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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Old (vintage) snuff?

Hello everyone.

Recently I found some snuff packages in my grandfather's things. They look brand new and were made in USSR in 80th. I don't use snuff (usually), but I'm curious to try it. So my question is simple, is it safe to use that old snuff? Or may be it has some collector value? Or it is just a rubbish?

Thank you in advice!


  • Safe to use: Probably, but not definitely.
    Value: Doubtful
    Rubbish: Probably the best bet
  • No no... Not rubbish... There are many people who collect old tobacco just for collecting' s sake. I love old snuff and cigarettes... Don't throw it away!
  • lieho, could you please upload a picture of the item here? As far as I know, most (if not all) Soviet snuff was made from nicotiana rustica (aka maxopka in Russian). There were quite a few brands, even mint scented one. If stored properly, it can still be potent. If there is no mold, feel safe to try it and tell us about the experience.
  • volunge, sure. Not my photo, but it looks exactly the same. You're right it was made from makhorka.
    I tried it already, it smells really good, but overall I didn't like it. May be because I'm not used to pure snuff (tried only mint-flavored before).

  • Found a video about the very same stuff on youtube:
    The guy hadnt tried sniffing it, so its just a superficial review of the package and contents. He keeps it in a wardrobe as moth repellent.
  • I have one of those. You may be able to get a few dollars on ebay for it. or put it up for trade here at snuffhouse.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • How funny, I bought this snuff a couple days ago from a guy from Ukraine. The snuff's name is actually... "Snuff" itself and was made in Morshansk.
  • Definetly would sell on eBay. Tabacco is allowed if sold as collectible In vintage package.
  • @lieho , strange. I remember reading somewhere that snuff was illegal in USSR. I would be interested in trying this if you are up for a trade. 
  • @lieho, I have sent you a PM with a trade offer.

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