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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's in your pipe?



  • Mac Baren HH Burley Flake. Very good, but pales in comparison to the Solani.
  • Pfeifen Huber Balkan Mixture. It is a Balkan Sobranie Clone and really really tasty stuff.

    @pantsBoots the Solani Burley is so damn good
  • @Hloridison It is. That and Amphora Burley are my go-tos for Burley. I can appreciate other Burleys and really need to try some of G&H Burley blends next time they're available.
  • Found some Mammoth Cave twist chewing tobacco in a small country shop, cut a few coins off of it, dried it and smoked it in a small cob. Very good Burley flavors, though nothing as refined as Solani and other "pipe-only" burleys. Still, pretty darned good for a local agricultural product and a little different than any pipe tobacco I've tried.
  • Pease Quiet Nights. Bloody good stand-in for Esoterica Penzance. I might prefer this a little more, actually.
  • @pantsBoots you are from USA right? There are so many blends I want to try but I can’t get them in Germany.

    Now I have some ratrays hal‘o the wynd in the pipe.
  • @Hloridison I am in the US. We're going to be moving in the next month or so, but after, maybe we can figure out a trade. I know there are numerous tobaccos we can get here that don't make it overseas, such as GL Pease. And I believe Eurofolk are the only ones lucky enough to get HU and some of the Samuel Gawith plugs
  • Presbyterian in an old Dunhill rootbriar canadian
  • pantsBootspantsBoots Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Breaking in a new cob with Sutliff Match Ready Rubbed. Fantastic tobacco in a cob - nearly dead in a briar. Very mild, which makes it a great accompaniment to whiskey.
    Accompanied with nosefulls of Bernard Gekachelter Virginie, this is nice.
  • Capstan Original Navy Cut in a Millville prince
  • St Bruno RR in a Peterson pipe of the year 2017
  • pantsBootspantsBoots Member
    edited January 2021 PM
    Rattray's Hal O' The Wynd in a MM Country Gentleman cob
  • Dunhill Navy Rolls in my Dunhill 3204 shell briar to start the day (with coffee and toast with Marmite) :D
  • Gawith + Hoggarth Bobs Chocolate in a Castello Trademark Shape 10. If you have not tried this blend, definitely recommend. Very tasty 
  • Gawith & Hoggarth Dark Flake Unscented. Stood up well to the frigid air with appreciable nicotine content.
  • BillSykesBillSykes Member
    edited February 2021 PM
    4 year old Dunhill Flake in my Savinelli Dolomiti 311 (no filter) rusticated
    Love the pipe shape but sadly the stem shreds pipe cleaners :(
  • Rattray's Stirling Flake. Took a while to grow on me, but after forgetting the tin for about 6 months, it has emerged as an amazing blend I will begin cellaring.
  • GH Ennerdale flake in a Millville Dublin
  • Mac Baren Old Dark Fired and then later in the evening Bold Kentucky. Both excellent blends for chilly weather.
  • Rattray's Old Gowrie. Hoping to see the half kilogram bags come back around soon. I've got some empty jars to fill with this wonderful leaf.
  • Well-aged Balkan Sobranie (Germain's version). Not too shabby, but not worth chasing, IMO
  • SG Kendal Cream flake in an old meer
  • Pfeifen Huber Golden Flake. Love this one and the price is unbeatable
  • Pirate Kake... I love me some Latakia, and this has it in spades, y'all. It's also made in South Carolina, so it's cheaper.
  • Dunhill 965. About 10 years old from a bulk purchase (from back when they used to sell it in bulk). Sure wish they would do so again.
  • Ennerdale flake
  • Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky. Another fantastic blend for chilly weather
  • Well-aged Exotique, served up bone dry. Probably my favorite Germain's product.
  • Dunhill EMP in a Zeman Lat
  • Rattray's Black Mallory. The more time goes on, the more I adore Rattray's.
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