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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • @Wild_Alaska  You missed Krishan Sudama!  :D
    (For fear you will believe my joke and rush out to buy some, I must explain: Krishan Sudama seems to be widely disliked in the west for smelling like various and sundry bodily functions.)
  • 50g Toque USA W&H

    25g each of
    Berwick Brown
    Natural Toast
    Whiskey & Honey
    Lime Toast
    SP Extra
    Almond Toast
  • Not as big a Toque order as me 21x25g quite looking forward to the whisky and honey. I have just finished Mcrystals Wee Dram. So i got 200g
  • What I really wanna know is how many grams a year do you folks go through....
    @germallet do you mix up the variety or go through a tin before starting the next?
  • SHbickelSHbickel Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    Since I started in 2015 I'd guess I use on average 1000g a year. My usage waxes and wanes. At my peak usage I'm probably still only snuffing 5g a day. But then there are some days I only pinch once or twice.

    I definitely favor variety over consistency. I have 22 distinct snuffs in eyesight right this second.  :)>-   But again, sometimes I favor one snuff for a week or two straight.  (Toque Quit, SP Extra, McC S'Nuff, WoS Tom Buck, F&T HDT have all have their extended solo runs.)
  • @Wild_Alaska I am always certain it might be better to go through one tin at a time but then my impatience comes through. I want to try the new Snuffs all at once and probably overdose on nicotine.
  • I think i get through 10g a day as i use plenty of it not a pinch. I mainly use 6 Photo Cheeta as its a plain white most of the day and use the flavours in the evening with a drink or two of Cider before i retire to bed.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    @Wild_Alaska, about 600 g a year (50 g a month), but I also use snus and - rather occasionally - some stronger oral tobacco (chemma, naswar). Homemade snuff makes a good part of my tobacco menu. My aim is to switch to homemade for the most part (ideally - using homegrown leaf), which is not too challenging for a plain snuff aficionado. I cannot buy any smokeless tobacco locally and in 25 years I have tried pretty much everything I was interested in. I'm fed up with all the shipping delays and postage costs, and am absolutely content with the quality of my own stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking down on industrial snuff and enjoy some flavoured things - honestly, I have quite a few favourites which I will be revisiting once in a while. Since flavoured snuffs make really small part of my menu and I don't use them daily, I won't even bother attempting to replicate the flavour profile of, say, Jock's Choice, Gold Label or Jockey Club. And all said, I'm yet to give Royal George and some plain Bernard snuffs a whirl someday! Placing a small order at Rosinski's is in the pipeline, too.
  • I'm so stoked about Toque carrying all those different snuffs now! I've tried several brands over the years and for the past 3 years have pretty much only gotten Toque, I don't work for the company lol I just really like their snuff, the variety is awesome. Now they sell other company's snuffs as well, I just ordered, all from Toque, 10g Wilson's of Sharrow black rapee, 25g Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve, a few small tins of McCrystals O&G, 10g Gawith Original, 10g Otto Red Rag, 4 25g tins Toque Ambrosia, 10g Poschl Gletscherprise, 6 10g tins Otto Schmalzler, and finally 10g Otto Chancellor. I usually stick to Toque USA whiskey and honey, or Ambrosia for daily use, once in a while though I like a good variety. Most of my order is made up of snuffs I've never tried, so looking forward to trying them all.
  • @BobFrapples I’m real interested in black rappee. I grew up in KY and those tobacco barns have a rent free spot in my memories...
  • @volunge I plan on doing the same.....eventually. I may even grow my own leaf this year as I have a homestead and that was in the plans before I discovered snuff. I smoke cigarette tobacco through an unfiltered corncob pipe (deep into my lungs)...which thing combined with wildfire smoke and -30 air to breath, my lungs do now protest the pipe. I’m down to about 1/4 the usage on the pipe now as I refine my method (currently the cold air and the constant going in and out of the cabin has my nose running, but it’s warming up now and I can kick the pipe outta the equation. Where do you get seed? I’m gonna be sure to have a major collection of snuff in the freezer before I try to make my own. I make medicinal balms and salves and have every oil already.
  • @wild_alaska I purchased a packet of seeds from Victory Seed company. They have a bunch of old Kentucky and Tennessee Burley strains as well as fancier Oriental and Virginia types, though many are sold out at this point in the season. Don't know where you live, but the time to get the seeds started is now, now, now.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    Wild_Alaska, you should be fine with most rustica strains (generally they are fast maturing, but smaller than tobacco; Sacred Wyandot, Shtambur and Punche Mexicano are among the very fastest; Hasenkeyf is good producer) and early-maturing tobacco varieties, like early Swedish Alida (aka Ahus); then Trabzon, Vallejano and Orinoco with higher nicotine content above 3%; worth trying mid-early Little Dutch, Black Mamoth or Small Stalk Black Mammoth, One Sucker (very low suckering), Punta de Lanza (a very high nicotine content of 6.64%), Bravyi 200 (very low suckering); steer clear of late-maturing ones. Carefully read the descriptions for this information. You'll need at least 90 frost-free days.

    Another good store with pretty wide selection is

    Perhaps the best forum for tobacco growers is

    You need to sow tobacco indoors till the end of March, most rusticas can be sown later in April and even beginning of May.

    One tobacco plant gives you roughly 50 g dried leaves. Some varieties produce more, some even less; according FTT, "2 to 5 ounces of pipe tobacco per plant".

    Growing Q & A:
  • Rustica is a self-caring soul. Just lay some seeds on the pot indoors, keep it moist and in several weeks you got a bunch of beautiful plants for transplant. I dont know about other types of tobacco, but will definitely continue to grow rusticas here and there every year, its definitely not time consuming.
  • Wild_AlaskaWild_Alaska Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    @pantsBoots I live Wild and Free in Alaska. It’s definitely time to start seeds...a bit late for some.
    @volunge awesome. I’ll subscribe to your YouTube as soon as I can download the app. Got a new phone and Internet sucks.
  • @volunge Reading your post I'm really, really tempted to grow some seeds in my buddies backyard next year. Some really interesting Rustica varieties.
  • @Wild_Alaska I'm really looking forward to that one in particular too. I only ordered one tin of the black rapee and I already feel like it was a mistake not to order more lol. I'm not completely educated on the subject, but I remember reading that the rapee style is very close to how the central and south American natives traditionally used tobacco. I'll definitely post a little review on the black rapee under the "What's in your nose?" board, when it all gets here, soon hopefully.
  • @BobFrapples I’m scared to death to order anything under 50g. And if I’m gonna get 50, I might as well get 100. And if 100, might as well get 2.
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    @Germallet, you can even grow rustica on a windowsill, if you have any South-oriented window. I grew one in a small 2-3 l pot, it was more than twice smaller than the plants grown outdoors. You can sow rustica as late as end of May/beginning of June. It takes a mere 30-40 days to bloom for most of them, then another 30-45 days to mature.

    @BobFrapples, English rappee is very different from that made by American natives. The former is coarse and moist, made from dark tobacco, fermented in alkaline brine, using purified alkalis; the latter is fine, bone-dry snuff, made from N. rustica and wood ash, sometimes with the addition of other herbs or natural flavorants.
  • @volunge I have north and west windows and 5cm wide windowsills. Nope I couldn't grow indoors especially with 2 kids.
    I'll either wait if we move within the next year or ask my buddy to grow some next season.
  • Package from Rosinski in record time (less than 2 weeks from Frankfurt to Nashville):

    3x Oderländer
    3x Frankfurter
    3x Berliner Luft
    3x Goldapper
    3x Nordwind
    1 each Alter Fritz, Kathnertabak, Klippenritt, Morgentau, Nordish Grun

    I should be set for a while.

  • @pantsBoots how’s that payment to rosinski work out?
  • @wild_alaska It.... worked.... well? Forgive me, but I'm not sure what you're asking. I've ordered twice from Herr Rosinski and both times he offered excellent service. The first time, the package took 3 months as it traveled across the sea by boat. The second package took less than 2 weeks. International shipping is still having the hiccups. The snuff, IMO, is the best available if you like the German style (of which he makes several). Feel free to direct message me if you have specific questions.
  • @pantsBoots looked like I had to do a bank transfer to pay on the site, just wondering if it was hiccup free...
  • Gotcha. I used paypal both times, but had a balance on the account, so used that
  • Got a package today. Had 15g of Tears of Chios in it. I’m glad I had the foresight to order another before this one arrived. Just pulled the trigger on:

    Moro Moro 50g
    Pontefract Priori 50g
    Roslein 15g
    Tears of Chios 15g

    Tears of Chios could easily be an all day everyday.
  • Dholakia Sparrow Cool × 1
    Dholakia Honey × 1
    Dholakia Clove × 1

    McChrystal's Warm Glow × 2
    McChrystal's Star Gazer × 1
    McChrystal's Vintage Velvet × 2

    Not tried any of them. Once i get the Mcrystals tins if i like them i will get 200g tubs and save some.
  • Was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with Toque shipments lately? They've been really consistent all year until now, it's very rare that it takes longer than 8 days for me but now I'm at 15 and counting. Has anyone else had this issue with Toque?
  • I have been waiting over a week and it was sent 48 hour
  • Well i got 200g of Mcrystals warm glow, Vintage velvet, and Sunset today. From my savings. As an ex smoker its really cheap. But i don't need to buy anything else for this year.
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