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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

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  • I’m minded to agree @Hloridison

    The flavours are pronounced and complex so it can be a little fatiguing to go at it all day

    It’s a relief to find it offers a separate experience but doesn’t threaten the likes of Red Bull in my rotation.

    I’m on the WoS Plain now to tamp down the excitement.

    Will report back when my Rosinski order arrives - hoping I don’t get stung too badly with customs charges on that one.
  • Just made an order on Artisan Snuff. I had none of them before.

    Otto Schmalzler 10g
    Otto chancellor 10g
    Toque quit 25g
    Toque Natural 25g
  • @Hloridison should've just gotten bags of the Otto's. Both are outstanding
  • Rosinski’s order has arrived

    Currently enjoying the Berliner Luft from the glass flask.

    Very good stuff - Christmas vibes.

    That’s all I can come up with at the moment.

    But very much enjoying it.
  • My first order from Artisan Snuff placed tonight:
    Toque Whiskey & Honey
    Toque Christmas Pudding
    Toque Lime Toast
    Otto Chancellor

    Looking forward to them arriving!
  • Two days ago I made also my first order at artisan snuff:

    Ottos--> AM RM Chancellor Schmalzler

    Toque--> Natural Toast, Whiskey&Honey, Toast&Marmelade, Coke, USA Spearmint

    Wilsons Spearmint

    J. H. Wilson--> Top Mill, Med 99.
  • Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g
    J & H Wilson Top Mills 5g
    Dholakia Madras Toast 50g
    Dholakia Taj 10g
    Blast Gin & Tonic 10g
    Blast Cola Champagne 10g
    Bernard Fichtennadel 10g
    Bernard Postillion 10g
    6 Photo Special 45g
    6 Photo M.G. Madras 100g
    6 Photo Kailash 45g
    6 Photo Cheeta 35g
    6 Photo Super Kailash 45g
  • Toque - quit
    Toque - Natural Toast
    Toque - Natural
    Toque - Almond Toast
    F&T - Old Paris
    F&T - Hight Dry Toast
    Otto - Schmalzler

    They are all superb!
  • Rosinski order from December finally hit the shores. Waiting for Customs to finish fooling around with it and hoping to finally see it by this next weekend
  • After about a seven year transgression I put in an order on mysmokingshop for;

    F&T Old Paris
    F&T Seville
    WoS Gold Label 25g

    I know there's several dedicated online snuff retailers and it's good to see Roderick and Mr. Snuff still doing well, but it seems like Simon has been around since the ark and browsing his site was a proper blast from the past, it literally hasn't changed a bit.

  • And Rosinski order hit my doorstep; tomorrow would be 3 months to the day since I ordered. Very excited to begin this foray, but might be a while before I place another one
  • @pantsBoots Congratulations! Glad it finally showed up for you.  I hope you enjoy!

    I wouldn't hold the delay against Rosinski. Global shipping is all sorts of crazy right now.  I ordered some equipment from Poland that took over six months to arrive. My buddy ordered some hardware that's been stuck in France for over three months... etc.
  • pantsBootspantsBoots Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    @SHbickel I don't hold it against Herr Rosinski at all. He was very responsive when I inquired after the order and an utter gentleman. It's always refreshing to receive good customer service and I will definitely be ordering again. My only concern with immediately placing another order is the sorry lack of customer service currently offered by USPS.
  • All 6P 
    Coffee Kick - 30g
    Begum Chhap Punjabi Tapkir - 30g
    Medicated No. 666 - 30g
    Shammah Afghani - 3 x 50g

    Oh yes, and I bought some 3 tins x 100g Dragon Madras a few weeks back. 

  • Just made a little order at snuffstore uk:

    6 photo assorted
    Dr rumneys brown
    Janta white horse gul
    Janta red label black
  • Found Bruton Scotch and Red Seal Sweet at a local tobacco shop. This stuff is a tad hard to take as it's even drier and finer than my all day/everyday snuff, HDT.
  • Soon as I saw the announcement for this new stuff I put in an order
    Snuv Nutella 15g x1
    Snuv Rusty Nail 15g x2
    and a good ol Toque USA W&H 10g x1
  • Just made a little order on

    Pflazler Pälzer Wald
    Pfalzler Originial
    A+S mentholfrei
    Wilson bee m

    The Pfalzler are new. Made from German tobacco.
  • Yet another great experience with Roderick @ artisansnuff:

    2 x 50g F&T Old Paris
    3 x WoS Irish no 22
    1 x WoS Kendal Brown
    50g Otto Schmalzler
    1 x Otto Red Rag
  • Made my first order ever a month ago. Just placed my fourth order.
    First order:
    Poschl Schmalzler Perleretuer: delicious
    Wilson #22: nope
    Poschl Redbull: menthol to tha moon
    Mac Sicilian Burst: like it but it’s too fine

    Second Order:
    Viking Dark: love
    Toque SP Extra: love. Still tryna figure out how not to shoot this into my brain.
    Viking Spear: I’d rather chew tha gum.

    Third order yet to arrive:
    Poschl Redbull strong
    Bernard Fichtennadel
    F&T Seville
    F&T Santo Domingo
    Another hunnit of Perleretuer
    6 photo Super Kailash
    All in quantity.

    Fourth order placed today:
    Viking ISS
    Viking Thor’s Hammer
    Poschl Bayern Prise
    Poschl Gawith Original
    Bernard Charivari (looking forward to this)
    Sir Walter Scott’s Tears of Chios

    I’m already set for life but can’t stop.
  • @Wild_Alaska welcome aboard!
    Don't bin that WoS 22,wait a little time and give it a second chance.
    I'm sure it's gonna be one of your favourites in the future...
  • Mm, good call, tobaccobob.  No 22 is damn fine toast.
  • @tobaccobob. I’ll keep that in mind. In the span of 3 days I went from hating SP extra and Sicilian burst to absolutely loving them. Haven’t gone back to the Wilson’s yet but you may be right. I like the flavor, just haven’t gotten my technique down for not getting the fine powder in my brain and lungs...
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    Otto Schmalzler arrived and its a beautiful schmalzler, very moist with a long lasting very nice fruity plum scent !
  • Third order arrived. F&T is another level. Seville. Do yourselves a favor and 50/50 it with SP Extra. Man o man. Viking Dark is a ditch digger. Seville is a golden god.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited March 2021 PM
    Toque Whiskey and Honey USA 50g has arrived and I am a happy man tonight.
  • Not ordered anything for two years until i realised my indian snuff was low. So i ordered plenty of Dholakia and the only one i've opened is smokers blend. I have also bought McCrystals 200g tubs of Wee Dram, fine keg, Sicilian burst, Aztec, all of which are great. Too good to use during the day. I use a plain white until evening.
  • Just ordered from artisan snuff again because my schmalzler was empty after a few days. Damn good stuff. I ordered a 200g bag now and a 25g tin toque coke and a 10g tin Otto red rag.
  • Discovered Artisan snuff and will be trying Toque for the first time. Ordered various but not any floral as i don't think i will like them. Spent over £50 but will last me yonks.
  • Made the mistake of trying Super Kailash. Knee jerked a carefully curated cart as follows:

    6P Kailash 200g
    6P Super 200g
    6P Cheeta 185g
    6P MG Madras 100g
    6P Begum Green 30g

    41P White Elephant 70g
    41P Yellow Lilly 20g

    Red Label Black 80g
    Punjabi 80g

    Dholakia Black 50g
    Dholakia Taj 50g

    Tears of Chios 15g
    Seville tap tin (for the style)

    I don’t regret pulling this trigger.
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