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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Cheese and Bacon

I ordered a rather large tin of Cheese and Bacon snuff and found that I wasn't really into it. It does have good qualities though and every time I used it found that it wasn't repulsive but the scent of cheese in my nose for hours turned me off. So, I decided that the scent might mix well with a Scotch and mixed about a teaspoon of C&B with about two teaspoons of W.E. Garretts and a tiny bit of Dragun Menthol. It's way better. The Cheese and Bacon isn't as long lasting in my nose and fades into the smokiness of the scotch with just a bit of tingle from the Dragun. I recommend trying it!


  • The very idea of cheese and bacon snuff makes me grimace.
  • I wrestled with the idea of buying the chese and bacon for quite a while and finally decided I had to oder it just to see what it was like. I haven't tried it yet but I like the idea of scotching it up to dull the chese aroma which I heard was very long lasting.
  • I love both cheese and bacon...Im thinking this must be part of my next order
  • I'm liking the Cheese & Bacon but it comes across a bit different than most of the reviews I've read. I pinch it & get a strong bacon aroma but no cheese. I was a bit disappointed because everyone else noted a strong blue cheese aroma. After using it a number of times & just getting the bacon (I love bacon) by chance I later sniffed the fingers I use to pinch. There was the blue cheese!!! I have no idea what's going on but I love it. 8-}
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2013 PM
    He,he, he... I feel rather like a naughty school boy with this one. I think the split is roughly 50/50 with me falling into the don't like camp. However I have to say I am very grateful to the bright spark on Snuffhouse who thought it would be a good snuff to try and the members who cajoled me into making it. It is regularly in the top 10 of sales and hovers around numbers 7-5 and from that point, I love it.
  • @Roderick I've often imagined you laughing at all the suckers who buy this snuff, all the way to the bank. :))
  • MouseMouse Member
    edited August 2013 PM
    It falls into what I call the 'dead cat' genre (as in 'curiosity killed the...') as does Bohica.
    edit: there are probably a few others that fit, maybe Mistersnuff could have a dead cat bundle and people could satisfy their curiosity all in one fell swoop.
  • lol, dead cat bundle =))
  • I get mostly the scent of bacon with a little cheese in it, but I took a pinch when I went for a walk with a ladyfriend of mine, and when I kissed her goodbye she said the scent of cheese when I breathed out through my nose was very strong. Don't think I'll pinch it again around her as I enjoy our goodbye kiss!
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    I love it, nice change from time to time! Bohica would be nice if it didn't have so much fooking chili in it!
  • Scotch [the snuff] makes a great mixer, will have to try with the [Dead Cat snuff] bohica; some time in February, when it's below zero
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  • cloudymancloudyman Member
    edited January 2014 PM
    To each thier own...To the trash went my cheese and bacon. Killed me too, i wanted to like it, simply because i love bacon and i love cheese but back to the drawing/scenting board with this one please. Lmfao. It took two weeks packed with arm&hammer powder just to DeFunktify the tin. Personally it was an olefactory abomination to me. It's a shame i didn't know about the scotching or i would have given it a try. I hate to harsh on it but i did, so i'll try not to beat myself up about it. Agree or disagree thanks for the read.
  • I just had to try this. Got a tin in my last order. I kinda like it, in moderation. I will say that this is the only snuff that my wife has ever noticed the smell of. I was actually in the kitchen cooking breakfast while having a pinch. She was in the living room.

    "What IS that smell? It smells like rancid bacon!". I dunno, Hon, I must have spilled something on the burner. :-S
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  • I always say the only good cat is a dead cat and cheese and Bacon sounds pretty yummy I may have to kill a cat whenever I find a job and get some
  • It's marmite snuff and I'm definitely in the 'love it' camp. One of my favourites.
  • I think more bacon, less cheese would be good. There's not much that can't be improved with bacon.
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  • Love it but the taste might have been toned down as I had a bullet, I'm going to have a tin of it when my stocks are depleted.
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