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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Your latest snuff order



  • 2 x Dholakia White 25g
    1 x NTSU Black 15g
    1 x Dholakia Sparrow 25g
    2 x Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g
    2 x Paul Gotard Latakia 7g 
    1 x Samuel Gawith Black Rappee 
    1 x De Kralingse Latakia AO 1860 30g

    my order from toque came in yesterday with:
    5x ambrosia 10g
    5x crazy george 10g
    1x berwick brown 50g

  • @JackGrave that was a great idea for handkerchiefs. just put an order for 10 for 15 bucks U.S. (including shipping) they've got to be sturdy being army issue. the ones i have now are crap
  • only a small one but i've got

    2x WoS Rum and Raisin 5g

    2x WoS Rum and Blackberry 5g

    2x Dean Swift Apricot 

    Plus a small bit of Kendal Cherry and Vanilla pipe tobacco and a pipe ;) 
  • Toque Ambrosia      10 10g Tins
  • 4 50g tins of Fire and Ice
    1 50g tin of Begum Chaap
    1 50g tin each of Super Kailash, La Natural and Medicated No 66
  • Awaiting patiently on the arrival of the following two orders, some are to replenish a dwindling supply, some I'll be trying for the first time...looking forward to them arriving :

    100g - Viking Blonde Traditional English x 1
    25g - Wilsons Irish High Toast No.22 x 2
    25g - Wilsons Queens Extra Strong x 2
    25g - Wilsons Tom Buck x 2
    25g - Wilsons S.P. 100 x 1
    25g - Wilsons Kendal Brown x 1
    25g - Gawith Hoggarth Irish D x 1
    25g - Samuel Gawith KB Original x 1
    25g - Samuel Gawith Irish D Light x 1
    25g - Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown x 1
    25g - Samuel Gawith SP No.1 x 1
    25g - Samuel Gawith SP No.1 High Mill x 1
    25g - Samuel Gawith Firedance x 1
    20g - 41 Photo White Elephant Indian x 1

    different order/source:
    25g - Wilsons Royal George x 2
    50g - F&T Morocco x 1
    25g - F&T Old Paris x 1
    25g - SG Scotch Black x 2
    25g - GH Sandalwood x 1
  • First order since 2009

    1 x Gawith Hoggarth Tia Maria
    1 x De Kralingse Bon Bon
    1 x Andre's Rumney's Export
    1 x Dholakia Swiss Chocolate
    1 x Hedges
    1 x Poschl's Gletscherprise
    1 x Bernard Winterpris
    1 x Bernard Regensburger
    1 x Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert

  • Today the postman delivered 

    D Doppelaroma 25g

    Magic Moments 10g
    Brasil Fresco 10g

    Crazy George 10g
    Sp Extra 10g 
    Spanish Gem 10g
    More ambrosia ;) 10g

    Fribourg & Treyer
    Morlaix Medium tub
    Macouba Medium tub
    Bordeaux Medium tub




  • Mini Indian Odyssey here
    6 Photo
    Kailash - interesting
    Super Kailash - oooooo, even more interesting
    Cheeta - roar
    Special - pleasant
    White - fishy feckin 'ell . Bit of a learning curve here.  But I likey!

  • Getting my first order from Toque. All 10g tins.

    Almond Toast
    Christmas Pudding
    Citrus (Toque USA)
    Natural Toast
    Peach (Toque USA)
    Spanish Gem
    Toast & Marmalade
    Whiskey & Honey (Toque USA)

  • Sir Walter Scott's Creme de Figue Snuff

    Sir Walter Scott's Roslein Snuff

    Sir Walter Scott's Thrice Brewed Snuff

    De Kralingse Hermbstedt's Brasil

    De Kralingse Hermbstedt's Brasil with Kashubian Sauce

    De Kralingse Limburgertabak

    De Kralingse Hollandse Snuif

    De Kralingse FCV 250

    De Kralingse Bon Bon

    Abraxas Premium Batch Fin

    Abraxas St-Casura

    Abraxas Connoisseur Cerise

    Sternecker Staubinger 100g


    McChrystal's Violet

    Samuel Gawith Black Rappee


    Ross Arlen Tieken, Tobacconist
    The Briar Shoppe, Houston, TX
  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    Last 2 orders:

    1 x GH Kendal Brown 25g
    1 x GH Ambassador 25g
    1 x Bernard Gekachelter Virginie 50g
    1 x 6 Photo Kailash 20g
    1 x 6 Photo Motia 45g
    1 x 6 Photo Anarkali 8g
    1 x 6 Photo Cheeta 6g
    1 x 6 Photo Chocalicious 30g
    1 x 6 Photo Coffee Kick 30g
    1 x 6 Photo Super Kailash 25g
    1 x GH Dry Orange 25g
    1 x Wow Apple Pie 10g
    1 x Wow Fruit Cake 10g
    1 x Wow Coffee Bite 10g
    1 x McChrystal's Mild Lemon Minor
    1 x McChrystal's Clove Minor
    1 x McChrystal's Apricot Minor


    1 x SG Firedance 25g Tin
    1 x SG Jasmine 25g Tin
    1 x SG SP No.1 High Mill 25g Tin
    1 x SG Scotch Black 250g Drum
    1 x SG SP No.1 25g Tin
    1 x SG Christmas Pinch Pine Menthol 25g Tin
    1 x SG Princes Dark 25g Tin
    1 x SG SP Scotch 25g Tin
    1 x McChrystals S'nuff Smokers Blend Small 4.5g Tin
    1 x SG Gin & Tonic 25g Tin
    1 x SG Ginger 25g Tin
    1 x Poschl Schmalzler Double D 25g
    1 x SG Black Rappee 250g Drum
    1 x SG Honey 25g Tin
    Everything you do comes back to you! Respect Life, Share Peace, Live NOW!
  • I just placed my order yesterday!

    1 x Wilsons Lemon Grove
    1 x McChrystal's Raspberry 
    1 x Poschl Gawith Cola 
    1 x Viking Blonde 
    1 x Poschl Edel Frucht 

    I'm new to snuff and all I can get local is very dry fine American snuffs, so hopefully these were good choices! Can wait for them to come in the mail
  • 1 x      Sir Walter Scott's Aged Border Rapee 15g     
    1 x      Sir Walter Scott's Field of Junipers Snuff 15g     
    1 x      Sir Walter Scott's Havana Toast Snuff 15g : Paradise
    1 x      Samuel Gawith Lavender Gold
    2 x      Toque Lavender 10g     
    1 x      Toque Berwick Brown 10g     
    1 x      Samuel Gawith Black Rappee 25g
    1 x      Sir Walter Scott's Latakia Blend Snuff: Very calming
    1 x      6 Photo Kailash 20g    
  • 2 xSamuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve 25g 
    Samuel Gawith Scotch Black 25g 
    Sir Walter Scott's Roslein Snuff 15g
    Viking Brown 25g
    Samuel Gawith Black Rappee 25g
    Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain 25g
  • Wilsons of Sharrow  parcel arrived today.

    20 minor tins of McChrystal's   at only  4 British pence a tin.

    They have to get rid of the old style packing for the new rules.

  • Fifty grams of Abraxas Firedrac. A great snuff, been way too long since I've had any in my snuffbox.
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    this order took 16 days, mustve gotten stuck in customs, usually 8 days...oh well it arrived and i'm very happy


  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @jmahes I'm loving the Latakia Blend too, but have you noticed how quickly it goes dry and stale after opening it?
  • @Hisuzen, yes it does go dry pretty quickly. I tend to take just little amounts out a time to avoid this. I might try hydrating to see if it will hold a bit more moisture.
    Toque Ambrosia is the polar opposite, somewhat moist even after a week in an almost empty tin :-)
  • SpamSpam Member
    After years of using only WoS SM Blue I got curious again.

    I've just received a package containing WoS Best SP, Tom Buck, Grove and Crumbs of Comfort.

    I noticed the name changes and downscaling on the website when i was ordering and was shocked to read about the EU stuff when I got here.
  • 1 x 6 Photo Cheeta 6g
    1 x 6 Photo Kailash 8g
    1 x 6 Photo Anarkali 8g
    1 x Viking Dark 25g
    1 x Viking Thor's Hammer 25g
    1 x Poschl Alpina 10g
    1 x Poschl Gletscherprise 10g

    My last order from Mrsnuff, shipped on march 13th according to their site. Can't wait to try these new flavors!
  • NaghampshaNaghampsha Member
    edited April 2017 PM

    Bernard Postillion 10g
     Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g

    Fribourg & Treyer Seville 5g
     Fribourg & Treyer French Carotte 5g
     Fribourg & Treyer Morocco 5g
     Fribourg & Treyer Bordeaux 25g
  • Latest order from mr.snuff.... all these are new to me. I'm ready I'm ready!

    Fribourg & Treyer Santo Domingo 25g
    Hedges L260 20g
    De Kralingse Latakia AO 1860 30g
    Poschl Gletscherprise 10g
    McChrystal's Mild Lemon 21g
    McChrystal's Violet 4.4g
    Samuel Gawith Elmo's Reserve 25g
    Wow Coffee Bite 10g
    Rosinski Stargarder 8g
    Rosinski Goldapper 8g
  • Mr snuff order in:

  • Aviator64Aviator64 Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Order just placed with MrSnuff, all new to me:

    WoS Irish High Toast 22
    SWS Lundy Foot
    SG Black Rappee
    Toque Berwick Brown
    Toque Natural Toast

    I really wanted to try F&T HDT (almost everyone here seems to love it) but the only size presently available is 450g - a lot to buy before you know if you like it!
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    I ordered a bunch of SWS snuffs before their no more.Im gonna put in another order for more very soon.Any that I should really get?lmk please
  • SnuffyJanitorSnuffyJanitor Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Riding the medicated-train with my latest order:

    1x Hedges - L260 20g
    2x JH Wilson - No99 25g
    1x Samuel Gawith - SG Menthol 25g
    1x WoS - Honey Menthol

    and an extra 10g tin with screw tap for on the go

    e/ as always very fast delivery by snuffstore (german)!
  • frandelriofrandelrio Member
    edited April 2017 PM
    Toque Lavender
    Toque Natural Toast
    Toque Spanish Gem Ambrosia
  • All from Toque

    25g Menthol
    100g Natural Toast Economy Bag
    Limited Edition Spanish Gem "Ambrosia"
    50g Rustica Economy Bag 
    10g Toque USA Whiskey & Honey
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