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Comprehensive criteria for evaluating snuff

willynelsonwillynelson Member
edited October 2017 in General
Hi everyone,

I'm considering starting a YouTube channel to review snuffs, and towards that end I have crafted what I hope will eventually be an exhaustive list of the various attributes that matter in evaluating a snuff. Many snuff reviewers adopt a rather piecemeal and inconsistent approach. I hope that the community here can comment on the completeness of this list and the desirability of such a YouTube channel.

  • Quality of preservation
  • Aesthetic
  • Ease of opening
Grind (Fine, medium-fine, medium, medium-coarse, coarse)

Moisture (Dry, medium-dry, medium, medium-moist, moist)

Tin note (The smell of the snuff in the tin)

Pinch size (What would be an appropriate size pinch of the snuff?)

Sniffing method (Would this snuff be best taken via pinch, boxcar, kuripe?)

Ease of sniffing
  • Introduction to nose
  • Hold in nose
  • Description
  • Enjoyability
  • Duration
Nosefeel (Gritty, velvety, effervescent, dissolving, and so on)

  • Onset
  • Strength
  • Duration
  • Onset
  • Strength
  • Duration
Back drip
  • Onset
  • Amount
  • Flavor
  • Pleasantness/unpleasantness
Forward drip
  • Onset
  • Amount
Blockage/clearage (To what extent does the snuff tend to block or clear the sinuses?)

Nose duration
(How long would you want to keep the snuff in your nose?)

Exsufflation (How difficult is it to blow the snuff out of the nose?)

Moreishness (How inclined are you to immediately take more of the snuff?)

Extended snuffability (Would this be an appropriate all-day snuff, or just an occasional pinch?)

Time of day
(Is there a time of day when it would be most appropriate to take this snuff? If so, when?)

Time of year (Is there a time of year when it would be most appropriate to take this snuff? If so, when?)

Overall rating

Is this list missing anything that matters? Would you be interested in a YouTube channel which reviews snuff according to these systematic criteria?

Best regards from the Sonoran Desert,


  • Looks like all the bases are covered and then some! excellent
  • I'm a charlatan. It's either good or it's not. I over think most things in life, but snuff is not one of them.
  • Yes that is a good list, but much of it is subjective, depends on your taste, your physiology, and your location. I personally don't give ratings because they change so much from person to person and even in the same person. I just try to indicate if it is something I would buy again or not ( most of the time yes ) .

    Redit has a good list of what to put in a snuff review, I try to follow that.  
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    Yeah, I think the issue is that it's all so subjective to the person. Even grind and moisture will be treated based on what you've personally had. Nicotine is subjective to your body chemistry. Everything on that list is subjective to the individual, and makes up the basic skeleton of most reviews anyways. If you want to start a channel, awesome! There's always room for more of us.
  • I hope I didn't come of as discouraging. 

  • Wow that's an amazing spread of specs. Waiting to watch your videos , whatever you cover. I'm personally interested in checking your reviews of the Indian snuffs you've tried since that's all I mostly have access to.
  • willynelsonwillynelson Member
    edited October 2017 PM
    @yisraeldov and @hitsuzen, I agree about the inevitable subjectivity of many matters of taste. De gustibus non est disputandum. My aim is comprehensiveness, not objectivity.
  • @willynelson seems like you have a very cool project going and I know that we are going to love where it lands
  • I stopped writing reviews years ago. Batches change and the snuff I reviewed didn't jive with the current batch. I took notice when I had replaced empty tins. 

    Although it is a good service to the snuff community and if it keeps your nose out of trouble more power too ya. I love seeing the progression of youtube reviews . Makes for good binge watching. I would enjoy them more if I could hear proper like. Nonetheless do please entertain me with your anecdotes . 

    @willynelson What is the link to your channel?  post it here!
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Indoors vs Outdoors: Try taking a pinch indoors, and then a pinch outdoors, and compare the difference. Many snuffs reveal a different dimension when taken in different contexts.

  • @cpmcdill Great point! Another point I missed in my initial post is how the flavor of the snuff holds up or develops as it ages. In my view, contemplating all of these attributes of a snuff increases the pleasure of taking it.
  • @willynelson I've always recommended reviewing snuff to any snuffer. Something about taking a critical look (sniff?) at a snuff seems to open the sense more then just taking a snuff for pleasure will. Whether they're simple I likes it reviews or more in depth ten point almost scholarly reviews, the effect seems to hold.
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