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problems with

BenSteinBenStein Member
edited August 2015 in General
for the past two days i have not been able to secure a checkout, the page won't load after i select shipping option and I've tried it on many devices and other computers, is anyone else having this problem? i tried sending a contact letter but when i press send the page does the same thing as the checkout and doesn't load, so I'm unsure if it sent. on a further note, does anyone know if and are run by the same company? i was told they were but am unsure. if so i guess i can call through their contact number, since doesn't provide one. ANY AND ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED GUY. in desperate need to place another order since dholakia medicated is on sale XD


  • Not sure as I've never placed an order with them.     You might try clearing all of your browser history.    Or perhaps use a different browser.     You can always try to contact then via their website link and advise of your difficulty.
  • ive used different browsers, cleared the histories, even used different operating systems. there seems to be a problem with the site, does anyone have a contact number for them
  • BenSteinBenStein Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    @spyder or @basement_shaman do you know if mr.snuff owns snuffstore? Someone from snuffstore informed me that they were the same company
  • contact MS CS if they are the same entity .you can state your inquire.They may take your order there and give you the same price as snuffstore it's worth a go. Shame your across the puddle I had a few hundred grams of D medicated.

     I never ordered from snuffstore. They didn't ship this direction. I see that has changed. Also everything is listed in british pounds and I am not a wizard at currency exchange since it changes often. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I'm coming to visit family in blackpool after the new year and plan on making a few visits to tobacco shops and dying to check out the wilsons mill in Sheffield. gonna call MS CS at lunch break.
  • For two days now I can't place an order....even their currency option doesn't work for me....anyone else same problems?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited December 2018 PM
    @tobaccobob, I can't find currency choice option anymore, too. Otherwise everything was fluent up to the final step where I had to enter my card details (just checked it). I didn't need to place an order at the moment, so I didn't proceed till the end. Which step do you fail at?

    I spotted some changes at the - new beneficiary name, more accepted card types and new payment gateway (not sure if the naming is right).
  • Just try to place an order and at the step that you have to give the card details won't show anymore...only confirm order....
    All Friday evening I was talking with the customer service but they seem not to understand the problem...maybe in the next few days they'll sort it out,hopefully....
  • For about two weeks the payment gateway has changed and whereas before the order process was quickly changed to shipped they now all say requesting payment.

    All I know is the money has gone out of my bank, so I don't know where it has gone or how much time I should add to an expected arrival time after placing an order.
  • Anyone from to tell us where is the currency option or how to place an order?
  • MrSnuffMrSnuff Administrator
    @AgentSmith: this was a problem with automated update emails. The problem has (we believe) been rectified. It works for us at least. If anybody is still having issues please let me know.

    @tobaccobob we removed the currency option because it was causing problems with the new payment processor. It now is only the default currency of GBP,

    Placing an order should be straightforward. If it isn't please let me know.

  • Thanks @MrSnuff. I received one of the orders yesterday so I guessed it must have been a gremlin. Cheers.
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