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  • Ben_MacMBen_MacM Member
    edited April 2020 PM
    Dear American Snuff brothers....can you tell me what the prices are like for the tins of tobacco pouches in the US? I prefer the Skoal Pouches Straight which cost me 23 dollars Canadian. Are there any bargains on these tobacco pouches? I would like to find a supply of these pouches (mint flavours) if possible. Thank-you for your help and wisdom.
  • If anyone wants to go in on a case of WE garrett scotch I'm down. I can only find it online in cases and no stores in the northeast carry any snuff products, especially since all the smoke/tobacco shops are closed atm
  • It seems Mr Snuff no longer carries American Scotches. There is something called Mr Snus that carries a very limited selection. Living in the Northeast, that basically means no more American Scotch snuff. I'm interested particularly in Navy Sweet and Superior. Anybody know of any other sources?
  • Mr Snus doesnt really carry them. If you try to order you will find they are out of stock on all American snuffs. I know of no online source. Sorry.
  • @MississippiReB

    Can you give me the name of the tobacco shop that you are able to special order snuff through? The hard to get type of snuff. I could call, give your tobacco guy my list, pay him and have him ship to me since he is licensed to sell tobacco. That way all is on the up and up.
  • @Ben_MacM depends on where you buy them. Here in south florida typically between five and eight dollars depending on location. Low end in rural areas here where it's more popular. High end in cities. However, if you go to a production state like say North or South Carolina you could easily obtain for half that.
  • Any word on what US snuffs can still be purchased?
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    Watch this space. We have an order in, paid for. Just waiting for it to be shipped over. Not a great selection unfortunately, but some is better than none.
  • It’s too bad that we Americans can’t get American snuff here in America! I dearly love Checkerberry snuff, and the only place I could ever get it was from Mr Snuff. Kind of silly that I had to order an American product from a store in the UK.
  • A few years back I ordered some American snuffs from Mr. Snuff and the package didn't arrive.  I suspect it shipped from within the US and was confiscated. (My state prohibits interstate tobacco delivery.)  The other international snuff from that order arrived without issue.
    I've still never had the privilege of trying Checkerberry, but I love wintergreen. It's my "bucket list" snuff.
  • edited January 29 PM
    Hang on in there, boys, hang on in there. :-) Ol Reb ain't gonna let all y'all down. I'll pound the streets til every last one of those on that list is available.... And you can bet dollars to donuts they will be, too. You can hang y'all's hats on that. This one's for all the boys in TN and WV whose families rely on those factory jobs, and whose families live in fear of the nanny state further destroying a beleaguered Southern economy, and snatching bread from their tables.Thisn's for the good ol boys... And of course for all you fine folks.
  • I live in TN and have had a harder time than usual finding the American Scotches. Most tobacconists look at me in puzzlement when I ask after it. A few have checked their distribution lists to find it not currently offered. Some say demand has been so low for so long, they've forgotten about it and don't want to devote shelf space. The hunt continues.
  • edited February 3 PM
    It takes insane amounts of work, and even more luck to source anything other than W.E. Garret. Y'all really would not believe how hard it's been to even source what you've seen in the last year. That's ok though. This situation is being resolved... Even if it has meant moving heaven and earth for it... And I'll eventually get every last one, even if it means making connections in the supply chain that most people would think absolutely impossible. It takes a LOT of work, but I'm on the task every single day. Every day.
  • edited February 3 PM
    I will say this, too... I have a greater respect for Mr. Snuff than I ever did before. Seeing things from the other side of the proverbial counter now, I now know the extreme level of effort that's dedicated to getting the wide assortment of snuffs to us all. Its not like you can contact the makers directly and they'll sell it to you... or even talk to the makers and them be able to tell you where you can get it... Oh no, lol. If only it were that easy.
  • A small batch of US snuffs are currently in at Mr. Snuff. Gettem while y'all can, they're goin fast!
  • msxmsx Member
    Since the situation with scotch snuffs is getting worse for me (and i just recently did order some from MrSnuff as well) i may ask of any of you gentlemen in the US can offer me some. I am literally open to any kind. Please hit me up in case you are willing to arrange something.
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