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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Sir Walter Scott snuff.



  • Thank you! @Johnny I will be stocking up on more Tears of Chios soon. 

    My Tears of Chios has a few clumps, probably from the resin. I would call the grind medium-fine. But there are a few coarser pieces, very few, but they are there. 
    I haven't had the ABR, but the grinds really vary from what I have had, for example. Auld Alliance is pretty coarse, I'd guess the grind is similar to ABR? Latakia, SJP, 50/50 and the toasts were all pretty fine. Mull of Oa is sorta... medium-coarse, super moist and easy to take though.  
  • edited November 2019 PM
    Rodalacket, thank you for the information! Do you like the general scent of Tears of Chios? Not sure if you have tried Bernards Fichtennadel but I was wondering if is as piney as that one as it bothered my nose a bit. Cheers!
  • rodalacketrodalacket Member
    edited November 2019 PM
    @snuffandsympathy No problem, I like it a lot. I have had Bernards F. The scents are completely different. I don't think my description does it justice, but to me the scent here is earthy, like soil and has some similarities to moss. I haven't experienced any burn or drip from it, front or back. Scent intensity is perfect for all day use, noticeable, but never overpowering. 

    If you're looking for something like Bernards F, you could try SG Pinewood Ice. The pine scent is the same type as the Bernards, but toned down and no where near as intense, it's mentholated too, but I'd call it moderate. The pine and menthol are about equal, neither overpowers the other. 
  • I’d like to get ahold of Johnny. I’m about to do a thing on the internets. There ain’t enough Americans that know about nasal snuff, I promise. We gone see bout that.
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