Melon Extra Strong nicotine pouches
    it burned a lot and i almost fell off my chair  @-)
  • @SunnyDay, haha, I was curious about Killa, too, and got a can to see what it's all about last spring. I think it was 20 mg / g (10 mg per pouch) stuff, before the introduction of excise a can went for 2 Eur in local stores. A single portion has literally melted the mucous membrane of my lip, opening it raw. I had to wrap the shite into a smoking paper to make it milder.
  • willcwillc Member
    General Original portion
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited April 23 PM
    A wad of homemade Scotch Brown, wrapped in a smoking paper.
  • Copenhagen Snuff
  • Stokers Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Tops dry scotch
  • General Classic Extra Strong loose
  • Islay Whisky Loose.
  • willcwillc Member
    Odens No.59 portion
  • Islay Whisky loose.

    @Zebra2374. Thanks for the reminder.  I had one can left in the freezer.
  • @perique Enjoy!
  • periqueperique Member
    Odens Extreme loose
  • periqueperique Member
  • periqueperique Member
    Days Work Plug
  • periqueperique Member
    Islay Whisky loose
  • volungevolunge Member
    Poschl Neffa Bledi in my bottom deck. Not bad, I get a lovely vibe of Makla from it (thanks to rustica and slaked lime).
  • periqueperique Member
    W.E. Garrett Scotch in the bottom lip
  • BrycetonBryceton Member
    Kaliber plus original stark, two pouches in the upper lip. Not my favorite snus but ok and very affordable. One of six snus products I got from my last two orders.
  • TapoutTapout Member
    Goteborgs prima fint los
  • willcwillc Member
    Odens No 3 portion
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