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Clicking on the "Like" Button.

Since being a member here I have typed some good stuff, and some drivel.

What puzzles me is that there is no consistency in the amount of people showing there approval by  pressing the LIKE button on an article, and the lack of a LIKE or even plain old apathy

In my opinion some  interesting articles of snuff information, history, or advice get no approval, and yet a quick comment on an article may be a roaring success.

What makes you tick the    LIKE    box?



  • Nothing. I'm a crotchety old man who refuses to step into the social media frenzy. Is "fishing" for likes a thing with the kids? :p
  • @Zanaspus  

    Happy Christmas, and thanks for the input.

    I am not fishing for likes, but I would like to know if the extracts from the old newspapers and books that I type here are of any interest to others.

    I enjoy trawling through the old papers and finding stories with links to snuff and tobacco in days gone by.
    The thing is, I am a very slow, two finger typist .  It takes me a while to type out a very short article.
    With few, if any  LIKES,   I got to wondering if I am putting up history articles that are boring, and of no interest anyone.  

     Posting articles with no feedback or participation is like pouring buckets of water down the shaft of a mine that is on fire.  You have no idea if you are doing something useful or not.

    Members may not be here for snuff history, maybe they just want practical snuff buying, storing and taking advice.

    A bit of feedback would put me on the right track.

    Cheers All.

  • @Artchoo Since you asked directly, I'll answer directly. I am extremely interested in the history of snuff. However, I find things like "Mrs Peterson threw out MR Peterson's snuffbox as she could no longer take the old man's dirty habits" as relevant to the study of snuff history as reporting on a random murder is to the study of criminology. 

    I appreciate that you put plenty of time and effort into your endeavors, but most just don't hit home with me. I speak for no one but myself. I am sure that many here do find your work interesting. I appreciate your effort, but most just don't grab me to the point where I've probably thrown the baby out with the bathwater as I tend to pass by these posts.

    Certainly, your posts keep the board awake and alive, and for that I commend you. I'm interested in hearing others' takes as well.

    Best of everything in the new year,

  • @Zanaspus       

    That's exactly what I want.    Feedback.    Good or bad it doesn't matter. 

     As long as someone points me in the right direction.  

     I don't want to waste time boring everyone to death.

    Hopefully a few others will have a say, and let me know what they would like to hear about in the way of old snuff stories, adverts,  etc.  culled from books and old newspapers.  That is, if they actually want to hear about them.        They may be a complete dud, and I have not realised it.

    Honest feedback and comments are what I need.

    Thank you Zanapus for the feedback.

  • I think that the "Like button" is just pointless and lazy, if you like what was posted leave a comment, start a conversation. Do the same if you don't like. 
  • i enjoy reading them .. love the old advertisements etc 

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    I dont give likes. Dont get me wrong, I love reading old stories, ads, trivial things etc, but youre talkin to a guy who gives no likes on facebook, twitter etc etc.
    Likes, to me, seem like a competition or a race to get a lot of likes. It has become a foul obsession, worse than what smoking has become to me, and I wont feed the destructive belief that likes equal worth, quality or any other kind of measurement.
    I may, however, at times respond

  • Im lazy with likes. I might do them in the whats in your nose thread, but rarely in the conversational threads. I would rather give a conversational response if I feel I have something worth contributing, but sometimes I will click the lazy button. Even in the whats in your nose thread, the likes are pretty meaningless. Mullins and Westley, and Jaxons, will get fewer likes purely because they have been sampled by fewer people. GH will too to a certain extent, as will the less common snuffs such as WoS Brunswick or Burgundy which weren't available through as many outlets. The low number of likes is not necessarily reflective of people not liking those snuffs, as many might not have tried them.

    Likes mean different things to different people too. I did a big list of what was being discoed during the TPD fiasco, and some people clicked like. I took that as a thanks for compiling the list. However, someone took exception to that list being liked and had a rant about people liking something that was so negative, and then the likes disappeared. So I went to a lot of trouble putting the list together, and people were shouted down for clicking like to show their appreciation.

    My advice will be do your own thing, whether people show appreciation of not. Post what you would want to read, be it informative, controversial, witty, frustrated, or excited. It may be appreciated and the appreciation not shown, or it may be appreciated more in the future. Sometimes a thread falters early, and gets more traffic and response when it gets resurrected a few years down the line. Someone will be sure to let you know if it's disliked.

    Likes don't affect what I snuff, what I buy, or what I type. I'd recommend that others try not to be influenced or discouraged by them too.
  • edited December 2017 PM
    At the original Snuffhouse . org Points were awarded for likes .I think this made the entire site more active. they also had agree button that also gave points. Points were worthless except to the person receiving them. they also had a weekly running board of top contributors. I think most participated to get on the leaderboard which made snuffhouse very active and full of useful info . The also had best of page and insightful content was displayed. Oh how I miss the old forum!

    People now are busy with other things very few original members have stayed with snuffhouse. I check in when I can ,but my health is failing. Glad you picked up the torch .Keep up what you are doing. Someone down the road may find great interest. Thank you for your time.      

    If anyone knows anything about me I am into ego deflation. And it is hard to be humble when folks put you up on a pedestal 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @50ft_trad I think that likes are really worthless and don't contribute anything except making people feel good about themselves, and if you are coming to the internet to do that you have a few more issues to deal with. ( when I said "you" I don't mean "you" but one in general ).

    What is worse than likes is dislikes. More specifically, dislikes without a comment.  If you are going to dislike something at least take the time to give some criticism so we know what went wrong, or maybe even to give up all together.   
  • I would like to learn the history of snuff. The long history is part of the appeal of using snuff. Keep it up.
  • I enjoy the articles. Didn
  • This auto correct is gonna kill me... I was saying that didnt there used to be a indication on number of views? Way better then the slightly pointless like button.
  • Most of my likes go to little comments that make me laugh.
  • That's me screwed then :P
  • i dont click the like button very often. snuffhouse is the only social media i do so most of this stuff is still confusing to me. i dont mean to be offensive about it, i simply dont understand why people use it sometimes. a friend of mine once said "social media is for saying hello to your friends but without really saying hello." i liked that.
  • I only like posts I am paid to like. Just kidding. It depends on the post. Sometimes it means I like what you said, sometimes it means I agree, and sometimes it means that's funny. In general it means I read the post though and liked something about it.
  • Please like this post. Thanks.
  • @bob
    You will find 50 pence in used pennies in the usual place, behind the toilet cistern,  Kings  Cross Station.  Sorted.

  • ArtChooArtChoo Member
    edited January 2018 PM

    My dog likes any post.

  • your dog should be careful my cat will scratch any post. Just saying tell the canine to watch for splinters.

  • @bob

    There is a veterinary surgeon near here that will no longer attend to cats, due to their scratching attacks on him.     His name is Claud Ball.

  • my first cat was a psychopath. He was awesome but he was a little high strung at first (probably getting abandoned and almost starving to death can do that.). And the vets comment on getting scratched was a little cat clawing is nothing compared to big dog bites. Silly good joke though. Of course after his next visit the cat loved the vet. I think it's cause the vet got him high before and after cutting off his balls. I think he was like wow this guy gets the good shit better be nice.
  • My dog has only been excited to go the vet one time. That was when I told him we're going to go get you "Teuterd" .
    He was so excited and all I can figure is he though he was going to learn a few new tricks..
  • We had a similar thing happen with our monkey.
    He used to love playing the piano.
    Of course he couldn't read music, so he made up his own little tunes.
    A local musician said it should be orchestrated.
    As soon as he heard that, the monkey howled with horror, and we have never seen him since.

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