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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

What tin did you empty today?



  • Babaton. It took three days, 18 g snuff in a can.
  • Neffa Ifrikia
  • Red Bull
  • Bernard Schmalzlerfranzl Original 10g
    One of my favorite Schmalzler.
  • Wos Best sp 5g tap tin. This is my favorite sp by wos. Not so hard flavored. I like it when the tobacco shines.
  • And now a 100g Tin of Jnf Dragon Brand Madras. Glad to have 3 more. It’s my favorite snuff.
  • My SG Black Arabica... And I DON'T have any backups.

    Big mistake. Lol
  • A 50g tin of tps madras. I love this stuff. Good to have 10 left.
  • 3.5gramm of McC O&G
  • WoS Gold Label 20g.
  • HloridisonHloridison Member
    edited February 28 PM
    F&T Santo Domingo Medium size
  • MaclaMacla Member
    WoS Grand Cairo
  • Bernard aecht altbayerischer Schmalzler. My favorite schmalzler of all I tried
  • And I killed a tin of Ntsu black and toque original today. I will miss the original. It was very good.
  • NOOOOOOOO~! The last of my Buzz Bubblegum has been emptied. Again I find a snuff has been discontinued after I finish it.  I'm gutted.

    Does anyone know of a bubblegum snuff that's still being sold?  I understand this is a common flavor in Israel so my fingers are crossed.
  • HuysmansHuysmans Member
    edited March 6 PM
    Toque Whiskey & Honey USA 10g that's the bad news. Good news is that a 50g bag is on its way.
  • Toque W&H USA too. Good to have one more can.
  • HumppaHumppa Member
    Yesterday I emptied a 20 gram tin of Viking Thors Hammer.

    Refilled it immediately with other 25 grams out of the drum.
  • willcwillc Member
    Dr Rumneys Brown 5g
  • JohanoJohano Member
    Red Bull, 2 tapboxes in one week
  • Babaton
  • HumppaHumppa Member
    The very same as it was on 6th March... I got through 25 gram of Thors Hammer in six days... It was in rotation. It was and still is my favorite office snuff... :)
  • In the last couple months: 2x10gr tins of Ambrosia, 1 usa w&h, 1 Otto Schmalzler, 1 dragun, 1 Carlsbader, 1 goldapper
  • I empty a tin everyday but it’s only got the daily amount in it. I got some twist top 1/2oz tins, keep an assortment (my options are still limited) in a jar in the fridge, and only refill them with a days worth at a time.
    SP extra
    Santo Domingo emptied itself (slide top tin never again)
  • 6P No. 66
  • Gawith and Hogarth Café Regal. It was ok. Very light coffee aroma and the grind was too coarse for my personal liking. Probably won't buy again but definitely worth trying.
  • Otto Chancellor 10g Now this is one I will definitely buy again. Total class.
  • Toque Rose 10g.
  • Toque SP Extra 10g.

    My other two small orders arrived today, super excited to dig into some old favorites!
  • Irish No. 22 - 20g
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