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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Nose? #13



  • McChrystals Raspberry 
  • @baconpete summer harvest? That one is ace.
  • Bernard's Aecht b.
  • WoS Ripple
  • WoS Best Dark
  • W. E. Garrett Scotch
  • OSP Shaman's Boon.
  • Wilsons Strawberry

  • Old Mill Sarsaparilla ... getting very low now.  :(

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Jaxons Frosted Red.
    Found its scent overly sweet and artificial after the first pinch, now giving it a second chance. By the way, 'Frosted' part could be misleading for some as menthol is almost non-present here.
    Different base than the plain light brown Jaxons SP Premium - darker and finer, less nicotine; makes me wishing Jamie released it unscented.
  • @cobguy OSP Shaman's Boon is similar. Worth getting a few tins.
  • @DrOctagon yeah I got a older version of it when it was just called raspberry, kinda old/dry but still had a good raspberry scent. Got it from a shop here before I knew they renamed them, was pretty bummed but what can yeah do when your order is 32 days and counting. Definitely will get a fresh tin of the summer harvest next time
  • @Bob it's a heavy scent so unless it was open, odds are you retained most of the raspberry goodness. If you liked it, you should try WoS Ripple; it has a different raspberry scent, it's more earthy, but it smells exactly like a raspberry patch if you've ever had the opportunity to smell something like that. Plus it has a small presence of menthol, but it helps to just drive that raspberry scent home.

    I've got a Tom Buck/Gold Label mix. About equal parts for both. I get the extra nic from the gold label and twice the bergamot.

  • @RS422 ...  thanks!  Hopefully Chris still has some left.  :)

  • WoS SP 100
  • Old Mill Equinox 20180223_163125
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman wait is that how much you're supposed to snort? I think I've been doing this all wrong
  • 100% Toque Rustica
  • Toque

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited February 2018 PM
    Bernard's Aecht b.
    @DrOctagon Going bigger is fun, try it.

  • WoS SM500

    @volunge uhh.. Isn't the whole point to have it up in the front of your nose and not any further? Or it doesn't matter? Because I feel like I've been selling myself short taking small spoonfuls just because I'm trying to get them up to the front of my nose.
  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    SG Cob Gold, reminds me a lot of FT Dr JR Justice

  • 6P Natural
  • Jaxons Frosted Red.

    @DrOctagon Taking snuff in straightforward Icelandic manner could be a good guideline. Believe it or not, some Icelanders simply stick that snuff horn into the nostril, recline their head and just let the goodness fill their noses.
    Grab a case of this for me, if you ever go there!
    Sturdy and airtight reusable container, too.

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Rustica. Toasted, fine grind, unadulterated. There's nothing quite like that.
  • 41P WE

    @volunge - amazing snuff horn! I am searching for wooden boxes and stuff like these. Brings a good new perspective to snuff-taking to a serial pincher like myself. 

    @DrOctagon - Despite only pinching (and sometimes using the boxcar), the snuff always reaches far behind for me (any coarseness) and then with a heavy back drip. So, I dont think I adhere to (or can adhere to) the 'front of the nose' only.
    Experts - is that a problem. I do have a lot of backdrip with all snuffs. 
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Bernard's Jubilaums
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    McChrystals Vintage Velvet (Violet)
  • Taxi red
  • Just filled up my pewter desktop snuffbox with a little impromptu blend. 80% Thors Hammer, 10% F&T Macouba, and 10% WoS Wallflower.

    Very nice indeed!
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