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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

What's In Your Mailbox #4



  • Sorry for the cross-post.

    Have the following waiting for me at the post office, but I have a delima. I have a friend that I see on Friday mornings, before I'll have a chance to pickup the package, who wants me to bring him a tin of "strong mint". At the same time I have friends that I see on Friday night ( after I have picked up the package ) who rely on me to share a strong mentholated snuff.  Now I'm just reviewing my order and I only see 2 mentholated, Extra Crumbs of Comfort and Vanilla Ice, neither have I tried before.

    So the question is should I bring my friend my personal tin of "Extra Menthol" and take my chances with what I have in the package, or will we be left, stuffed up on Friday night ?

    Maybe there is a mentholated snuff that I'm missing. 

    I have an order from Toque and one from McChrystals, but who knows when they will get here.

    Thanks for the help

    • Dean Swift 5g Tins
    • - Apricot
    • Dean Swift 5g Tins
    • - Cherry
    • Dean Swift 5g Tins
    • - Sportsman Vanilla
    • Molens Select
    • - Choco Mint
    • Molens Select
    • - Limburger tabak
    • Molens Select
    • - Macuba
    • Molens Select
    • - Pompadour
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Chocolate Orange
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Cinnamon
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Irish Toast DH No.20
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Peach Melba
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Princes
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Queens Extra Strong
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Royal George
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Strawberry
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Vanilla
    • Samuel Gawith 10g End
    • - Banana
    • Samuel Gawith 10g End
    • - Cola
    • Dean Swift 5g Tins
    • - Raspberry
    • Poschl Gawith Original - Apricot
    • Poschl Gawith Silver -Cola
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Vanilla Ice
    • Wilsons Small
    • - Crumbs Of Comfort Extra
    • Wilsons Small
    • - SP No1 bottom mill
    • Jaxons Queens Special Slider 10g
    • Jaxons 1869 SP Large Tin
    • Molens new style
  • OSP. 1@1 2@2 1@3
  • yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
    edited February 2017 PM
  • OSP Batch #1 and Batch #3

    #1 Fantastic, menthol only enough to open the sinuses; it keeps them open with no rebound effect to stuff up the nose. Then the cedar smell clean cool woody; maple scent/taste? not sweet a softer wood tone (maybe because they are to wood scents they pair nicely) very light. It does have nicotine. I like that because many of the scented snuffs I've had (not a lot, I just started snuffing recently.) had a great scent with no notice of nicotine. There is a little salt I pick up in the back rip which cuts the bitter taste of the tobacco? It is medium to fine, dry, easy to take.

    #3 smoooooth citrus not sweet not stinging either and I get a pecan scent. I get a taste of the gin/juniper berries in the back drip. They nicotine sneaks up on you. As the other scents fade I get the rose scent a very gentle waft of perfume like a lady scented her letters. This snuff is so good, you look for the several different scents in this it is a contemplative snuff to be lingered over and experienced. The scents are gentle and classy.

    It is very worth your time to get some of these.

  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @JHigh Thank you for your kind feedback! I can't wait for you all to try Batch #4 B-)
  • @Hitsuzse Any clues of what to expect with the #4??
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @nicmizer Sorry, not yet. I can tell you is going to be rich, but not necessarily sweet.
  • yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
    edited February 2017 PM
    Sorry about cross post.

    Finally my toque order got here:

  • We all know what Toque tins look like.. Just a short and sweet printed list is all that is needed for us to know what you received.
  • yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
    edited February 2017 PM

    I love looking at the pictures in this thread. I dont know why but its my favourite thread. Please post more pictures guys, they are highly appreciated !
    said @michael

    I also like seeing the pictures, there is a different feeling you get when you see the actual order rather than just a list, especially if it is a long list.

    Also snapping a few pictures is quicker than trying to type out a list of all of them.

    That being said, to please you, I removed all the smaller pictures. They are still available in the album if someone can
  • first Mr Snuff order to Northern Virginia...gets in through NYC just like Boston...
    ordered last Monday and arrived today....
    now I can rest assured:

  • A dead postman if he doesnt sort his damn life out :@ angry
  • Plenty O' TPS Madras.  Thanks again for taking care of that @Hitsuzen!
  • yeah I enjoy the pictures in this thread, theres just something satisfying about it. It makes me get excited for the person who's order just came in as if it were mine. Also will let me know when we start to get the new changes in packaging/names
  • Date fresh TPS Madras courtesy of @Hitsuzen.
    Plenty enough to last me for some time!

  • IMG_20170311_162826_burst_01
  • more goodies from Snuffstore
    5 days from Belfast to Virginia

  • Bone snuff spoon came in recently, still waiting on my toque order.

    snuff spoon
  • Been on a classic snuff kick lately
  • 2x dholakia white 25g
    de kralingse latakia ao 1860 30g
    sg black rappee
    dholakia sparrow 25g
    ntsu 15g
    2x paul gotard latakia 7g
    2x bernard schmalzlerfranzl 
  • newbiesnuffernewbiesnuffer Member
    edited March 2017 PM
    Just received the 41 photo White Elephant (for which I was waiting since long, more out of curiosity), Yellow Lily (in its 3 types - Natural, Mint and Perfumed) and the Himtaj. Yet to try each one.

    Edit: I must add, the person who sent this to me sent me a polite handwritten letter with the package, and since I have a tendency towards anachronism, I absolutely was touched by the gesture :) Cheers! 

  • Combined delivery from last 2 weeks: (2 separate packages from 2 e-tailers):
    4x SG SP No.1 High Mill
    3x SG Red Crest
    2x SG GrouseMoor
    2x SG SP Scotch
    2x SG Blue Crest
    2x SG Blue Crest Scented
    2x SG Yellow Crest
    2x SG Yellow Crest Scented
    2x SG Black Rapee
    2x Snuff Store Golden Pinch

    All came in 25 gms vac tins. Jack
  • Received a week back was my order of 6 tins of Super Kailash 45gm each (I keep buying this though I have a decent stock of it), 5 tins of 30gm coffee kick and 3 tins of Medicated No. 66. I also received the Chetak Chaap Khaini which I am eager to try. Having said that, I'm not going to put this all up my nose; most is for sharing too. :)
  • bobbob Member
    edited April 2017 PM
  • JHighJHigh Member
    edited May 2017 PM
    Order on 25 April and received on 1 May. That is the fastest shipping I have gotten from Mr Snuff.
    1 x White Elephant 150g with a liberal dusting of it in the shipping box
    1 x FUBAR Doolali Tap 25g
    1 x FUBAR Grunt 25g
    3 x Dholakia White 9g
    1 x Babaton Plain Blue 15g
    1 x Toque Quit 25g
    1 x Abraxas Cerise Fire Cured 15g
    1 x FUBAR Snafu Plain 30g Of course maybe it was the snafu plain that dusted the box. The can lid was not sealed. It was raised a little on one side
    Still waiting on
    1 x Rooster 30g

  • RS422RS422 Member
    3 tins of Ambrosia. Only 8 days to get to Ohio.
  • IMG_2035
    Took a while .. 27 days to Perth Australia. Better late than never :)
  • JHighJHigh Member
    Rooster came in yesterday!
  • bobbob Member
    just got my toque order I got rose and natural toast in the largest size offered and I am pretty sure they don't know how to weigh things properly because I really think I got a lot more then I paid for. The smaller bulk lavender I order seems only slightly bigger then advertised but the two other bricks (yes bricks) are ginormous. ordered it the Friday before last and here now on a Wednesday. Order the bulk is what I am saying. After not having snuff for about three months it's nice to know I'll have snuff for a good long while. Very happy. Roderick is a saint if you ask me for being able to turn that amount of money into this much happiness. And even though I have not tried two of them before the report is very good on both.
  • OSP #4!  
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