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Tendancy towards anachronism



  • @howdydave That's a cryin' shame. I miss my handlebars :((
  • Pagans, myself included, use the term to mean pre- or non-christian (generally non-mainstream) religious practices, like shamanism, wicca, druidism &c. I'm amused to find that Americans generally prefer "pagan" and tend to find "heathen" derogatory, while in Europe, or at least the UK, the opposite is generally true.

    Most of our words derived from ancient words are at best tangentially related to their original meanings, like dexterity and sinister.

    @basement_Shaman, are you affiliated with the Basement Shaman business?
  • @Asherael- No, I am a self employed Craftsman, General contractor in the building trades industry. I study the use of herbs for medical and spiritual enlightenment and optimal health. I don't believe in organized religion but trust they do hold value to society. That they give hope for people to believe there is something after death. And the fear of eternal damnation keeps masses from suicide,homicide and genicide. I believe in the spirit world and there is a power struggel of positive and negitive forces in the universe. Being human is a temporary condition but the spirit is immortal .We reside in a three dimentional world where we measure time as linear that is one dimension. And that is ok for most humans that use 10 to 15 % of their brains. The shaman expansion into the spiritual world brings about change and answers to benefit those whom are in contact with help from a hyperdimentional nonlinear realm resulting in a paradigm shift. These are only words on the screen, though they effect everyone who reads them, so does every action you take throughout your existance. I put this into my work that will be around long after I expire.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    Ashrael- yeah, the meanings and uses of various terms is interesting. In my (personal, and subjective) experience, the Wiccans-witches-etc, that I've known seemed to rarely use the term pagan, maybe those you know use it more. Also I found it interesting that the term "occult" simply means "hidden", which makes a lot of sense to me when I think about it. Also "sinister" I believe means left or left handed, and "The left hand path" is a common term to occultists. All interesting to me!

    basement_shaman- do you think immortality can be found in transcending linear time to the eternal present? I love thinking about this stuff!

    *eh, maybe that was just one of "those questions" pardon me...
  • Snuff-Check; Straight razor, mug and brush-Check; Cast iron skillet and dutch oven-Check; cooking from scratch.
    besides snuff my other passion is the practice of medieval and renaissance swordmanship (mostly longsword and sword & buckler) not of the same period but I love them both!
    Man @tboyer that explains me pretty well. Actually, exactly.

  • I am also a WWII British Reenactor. Kindof a center of all of my anachronistic tendencies. Snuff, Straight Razor shaving, Pipe Smoking, old firearms, and everything Old English.
  • I am also a WWII British Reenactor. Kindof a center of all of my anachronistic tendencies. Snuff, Straight Razor shaving, Pipe Smoking, old firearms, and everything Old English.
    Interesting that you are a WW2 re-enactor. By 1939 all the things you mention (old firearms is of course subjective) had become or were becoming old hat! I also find it interesting how WW2 has become historic in my lifetime. I was born in 1971 and as a 70s kid read comics and saw films about the war constantly. It only ended 35 years or so previously so didn't seem 'old', just a bit dated. Even the Great War was not so distant - as a boy, I knew one or two elderly men who had fought in it. Yet now, looking back, the 1940s seems like ancient history.
  • It is strange to think that WWI is now out of living memory completely. It is especially strange to think that when looking at footage of the war. @Austinallegro
  • Snuff. Merkur safety razor with mug and brush, straight razor occasionally but not lately. I want to get a better straight before I pick it up again. I do like the Safety razor a lot though so I might stick with it. I like to read an actual newspaper when I can. I wear suspenders (not the super skinny hipster ones but the dickies/perry work suspenders). Always use my zippo or other such lighters or muches. And I Love baseball and The Reds. America's past time.
  • I assume you mean that combat in WW1 is out of living memory. Some people, centenarians, will still be alive who remember it as children - I know of one such person myself.
  • Yeah, I still know WWII Vets.
  • Depending where one lives, I would say nasal snuff is a characteristic, or at least a gateway into other forms of anachronism. It is by no way common in the "blue" northeast so those who do partake, seem to overlap with other past customs and lost arts as well, well, from my experience at least. Personally, I am a mixed lot of time periods. Snuff, fountain pen, mechanical watch, gentleman's pocketknife, and a wide-brimmed felt hat combine with an always connected cell phone, digital SLR, and ebook reader.

    It is an interesting balance where I use the modern to experience the past. For example, what is my ebook reader filled with? The classics, or non-fiction history. The ability to locate and immediately read a book using these methods is quite extraordinary. However, if it is a text that I know I will re-read or holds value to me, I'll then only accept it in a physical form. The same with music, I have an iPod, but it's filled with classical.

    My truck has manual windows and manual locks.
    I prefer a revolver over a semi-auto and .38 over 9mm.
    A man always opens the door for a lady and a man always pays.
    Whiskey neat, though occasionally over ice depending on the brand.
  • Seek and ye shall find. As it takes some effort esp. in thr States to locate and now purchase snuff, I would say that the modern snuffer is indicative of a broader, more anachronistic nature.
  • I think it has more to do with epicurean spirit the willingness to look for the most awesome ways to do things. You have to have the kind of spirit that doesn't just enjoy the raw aspects of things but the refined aspects as well. Or at least that's what I deduce
  • Some things are simply timeless.
  • I use a lot of pencils and fountain pens. I have made my own quills. I like to grow my hair long (unlike what my corporate beings would like to do or see). I hardly use my smartphone these days. I collect coins. I use a full blade metal razor (and not Gillette) and a shaving soap. I use alum as aftershave. I love to preserve papers and books (blank ones, on which I can write). I journal by hand written notes. I have a kindle but don't use it - prefer hard copies. I use tealights in my room at night before sleeping with an oil diffuser. I grow my thumbnails. I don't like noisy pubs and bars and prefer a drink with close friends at home.
  • matteobmatteob Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    OP you sound a lot like me. I use a DE razor and a straight occasionally, love to write by hand with a good fountain pen, I buy vinyl and CDs over downloads, love old books, enjoy real ale, my pushbike has a Sturmley Archer three speed hub.I'm a Christian who loves the Book of Common Prayer and the Authorized KJV for their beauty of language but am not a KJV only fundamentalist: I have modern translations of scripture. I like simple pleasures but take snuff for the aromas and the nic in the main. I started using a Double Edge Razor to save money and get a nicer shave (I have sensitive skin) and started on the straight razor thing after being "enabled" by people on wet shaving forums the same goes for injector razors, slants nd adjustables. Several were gifted to me as the wet shaving community is very generous.I use proper shaving soap and a brush. I like to support the many small artisan soap makers we have in the UK. I'm 39 and still like my ipad, kindle, smartphone, using the net etc though.
  • Good thread!!!
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • In our community we are very cautious of new things, that doesn't mean they are forbidden, but just we wait to see if there is  a real good reason before adopting and that it won't mess with our way of life. Most of us don't have computers. Almost all of us don't have smart phones. Don't shave. Wear hats ( not baseball hats, but real hats), Don't go out side without wearing a jacket. Very, archaic fashion.  
  • There is a tendency for most people to think that the past had it all wrong  and we're finally getting it right in the last fifty years. What is forgotten is that people did things in a certain way for thousands of years (such as wet shaving) because they worked and were practical. I think people who are anachronistic 
  • well I've said it before I prefer things that are timeless. There absolutely are reasons I wouldn't want to go to the past and deal with something as they where, that said there are also lots of things that are mostly lost and wish would be more widely adapted. Tradition can contain wisdom or be a chain around your neck. But people are people no matter when and there are always going to be things they excel at and things that suck at. So best to find the best you can no matter old or new.
  • I am 41 and I have grown a moustache. The reaction has been unbelievable. You can grow a goatee, sideburns, wear an earring or a piercing, a skull tatoo... whatever. But your moustache looks so... old fashioned :)
  • About the same time I got into snuff I discovered the wet shaving movement and bought my husband an Edwin Jagger DE and some Taylors of Old Bond Street shaving cream ( I love the rose). I use fountain pens and am trying not to have a collection of them. I am also partial to leather travelers notebook covers (oh the smell of leather!) filled with moleskine notebooks. Some things are just incredibly tactile pleasures.
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
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