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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Review: Bernard Gekachelter Virginie

Kiwi78Kiwi78 Member
edited July 2014 in Types of Snuff
When I first came in contact with this tobacco, about 12 years ago, it was something like a dare. I was told I could only hate it or love it because it was so unique. The description at that time was "smells like a cow shed". With this conditioning I had my first try of it and agreed. Needless to say, I wasn't too impressed.

Today I'm back for this snuff and I love it. But first things first. The tobacco comes from Bernard and it is sold in a yellow cardboard box which contains an open but slightly rolled up plastic bag with 50g of this snuff. This is one of Bernard's "traditionals". This company is selling a few different ones which are based on or made from recipes that are roughly 100 years old. I like that. I have seen one or two reviews which claimed that this tobacco is "strongly fermented". That is in fact not true. The Virginie is heavily smoked. That is the process where all its flavour comes from. It does not spend the flavouring and curing process in a fermentation liquid as for example many Schmalzlers do.

Heavily smoked means that I open the package - or now the snuff box because it couldn't be kept just in that plastic bag - and I smell rainy, dark outdoors at dusk. Campfires, leather and yes, even the occasional farm or barn. Heavily smoked means that I think about charcoal. It means that I get a craving for smoked fish or smoked ham. This tobacco is heavy, rough and tough. A pipe smoker will know exactly what I mean when I say Latakia.

But how does the snuff work in the nose where it belongs? In colour and consistency it could easily be mistaken for a Schmalzler. It is nice and moist, not too fine and very dark brown, almost black. The flavour is going through phases in my nostrils, developing into something quite complex. I believe this tobacco is best enjoyed when going for a walk through a forest or park when it rains and leaves have been rotting on the ground for a while, mixed with scents of moss, wood and clear fresh air. This is clearly an autumn and winter snuff and does not bring as much joy when snuffed on a very hot summer day. But that happens and is not a problem. This is pure tobacco flavour and natural tobacco sweetness after a very particular manufacturing process. If you only enjoy menthol with artificial fruity flavours, this snuff might not be for you. For 50g one might think that is quite a lot just for a try, but I think the price is near unbeatable for this amount. And make no mistake, this is by no means a "cheapo". It is great value for the money. I absolutely recommend it and I know it will not be for everyone. But I promise that once you like it, you always will.


  • This is excellent snuff--just took a hit. :-) Reminds me a bit of Molen's Latakia AO 1860 (although better, I think). No "real" Lat in it, but the smokiness, etc. does remind one of a mild Lat pipe tobacco (it is no Pirate Kake!).
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  • You're right. I used to smoke quite a bit of Dunhill's Nightcap and Early Morning Pipe back in the day.
  • Thks is one of my favorite snuffs, cardinal, also, which is quite similar.
  • I got some of this yesterday and was very impressed. A bit of a noob question but is this not a Schamlzler then? I thought from the review on Mr Snuff it was? Either way it's a great snuff and one that will be permanently in my pocket.
  • The general consensus is that it doesn't fit into the Schmalzler category, we've discused the issue some time ago. Nevertheless, it's coarse and evermoist like most Schmalzlers. In fact, more than most Schmalzlers.
    What I don't know is if it's oiled or not...
  • Aha I see. Thanks @MarvinLapsus‌ seems I need to expand my sampling of Schmalzlers :)
  • @EZSaddler You're welcome! You will surely find this thread interesting:
  • What I don't know is if it's oiled or not...
    It is (see here for the contents). All of Bernard's are oiled except for Feinster Kownoer.
  • @Readburd : Okay, now I think most mysteries behind Gekachelter Virginie had been cracked!
  • Im thinking of getting some of this, i'm worried about the smokey description after trying 6 photo MG Madras which reminded me too much of cigarette ashes.
    If this is smokey like a campfire i could probably enjoy it but if it is reminiscent of cigarette ashes probably not.
    Whats the consensus here?
  • I enjoy the Gekachelter Virginie regularly and I was a heavy smoker in former times. The smoky smell of the GV does not remind me of cigarette ashes. It is really enjoyable. So you do not have to worry about it. It is nice. Campfire is a good association in my opinion.
  • I just ordered a box of this yesterday. I have enjoyed it several times over the last ten years. It sticks out to me as a good traditional, pure tobacco unscented snuff. The aroma, grind and moisture are all excellent.
  • I don't exactly get notes of Latakia, but the other associations above, I agree with. Great, no-nonsense tobacco when I'm not looking for the flavored SP and medicated snuffs I normally take. I can see buying multiple boxes of this stuff, vac-sealing and freezing to have a steady supply. Kind of messy to take; I need to have my nose relatively clear to be able to hold this in my nose.
  • I love this one. It is very close to viking brown for my nose.
  • This is my go to when I can't find any KB Original.
  • I like it also a lot. A good plain snuff for me.

    Gekachelt means Smoked AFAIK.
  • The name means tile ground according to my sister in law who lives in Germany.
  • Or... maybe "stoved" (Gekachelter)?

    Der Kachelofen:

     Der Kachelofen -
  • mrmanosmrmanos Member
    All I really know is that I like this snuff. I have a fresh batch right here.
  • ALLexALLex Member
    edited August 11 PM
    Hey guys, I have read a lot about Bernards Virginie but havent tried it yet.
    I am a fan of plain Kendal tobacco snuffs.
    How does Bernards Virginie compares in aroma and nicotine to Viking snuffs? (like Viking Brown or Dark Rappee)?

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