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Migraines and Peppermint

MateoMateo Member
edited September 2012 in Snufftaking
Research Notes on Migraines and Peppermint:

Many migraine sufferers like me report feeling great relief from their headaches when using peppermint. Peppermint oil can be rubbed directly on the temples to ease migraine headaches. Other migraine sufferers find relief by using peppermint nasal snuff. It is reportedly very helpful in relieving not only the headache, but also nausea which some patients also experience at the onset of a migraine. I am a Disabled Vet with Chronic Cluster Migraines. At the onset of a Cluster migraine I find that Samuel Gawith Peppermint Dark really helps to soothe the pounding.



  • I prefer spearmint over peppermint. Good info Mateo and thank you for your service to us common folk. I have found lavender to be another favorite scent with benefits. There are quite a few scents that provide significant mind body health benefits, peppermint being one of the more potent. It would be interesting to have a little reference chart that listed scents and their supposed effects.
  • bobbob Member
    snuff helps some headaches. Some migraine suffers get relieve from snuff. As far as my personal observations go. Worth a shot for some. Though the peppermint snuff is good anyways.
  • i am nearly sure, that in the period were snuff was getting more and more popular among european royal courts (and later among common people) one of the described beneftis was to lift the head off, what means to me that snuff helped against headeache and stuff. correct ?
  • Juxtaposer,
    I'll have to blend up a batch of peppermint and lavender: Samuel Gawith Peppermint Dark & Toque Lavender should do nicely, don't you think?

  • I love aromatherapy! I actually 'make' my own headache snuff. I begin with Toque Natural snuff and add lavendar, rosemary, peppermint and chamomile essential oils. You could skip scenting by purchasing Toque PMint, WoS Rosemary & Toque Lavendar and mixing it together in equal amounts but I think the chamomile is where the relief is at - good luck finding a Cham snuff...that is one expensive essential oil! Only problem I have with my headache snuff is the nicotine in the snuff! I can't use late at night as nic keeps me awake. Any suggestions as to a non-tobacco/non-stimulant substance that could be ground up, scented and safely sniffed?? I really think a non-stim herbal snuff could be a successful homeopathic migraine relief, I'd buy it! Hell, people are willing to rub chapstick (Head-On) on their foreheads for relief, why not sniff something! :)
  • zzedo310,
    I concur... Also I'm giggling @ the HEAD ON remark... ^5 For my Chronic Cluster Migraines I use Samuel Gawith Peppermint Dark.

  • ALSO - supposedely studies have been conducted as to peppermint making you smarter! I had a college professor who before every test would hand out peppermint candies! Don't know if there is any truth to this but figured I'd share that with you. :)
  • Thii is a awesome thread to me I ha Chronic miagraine and cluster headaches....
    I have no pepermint snuff on hand ,
    WOS sperament plus is what I'm trying now......
    I believe it is helping......

    Anyone else expierience this????
  • I was esotericly aware of the connection between peppermint and headaches and have even used the oit a few times.  Now, since I do experience them from time to time I am going to try this alternative using my FAVORITE de Kralingse Peppermunt Snuff. No, wait, maybe I feel one coming on.... nope but still makes an excellent excuse to have another pinch!!!
  • Woke up with a headache this morning, and tried a pinch of Toque Peppermint.  Headache started to lessen almost immediately.  Great thing to know from now on, since this seems to work a bit better than Tylenol (which does nothing for a headache for me).
  • PrismasterPrismaster Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    "The first snuff mill had been established in Seville, Spain, in the 16th century, and Nicot believing in tobacco’s curative powers, sent a small gift of snuff to Catherine de Medici, King François II’s mother, in hopes to relieve the French king’s headaches.

    The remedy proved effective and Catherine de Medici became a natural spokesperson for nasal snuff."

  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    For years I've used a combo of peppermint and lavender oils (+ sometimes eucalyptus) a batch of 25drops lavender, 20 drops peppermint and, when used, about 5 drops eucalyptus. About 5 drops applied to the forehead and temples often help my migraine/cluster headaches, especially w/some caffeine. For what it's worth...
  • I find a pinch of Hedges, or another menthol, really helps my migraines and headaches. And I like to follow it with some Viking Dark to amp up the painkiller effects that nicotine can occasionally provide.
  • I think It's not without a reality that some mentholated blends are called "medicated".On history jean Nicot brings snuff to catherine of Médicis in the very first times of tobacco for treat her son for headaches with snuff. :-B
  • Spearamint snuff will greatly Reduse the pressure from Migrane IMO true relief .......
  • There are a lot of uses for mint oils, both medicinal and general purpose. Some act as insect repellents. One of my favorites, though, is showering with a liquid soap that contains peppermint oil. Gives a wonderful, long-lasting cooling sensation to the skin that is much appreciated on hot summer days.
  • I and my friends have found relief from headaches / heavy head from using snuff with mint in them. I am a migraine sufferer. Medicated snuffs do the trick most times. 
  • yisraeldovyisraeldov Member
    edited February 2017 PM

    First, I see that people are using headache and migraine interchangeably, and they are not the same thing at all. Headache is just part of a migraine, albeit a really bad part. For me migraines come with nausea, seeing lights, impaired cognition, sometimes impaired speech, and a postdome ( or migraine hangover ). Regular pain medication can help with the headache, but not the rest of the symptoms.

    Second I have found only 2 things that stop a migraine, binaural beats, and more recently, snuff. I dont think it has anything to do with peppermint, but rather the nicotine doing something to the blood vessels. Since I have started taking snuff more regularly I havent had a migraine ( bli ain hora ).

    I remember reading somewhere that nasal snuff was created as a cure for migraines.

    Take a look at this comment

    I have done a bit of research myself on nicotine and from what I understand, it is a natural vasoconstrictor. I am thinking that this unique quality may be keeping my migraines at bay.

    I am not going to quit because it beats taking a bunch of prescription medications that often have worse side effects than straight nicotine.

    There are many more like this

  • @yisraeldov - I understand the difference you mention since I am a person who suffers from migraine since I was a child, but I have found various ways to keep the demon in check. I agree that headaches are just a part, and can totally understand the symptoms. After a migraine attack I feel drained, sounds, light and scents are amplified and it alters my mood too. I even suffered from seizures. I have successfully found that lavender and peppermint help me.
    Well, maybe like how the triggers might be different for a migraine sufferer, maybe even different things help treat it.
    I find snuff a bit helpful in keeping migraines in check. Maybe its just me. Maybe its not. 
  • @newbiesnuffer

    I have had times when migraines have caused me not be able to speak correctly, I just couldn't pronounce certain sounds. If I have a migraine then I am done for the day.

    Since I have started taking snuff in the middle of the week, ( thank g-d ) I haven't had a migraine in a long time. 

    Strenuous exercise also helps, but it is only preventative, I found that snuff can stop an oncoming migraine, I actually started to have one yesterday and took a bunch of snuff and it stopped. 
  • Ok, Jaxons 1869 seems to be a winner for migranes 
  • In the Rocky Mountains, near marshy areas, there grows a variety of mint called poleo mint. We were on a camping trip once, when my brother came down with a migraine. I hiked out to a beaver pond where there was a huge patch of it and brought some back to camp. I boiled it into a tea and had him xrink it. His migraine was gone within minutes.
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